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Vendor Down Payment in SAP

Vendor Down Payment in SAP means advance paid to Vendor. These advances may be paid to Vendors for

Purchase of goods from Vendor
Taking services from Vendor
Advance to Employees
Payment to statutory Authorities
Payment of security Deposit

Advance payment to employees as vendor, security deposit, statutory Authorities should be routed through Vendor account

Sap T code to be used

F-47 Down Payment Request received from  MM Department
F-48 Post Down Payment to Vendor (Manual cheque)
F-58 Post Down payment to Vendor (Auto cheque printing)
F-44/ F-54 Clear Vendor

Down Payment Request (SAP T Code F-47)

While entering a down payment request, the System records this document as a single line entry which is not used for accounting purpose and not updating the Vendor Balance .Special GL Indicator is indicating the nature of the Down Payment Request.

Post Vendor Down Payments: (SAP T Code F-48) – For manual cheque payment

Accounting entry

Down payment to Vendor A/c   Dr or
Staff advances         A/c   Dr
To Bank A/c            Cr.

For auto cheque printing for down payment (SAP T Code F-58)

Through F-58 we can post & print cheque with reference to down payment request at.
Cheque printing is not possible for down payment without request.
Request indicator to be explicitly mentioned in SAP T Code F-58

Clear Down Payment to Vendors (SAP T Code  F-54)

Accounting Entry:

Account Payable –Domestic A/c   Dr.
To Down Payment to Vendor A/c         Cr

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  1. Ron Smith

    I got great

  2. Essam

    could you please explain the journal entry you have on clearing the downpayment. what do you mean by Domestic A/c ? is that the same as alternative recon account for vendors when doing downpayments.

    i will appericate if you could replay to my post thru

    I appericate you reply in advance



  3. arpitha

    can you tell me.. can we able to do the partial invoices againt the Purchase order in PO. I have raised service PO for 5 lakhs and my quantity will be 1 now, i want to do the partial invoice for 4 times
    can you give any idea how to work on this..plss

  4. Alice

    I will very appreciate if you can replay my questions, 1.when I posting an advance payment request in F-47,there has a line item about “due on”, what it is mean? the date for payment deadline or should be clearing date? how can i maintance these Key date in SAP?
    (Normally when we settle a down payment,we usually ask the applicant provide a clearing date,then he will give us invoice before the date to clear the downpayment.)
    2.when the noted item had be runned by automatic payment F110, issued a downpayment ,voucher No start with”75″, I found the net due date is the same with document posting date. I understand the net due date is should be clearing date, and how it affect aging report?

  5. mariano

    I created a document with F-47, how could I cancel it?

  6. Rohit Pawar

    Hi, could you please explain the flow of advance payment to vendors/ contractors in mm moudle and how to take the print of advance payment receipt to given to FICO. i needs to advance payment link to purchasing document/work order and when i entered the transaction of advance payment to vendors/contractors then automaticaly impact in FICO module.. so please suggest how will going on that process.

  7. Syieng

    created a document with F-47, how could I cancel it?

  8. rully

    try to reverse it with fb08

  9. Thea

    >>>created a document with F-47, how could I cancel it?<<<

    Create a down payment with F-48 and assign it to the down payment request from F-47. Then reverse the down payment with FB08. The posting of F-47 stays cleared.

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