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SAP T Code List X

List of ALL SAP T Code

SAP T CODE : Description (Program)

XAAM : Number range maintenance: FR_DRU_AM (SAPMSNUM)
XAEU : Number range maintenance: FT_DRU_EUR (SAPMSNUM)
XAKK : Maintain Number Range: RV_AKKRED (SAPMSNUM)
XATD : Number range maintenance: FT_DRU_T (SAPMSNUM)
XATR : Number range maintenance: FT_DRU_ATR (SAPMSNUM)
XAUS : Number range maintenance: RV_EXPORT (SAPMSNUM)
XD01 : Create Customer (Centrally) (SAPMF02D)
XD02 : Change Customer (Centrally) (SAPMF02D)
XD03 : Display Customer (Centrally) (SAPMF02D)
XD04 : Customer Changes (Centrally) (SAPMF01A)
XD05 : Block customer (centrally) (SAPMF02D)
XD06 : Mark customer for deletion (centr.) (SAPMF02D)
XD07 : Change Customer Account Group (SAPMF02D)
XD99 : Customer master mass maintenance ()
XDN1 : Maintain Number Ranges (Customer) (SAPMSNUM)
XEIP : Number range maintenance: EXPIMP (SAPMSNUM)
XK01 : Create vendor (centrally) (SAPMF02K)
XK02 : Change vendor (centrally) (SAPMF02K)
XK03 : Display vendor (centrally) (SAPMF02K)
XK04 : Vendor Changes (Centrally) (SAPMF01A)
XK05 : Block Vendor (Centrally) (SAPMF02K)
XK06 : Mark vendor for deletion (centrally) (SAPMF02K)
XK07 : Change vendor account group (SAPMF02K)
XK11 : Create Condition (SAPMV13A)
XK12 : Change Condition (SAPMV13A)
XK13 : Display Condition (SAPMV13A)
XK14 : Create with cond. ref. (cond. list) (SAPMV13A)
XK15 : Create Conditions (background job) (SAPMV13A)
XK99 : Mass maintenance, vendor master ()
XKN1 : Display Number Ranges (Vendor) (SAPMSNUM)
XLOC : Check Report for Sch.Agmnt/Sales Odr (ISAUTO_XLO_R_CHECK_SCHED)
XLOR : Stock in Transit Display – Recipient (ISAUTO_XLO_R_TRANSIT_REC)
XLOS : Stock in Transit Display – Supplier (ISAUTO_XLO_R_TRANSIT_SDR)
XMSPKSTATCNF : Configuration of Package Statistics (SXMS_BLK_STAT_CNF)
XMSPKSTATMON : Monitoring of Package Statistics (SXMS_BLK_STAT)
XMS_SARA : Parameter Transaction for TA SARA ()
XSLS : Maintain Number Ranges: RV_SANCPL (SAPMSNUM)

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