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What to Expect in a VC Project

As you are sitting at your desk, poring over the days email, a colleague rushes up and breathlessly tells you “Guess what? We just bought SAP!”

The question that immediately comes to your mind is naturally, “What does this mean to me?” Not much of anything until you get that fateful call from your manager. He tells you something like “We are going to put in the Variant Configuration module of SAP, and you are going to run the project!”

Sounds great right?? However, what if the only exposure you’ve ever had to SAP is seeing those interesting logo’s on sponsor advertising at the Formula One races or the local football match? “Variant Configuration”? What in the world does that mean??

The reality is many projects start out in exactly this manner. If you are lucky, you are involved in one of the good projects, where you were involved in the selection team that chose the software. In that case, you already know what Variant Configuration (also known as VC or LO-VC) is. If not, you will know it by the time you get done reading this book! Either way, you have some interesting times ahead. In this section, we will try to show you some of the typical challenges you will encounter as well as give you some practical advice on overcoming them.

To allow the project manager with no experience in configuration software to understand the challenges they may face. This document will cover a Variant Configuration project from the selection of the solution to the post go live impacts of problem solving. Along the way, helpful tips to resolve common project problems unique to variant configuration projects will be presented. This is not a technical explanation of Variant Configuration, but rather a primer for the non technical project manager.

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