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SAP User Default Values

SAP User Default Values:

Parameter IDs allow users to set default values for fields whose value does not change very often, e.g coy
code or currency

> Help in preventing input errors as values appear automatically

> User logon id has properties like language, date format, decimal notation applicable system wide

> You can have CPU date proposed as value date

> Using editing options the screens can be configured for fol areas:
i. Doc entry: users hide fields not relevant eg cross coy transact, foreign currency-you can also use
special editing options for single screen transactions.
ii. Doc display: using list viewer user can select diff display optns
iii. Open items: using line layout displays& posting options for open item processing, user can enter the
amount of partial payments or balance of new open item

> (simple docs in FI):Some sources of value defaulted by system for doc entry:
i.  User master Records
ii. Parameter memory
iii. System Data
iv. Account Master Record
v. Accounting functions

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