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Statistical Key Figures in SAP

Statistical Key Figures in SAP

Statistical Key Figures are used to capture statistical information like number of employees, kwh, sqft etc and it can be used as a basis for cost allocations between cost objects.

As you can see in the Diagram, SKF on the basis of No. of Employees are planned for each of the Receiving cost Centers.  The Costs of Administration Department are allocated to the Receiver cost Centers based on the Number of Employees (SKF) planned in each one of them.

SAP T Code to be Used

Create SKF    KK01
Change SKF    KK02
Display SKF    KK03
Delete SKF    KK03DEL
Collective Changes SKF    KAK2
Display Collective SKF    KAK3
Create SKF group    KBH1
Change SKF group    KBH2
Display SKF Group    KBH3

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