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SAP T Code List M

List of ALL SAP T Code

SAP T CODE : Description (Program)
M-01 : Create Vendor ()
M-02 : Create goods vendor ()
M-03 : Create payment recipient ()
M-04 : Create invoicing party ()
M-05 : Create carrier ()
M-06 : Create ordering address ()
M-07 : Create one-time vendor ()
M-12 : Create hierarchy nodes ()
M-51 : Create vendor ()
M-52 : Create goods vendor ()
M-53 : Create payment recipient ()
M-54 : Create invoicing party ()
M-55 : Create carrier ()
M-56 : Create ordering address ()
M-57 : Create one-time vendor ()
M-62 : Create hierarchy nodes ()
M/03 : Create Conditions Table (Purchasing) (SAPMV12A)
M/04 : Change Conditions Table (Purchasing) (SAPMV12A)
M/05 : Displ. Conditions Table (Purchasing) (SAPMV12A)
M/06 : Condition Type: (Purchasing) ()
M/07 : Access: Maintain (Price Purchasing) ()
M/08 : Conditions: Schema for Purchasing ()
M/10 : Condition Type: Services ()
M/11 : Access: Maintain (Price Services) ()
M/12 : Conditions: Schema for Services ()
M/13 : Create Condition Table (Service) (SAPMV12A)
M/14 : Change Condition Table (Services) (SAPMV12A)
M/15 : Display Condition Table (Services) (SAPMV12A)
M/16 : Conditions: Var. Schema for Service ()
M/25 : Condition type: Short txt for cust. ()
M/32 : Maint. Message Determ. Schema: RFQ ()
M/36 : Maintain Message Determ. Schema: PO ()
M/42 : Maintain Message Schema: Del. Sched. ()
M/48 : Maintain Access Sequences: RFQ ()
M/50 : Maintain Access Sequences: PO ()
M/52 : Maint. Access Sequences: Outl. Agmt. ()
M/54 : Maint. Access Sequences: Del. Sched. ()
M/56 : Messages: Create Cond. Table: RFQ (SAPMV12A)
M/57 : Messages: Change Condition Table (SAPMV12A)
M/58 : Messages: Display CondTab: RFQ (SAPMV12A)
M/59 : Messages: Create CondTab: Pur. Order (SAPMV12A)
M/60 : Messages: Change CondTab: Pur. Order (SAPMV12A)
M/61 : Messages: Disp. CondTab: Pur. Order (SAPMV12A)
M/62 : Messages: Create CondTab: Del. Schd. (SAPMV12A)
M/63 : Messages: Change CondTab: Del. Schd. (SAPMV12A)
M/64 : Messages: Disp. CondTab: Del. Sched. (SAPMV12A)
M/65 : Messages: Create CondTab: O. Agmt. (SAPMV12A)
M/66 : Messages: Change CondTab: O. Agmt. (SAPMV12A)
M/67 : Messages: Disp. CondTab: Outl. Agmt. (SAPMV12A)
M/68 : Maintain Message Schema: Outl. Agmt. ()
M/70 : Messages: Create CondTab.: Entry Sh. (SAPMV12A)
M/71 : Messages: Change CondTab.: Entry Sh. (SAPMV12A)
M/72 : Messages: Disp. CondTab.: Entry Sh. (SAPMV12A)
M/73 : Maintain Access Sequences: Entry ()
M/74 : Maintain Access Sequences: Entry ()
M/75 : Maintain Messages: Serv. Entry Sheet ()
M/76 : Display Messages: Entry ()
M/77 : Maintain Message Schema: Entry Sheet ()
M/78 : Disp. Message Determ. Schema: Entry ()
M/N1 : Maintain accesses (fr.gds – purch.) ()
M/N2 : Create free goods table (SAPMV12A)
M/N3 : Display free goods table (SAPMV12A)
M/N4 : Free goods types – purchasing ()
M/N5 : Free goods: Procedure for purchasing ()
M/N6 : Free goods pricing procedure ()
M703 : Output: Create Conditions Table (SAPMV12A)
M704 : Output: Change Condition Table (SAPMV12A)
M705 : Output: Display Conditions Table (SAPMV12A)
M706 : Maintain Output Types: Inv. Mgmt ()
M708 : Output Determination: Procedure ()
M710 : Output Determ.: Access Sequences ()
M802 : Message Requirements (IV) ()
M804 : Message Processing Program (IV) ()
M806 : Message Types (Invoice Verification) ()
M808 : Message Schema (Inv. Verification) ()
M810 : Message Access Sequence (Inv. Ver.) ()
M811 : Create Message Condition Table (IV) (SAPMV12A)
M812 : Change Message Condition Table (IV) (SAPMV12A)
M813 : Display Message Condition Table (IV) (SAPMV12A)
MAHD1 : Load Alternative Historical Data (RMAHD001)
MAHD2 : Change Alternative Historical Data (RMAHD002)
MAHD3 : Display Alternative Historical Data (RMAHD002)
MAHD4 : Delete Alternative Historical Data (RMAHD004)
MAL1 : Create material via ALE (SAPMMG01)
MAL2 : Change material via ALE (SAPMMG01)
MAP1 : Create contact person (SAPMF02K)
MAP2 : Change contact person (SAPMF02K)
MAP3 : Display contact person (SAPMF02K)
MAPREVACC : Mapping Revenue Account ()
MASS : Mass Change (SAPMMSDL)
MASSD : Mass Maintenance (MASSD_DIALOG)
MASSOBJ : Maintain Mass Maintenance Objects ()
MASSS2V : Copy System Variant as Variant (MASSVARCOPY2VAR)
MASSV2S : Copy Variant as System Variant (MASSVARCOPY2SYS)
MASSVAR : Display variants ()
MASSVAR_S : Display System Variants ()
MASS_EINE : Inforecord Mass Maintenance (MASS_EINE_SITE)
MASS_EKKO : PO mass maintenance (MASS_EKKO)
MASS_MARC : Logistic/Replenishment Mass Maint. (MASS_MARC_SITE)
MASS_VENDOR : Vendor Mass Maintenance (MASS_VENDOR_SITE)
MATGRP01 : Create Article Hierarchy (SAPMWCDT01)
MATGRP02 : Change Article Hierarchy (SAPMWCDT02)
MATGRP03 : Display Article Hierarchy (SAPMWCDT03)
MATGRP04 : Delete Article Hierarchy (SAPMWCDT04)
MATGRP05 : Activate Article Hierarchy (SAPMWCDT05)
MATGRP06 : Article Hierarchy: Copy Nodes (SAPMWCDT06)
MATGRP07 : Deactivate Article Hierarchy (SAPMWCDT07)
MA_WM_IDOCMO_P : Personalization: IDoc Monitor (MA_WM_IDOCMO_P)
MB00 : Inventory Management (MENUMB00)
MB01 : Post Goods Receipt for PO (SAPMM07M)
MB02 : Change Material Document (SAPMM07M)
MB03 : Display Material Document (SAPMM07M)
MB04 : Subsequ.Adj.of “Mat.Provided”Consmp. (SAPMM07M)
MB05 : Subseq. Adjustmt: Act.Ingredient Mat (SAPMM07M)
MB0A : Post Goods Receipt for PO (SAPMM07M)
MB11 : Goods Movement (SAPMM07M)
MB1A : Goods Withdrawal (SAPMM07M)
MB1B : Transfer Posting (SAPMM07M)
MB1C : Other Goods Receipts (SAPMM07M)
MB21 : Create Reservation (SAPMM07R)
MB22 : Change Reservation (SAPMM07R)
MB23 : Display Reservation (SAPMM07R)
MB24 : Reservation List (RM07RESL)
MB25 : Reservation List (RM07RESL)
MB26 : Picking list (PP_PICK_LIST)
MB31 : Goods Receipt for Production Order (SAPMM07M)
MB51 : Material Doc. List (RM07DOCS)
MB52 : List of Warehouse Stocks on Hand (RM07MLBS)
MB53 : Display Plant Stock Availability (RM07MWRKK)
MB54 : Consignment Stocks (RM07MKBS)
MB55 : Display Quantity String (RM07MMST)
MB56 : Analyze batch where-used list (RVBBWULS)
MB57 : Compile Batch Where-Used List (RM07MCHW)
MB58 : Consgmt and Ret. Packag. at Customer (RM07MKON)
MB59 : Material Doc. List (RM07DOCS)
MB5A : Evaluate Batch Where-Used Archive ()
MB5B : Stocks for Posting Date (RM07MLBD)
MB5C : Pick-Up List (RM07MCHS)
MB5D : Delete Docs of Batch Where-Used File ()
MB5E : Create Batch Where-Used Archive ()
MB5K : Stock Consistency Check (RM07KO01)
MB5L : List of Stock Values: Balances (RM07MBST)
MB5M : BBD/Prod. Date (RM07MMHD)
MB5OA : Display Valuated GR Blocked Stock (RM07MOA)
MB5S : Display List of GR/IR Balances (RM07MSAL)
MB5T : Stock in transit CC (RM07MTRB)
MB5U : Analyze Conversion Differences (RM07AUMD)
MB5V : Manage Batch Where-Used Archive ()
MB5W : List of Stock Values (RM07MBST)
MB90 : Output Processing for Mat. Documents (MM70AMEA)
MB9A : Analyze archived mat. documents (RM07MAAU)
MBAD : Delete Material Documents ()
MBAL : Material Documents: Read Archive ()
MBAR : Archive Material Documents ()
MBAV : Manage Material Document Archive ()
MBBM : Batch Input: Post Material Document (RM07MMBL)
MBBR : Batch Input: Create Reservation (RM07RRES)
MBBS : Display valuated special stock (RM07MBWS)
MBC1 : Create MM Batch Search Strategy (SAPMV13H)
MBC2 : Change MM Batch Determ. Strategy (SAPMV13H)
MBC3 : Display MM Batch Determ. Strategy (SAPMV13H)
MBGR : Displ. Material Docs. by Mvt. Reason (RM07MGRU)
MBLB : Stocks at Subcontractor (RM07MLBB)
MBN1 : Free goods – Create (Purchasing) (SAPMV13N)
MBN2 : Free goods – Change (Purchasing) (SAPMV13N)
MBN3 : Free goods – Display (Purchasing) (SAPMV13N)
MBNK : Number Ranges, Material Document (SAPMSNUM)
MBNL : Subsequent Delivery f. Material Doc. (SAPMM07M)
MBRL : Return Delivery for Matl Document (SAPMM07M)
MBSF : Release Blocked Stock via Mat. Doc. (SAPMM07M)
MBSI : Find Inventory Sampling (RM07SINV)
MBSL : Copy Material Document (SAPMM07M)
MBSM : Display Cancelled Material Docs. (RM07MSTO)
MBST : Cancel Material Document (SAPMM07M)
MBSU : Place in Stor.for Mat.Doc: Init.Scrn (SAPMM07M)
MBVR : Management Program: Reservations (RM07RVER)
MBW1 : Special stocks via WWW (SAPMMBW1)
MBWO : Error Correction: Subs. Value Calc. (RM07MWOFF)
MBXA : Printout of XAB Documents (SAPLMBXA)
MC$0 : PURCHIS: PurchGrp PurchVal Selection (RMCE0100)
MC$2 : PURCHIS: PurchGrp Freqs. Selection (RMCE0100)
MC$4 : PURCHIS: Vendor PurchVal Selection (RMCE0200)
MC$6 : PURCHIS: Vendor DelRelblty Selection (RMCE0200)
MC$8 : PURCHIS: Vendor QtyRelblty Selection (RMCE0200)
MC$: : PURCHIS: Vendor Freqs. Selection (RMCE0200)
MC$< : PURCHIS: MatGrp PurchVal Selection (RMCE0300)
MC$> : PURCHIS: MatGrp PurchQty Selection (RMCE0300)
MC$A : PURCHIS: MatGrp DelRelblty Selection (RMCE0300)
MC$C : PURCHIS: MatGrp QtyRelblty Selection (RMCE0300)
MC$E : PURCHIS: MatGrp Freq. Selection (RMCE0300)
MC$G : PURCHIS: Material PurchVal Selection (RMCE0400)
MC$I : PURCHIS: Material PurchQty Selection (RMCE0400)
MC$K : PURCHIS: Material DelRelib Selection (RMCE0400)
MC$M : PURCHIS: Material QtyRel Selection (RMCE0400)
MC$O : PURCHIS: Material Freqs. Selection (RMCE0400)
MC(A : SIS: Customer,Inc.Orders – Selection (RMCV0100)
MC(B : SIS: Variant Configuration (RMCV1300)
MC(E : SIS: Material,Inc.Orders – Selection (RMCV0200)
MC(I : SIS: SalesOrg. Inc.Orders Selection (RMCV0300)
MC(M : SIS: Sales Office, Inc.Orders Selec. (RMCV0600)
MC(Q : SIS: Employee, Inc.Orders Selection (RMCV0500)
MC(U : SIS: Shipping Point Deliveries Sel. (RMCV0400)
MC+2 : SIS: SalesOrg.Invoiced Sales, Selec. (RMCV0300)
MC+6 : SIS: SalesOrg.Credit Memos Selection (RMCV0300)
MC+A : SIS: Customer Returns, Selection (RMCV0100)
MC+E : SIS: Customer, Sales – Selection (RMCV0100)
MC+I : SIS: Customer Credit Memos – Selec. (RMCV0100)
MC+M : SIS: Material Returns, Selection (RMCV0200)
MC+Q : SIS: Material, Sales – Selection (RMCV0200)
MC+U : SIS: Material Credit Memos, Selec. (RMCV0200)
MC+Y : SIS: Sales Org. Returns, Selection (RMCV0300)
MC-0 : SIS: Shipping Point Returns, Selec. (RMCV0400)
MC-A : SIS: Sales Office Returns, Selection (RMCV0600)
MC-E : SIS: Sales Office – Sales Selection (RMCV0600)
MC-I : SIS: Sales Office Credit Memos Selec (RMCV0600)
MC-M : SIS: Employee – Returns, Selection (RMCV0500)
MC-Q : SIS: Employee – Sales, Selection (RMCV0500)
MC-U : SIS: Employee – Credit Memos, Selec. (RMCV0500)
MC.1 : INVCO: Plant Anal. Selection: Stock (RMCB0100)
MC.2 : INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection, Rec/Iss (RMCB0100)
MC.3 : INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection,Turnover (RMCB0100)
MC.4 : INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection,Coverage (RMCB0100)
MC.5 : INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection, Stock (RMCB0200)
MC.6 : INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection: Rec/Iss (RMCB0200)
MC.7 : INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection,Turnover (RMCB0200)
MC.8 : INVCO: SLoc Anal.Selection, Coverage (RMCB0200)
MC.9 : INVCO: Material Anal.Selection,Stock (RMCB0300)
MC.A : INVCO: Mat.Anal.Selection, Rec/Iss (RMCB0300)
MC.B : INVCO: Mat.Anal.Selection, Turnover (RMCB0300)
MC.C : INVCO: Mat.Anal.Selection, Coverage (RMCB0300)
MC.D : INVCO: MRP Cntrllr.Anal.Sel. Stock (RMCB0400)
MC.E : INVCO: MRP Cntrllr Anal.Sel. Rec/Iss (RMCB0400)
MC.F : INVCO: MRP Cntlr Anal.Sel. Turnover (RMCB0400)
MC.G : INVCO: MRP Cntlr.Anal.Sel. Coverage (RMCB0400)
MC.H : INVCO: Business Area Anal.Sel. Stock (RMCB0500)
MC.I : INVCO: Bus. Area Anal. Sel. Rec/Iss (RMCB0500)
MC.J : INVCO: Bus. Area Anal. Sel. Turnover (RMCB0500)
MC.K : INVCO: Bus. Area Anal. Sel. Coverage (RMCB0500)
MC.L : INVCO: Mat.Group Analysis Sel. Stock (RMCB0600)
MC.M : INVCO: Mat.Group Anal. Sel. Rec/Iss (RMCB0600)
MC.N : INVCO: Mat.Group Anal. Sel. Turnover (RMCB0600)
MC.O : INVCO: Mat.Group Anal. Sel. Coverage (RMCB0600)
MC.P : INVCO: Division Analysis Sel. Stock (RMCB0700)
MC.Q : INVCO: Division Anal. Sel. Rec/Iss (RMCB0700)
MC.R : INVCO: Division Anal. Sel. Turnover (RMCB0700)
MC.S : INVCO: Division Anal. Sel. Coverage (RMCB0700)
MC.T : INVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Selection Stock (RMCB0800)
MC.U : INVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Sel. Rec/Issues (RMCB0800)
MC.V : INVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Sel. Turnover (RMCB0800)
MC.W : INVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Sel. Coverage (RMCB0800)
MC/1 : Create Exception: EWS/INVCO (SAPMMCY1)
MC/2 : Maintain exception: EWS/INVCO (SAPMMCY1)
MC/3 : Display exception: EWS/INVCO (SAPMMCY1)
MC/4 : Create groups exception: INVCO (SAPMMCY1)
MC/5 : Change groups exception: INVCO (SAPMMCY1)
MC/6 : Display exception: INVCO (SAPMMCY1)
MC/7 : Create job for exception: INVCO (SAPMMCY1)
MC/8 : Change jobs exceptions: INVCO (SAPMMCY1)
MC/9 : Display jobs exceptions: INVCO (SAPMMCY1)
MC/B : Schedule jobs: Exceptions INVCO (SAPMMCY1)
MC/E : Create Exception: EWS/PURCHIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC/F : Maintain exception: EWS/PURCHIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC/G : Display exception: EWS/PURCHIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC/H : Create groups exception: PURCHIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC/I : Change groups exception: PURCHIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC/J : Display exception: PURCHIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC/K : Create job for exception: PURCHIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC/L : Change jobs exceptions: PURCHIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC/M : Display jobs exceptions: PURCHIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC/N : Schedule jobs exceptions: PURCHIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC/Q : Create exception: EWS/SIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC/R : Maintain exception: EWS/SIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC/S : Display exception: EWS/SIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC/T : Create groups exception: SIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC/U : Change groups exception: SIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC/V : Display exception: SIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC/W : Create job for exception: SIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC/X : Change Jobs: Exceptions SIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC/Y : Display Jobs: Exceptions SIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC/Z : Schedule Jobs: Exceptions SIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC00 : Logistics Information System (LIS) (MENUMC00)
MC01 : Key Figure Retrieval Via Info Sets (SAPMMCL1)
MC02 : Key Fig.Retrieval Using Text Strings (SAPMMCL1)
MC03 : Key Fig Retrieval via Classification (SAPMMCL1)
MC04 : Create Info Set (SAPMMCL1)
MC05 : Change Info Set (SAPMMCL1)
MC06 : Display Info Set (SAPMMCL1)
MC07 : Create Key Figure (SAPMMCL1)
MC08 : Change Key Figure (SAPMMCL1)
MC09 : Create Field Catalog (SAPMMCL1)
MC0A : Number Range Maintenance: Key Figs. (SAPMSNUM)
MC0C : Number Range Maintenance: Info Sets (SAPMSNUM)
MC1! : RIS: Maintain Requirements ()
MC1$ : RIS: Display Formulas ()
MC1% : External Data: Maintain Requirements ()
MC1& : External Data: Display Requirements ()
MC1( : External Data: Display Formulas ()
MC1+ : RIS: Display Requirements ()
MC1/ : External Data: Maintain Formulas (SAPMMCS1)
MC10 : Perform Analysis (SAPMMCS2)
MC11 : Create Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MC12 : Change Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MC13 : Display Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MC14 : TIS: Maintain requirements (SAPMMCS1)
MC15 : TIS: Maintain formulas (SAPMMCS1)
MC16 : LIS: Delete Evaluation Structure (RMCSAUSW)
MC18 : Create Field Catalog (SAPMMCS3)
MC19 : Change Field Catalog (SAPMMCS3)
MC1A : Maintain Formulas/Requirements (SAPMMCS1)
MC1AT : Maintain Formulas/Requirements (SAPMMCS1)
MC1B : SIS: Maintain Requirements (SAPMMCS1)
MC1BT : TIS: Maintain requirements (SAPMMCS1)
MC1C : SIS: Display Requirements ()
MC1CT : TIS: Display requirements ()
MC1D : SIS: Maintain Formulas (SAPMMCS1)
MC1DT : TIS: Maintain formulas (SAPMMCS1)
MC1E : SIS: Display Formulas ()
MC1ET : TIS: Display formulas ()
MC1F : PURCHIS: Maintain Requirements (SAPMMCS1)
MC1G : PURCHIS: Display Requirements ()
MC1H : PURCHIS: Maintain Formulas (SAPMMCS1)
MC1I : PURCHIS: Display Formulas ()
MC1J : SFIS: Maintain Requirements (SAPMMCS1)
MC1K : SFIS: Display Requirements ()
MC1L : SFIS: Maintain Formulas (SAPMMCS1)
MC1M : SFIS: Display Formulas ()
MC1N : INVCO: Maintain Requirements (SAPMMCS1)
MC1O : INVCO: Display Requirements ()
MC1P : INVCO: Maintain Formulas (SAPMMCS1)
MC1Q : INVCO: Display Formulas (SAPMMCS1)
MC1R : Display Formulas/Requirements (SAPMMCS1)
MC1S : QMIS: Maintain Requirements (SAPMMCS1)
MC1T : QMIS: Display Requirements (SAPMMCS1)
MC1U : QMIS: Maintain Formulas (SAPMMCS1)
MC1V : QMIS: Display Formulas (SAPMMCS1)
MC1W : PMIS: Maintain Requirements (SAPMMCS1)
MC1X : PMIS: Display Requirements (SAPMMCS1)
MC1Y : PMIS: Maintain Formulas (SAPMMCS1)
MC1Z : PMIS: Display Formulas (SAPMMCS1)
MC1§ : RIS: Maintain Formulas ()
MC20 : Display Field Catalog (SAPMMCS3)
MC21 : Create Info Structure (SAPMMCS3)
MC22 : Change Info Structure (SAPMMCS3)
MC23 : Display Info Structure (SAPMMCS3)
MC24 : Create Update (SAPMMCS1)
MC25 : Change Update (SAPMMCS1)
MC26 : Display Update (SAPMMCS1)
MC27 : Create Evaluation Structure (SAPMMCS7)
MC28 : Change Evaluation Structure (SAPMMCS7)
MC29 : Display Evaluation Structure (SAPMMCS7)
MC30 : Update Log (RMCSSH02)
MC31 : Create Planning ()
MC35 : Create Rough-Cut Planning Profile (SAPMMCP6)
MC36 : Change Rough-Cut Planning Profile (SAPMMCP6)
MC37 : Display Rough-Cut Planning Profile (SAPMMCP6)
MC38 : Number range maintenance: MC_ERKO (SAPMSNUM)
MC3V : U3 update (RMCSV3VB)
MC40 : INVCO: ABC Analysis of Usage Values (RMCBAB20)
MC41 : INVCO: ABC Analysis of Reqmt Values (RMCBAB25)
MC42 : INVCO: Range of Coverage by Usg.Val. (RMCBRW30)
MC43 : INVCO: Range Of Coverage By Reqmts (RMCBRW40)
MC44 : INVCO:Analysis of Inventory Turnover (RMCBUH30)
MC45 : INVCO: Analysis of Usage Values (RMCBVW30)
MC46 : INVCO: Analysis of Slow-Moving Items (RMCBLH30)
MC47 : INVCO: Analysis of Reqmt Values (RMCBBE30)
MC48 : INVCO: Anal. of Current Stock Values (RMCBBW30)
MC49 : INVCO: Mean Stock Values (RMCBBW40)
MC50 : INVCO: Analysis of Dead Stock (RMCBBS30)
MC59 : Revise Planning Hierarchy (SAPMMCP3)
MC60 : Maintain SOP Plant ()
MC61 : Create Planning Hierarchy (SAPMMCP3)
MC62 : Change Planning Hierarchy (SAPMMCP3)
MC63 : Display Planning Hierarchy (SAPMMCP3)
MC64 : Create Event (SAPMMCP6)
MC65 : Change Event (SAPMMCP6)
MC66 : Display Event (SAPMMCP6)
MC67 : screen: genl.plg.hier. (SAPMMCP3)
MC6A : Sales and Operations Planning (MENUMC6A)
MC6B : Sales and Operations Planning (MENUMC6B)
MC70 : Maintain Capacity Planning (SOP) ()
MC71 : Evaluation: Product Group Hierarchy (RMCP2L01)
MC72 : Evaluation: Product Group Usage (RMCP2L04)
MC73 : Evaluation: Material Usage, Prod.Grp (RMCP2L05)
MC74 : Transfer Mat. to Demand Management (SAPMMCP6)
MC75 : Transfer PG to Demand Management (SAPMMCP6)
MC76 : “Disaggregation: Planning” ()
MC77 : “Disaggregation: Display Planning” ()
MC78 : Copy SOP Version (SAPMMCP6)
MC79 : User Settings for SOP (SAPL0MP0)
MC7A : Plant Distribution ()
MC7B : Information Structure: Units ()
MC7C : Key Figure Parameters: Info Struct. ()
MC7D : Planning Parameters: LIS ()
MC7E : ALE Configuration for Info Structure (SAPLMCP2)
MC7F : Planning Parameters ()
MC7M : Methods maintenance ()
MC7N : Price Band Prices ()
MC7O : Characteristic Fields for Info Str. ()
MC7P : COPA Profile ()
MC7Q : Characteristic Assignment ()
MC7R : Key Figure(s) Assignment ()
MC80 : Delete and activate versions (SAPMMCP6)
MC81 : Sales and Operations Planning ()
MC82 : Sales and Operations Planning ()
MC83 : Sales and Operations Planning ()
MC84 : Create Product Group (SAPMMCP3)
MC85 : Display Product Group (SAPMMCP3)
MC86 : Change Product Groups (SAPMMCP3)
MC87 : Sales and Operations Planning ()
MC88 : Sales and Operations Planning ()
MC89 : Sales and Operations Planning ()
MC8A : Create Planning Type (SAPMMCP6)
MC8B : Change Planning Type (SAPMMCP6)
MC8C : Display Planning Type (SAPMMCP6)
MC8D : Mass Processing: Create Planning (RMCP6BCH)
MC8E : Mass Processing: Change Planning (RMCP6BCH)
MC8F : Delete Entry in Planning File (RMCP6BCH)
MC8G : Schedule Mass Processing (RMCP6BRU)
MC8H : Maintain User Methods (SAPMMCP6)
MC8I : Mass Processing: Check Planning (RMCP6TST)
MC8J : Reprocess Mass Processing (RMCP6JOB)
MC8K : Copy/Delete Planning Versions (RMCP6BRV)
MC8L : Calculate Proportions: SOP ()
MC8M : Read Opening Stocks (RMCP6BAB)
MC8N : Delete forecast versions (RMCP6PRL)
MC8O : Reset Generation Time Stamp (RMCSCORS)
MC8P : Standard SOP: Generate Master Data (RMCPSOPP)
MC8Q : Aggregate Copy (RMCP6ACO)
MC8R : RESET: Status for Planning Objects (RMCP6RES)
MC8S : Transfer Profiles ()
MC8T : Activities ()
MC8U : Calculate Proportional Factors (SAPMMCP6)
MC8V : LIS Planning: Copy Versions (SAPMMCP6)
MC8W : LIS Planning: Delete Versions (SAPMMCP6)
MC8X : SOP: Distribution Scenario – Select (RMCP0100)
MC8Y : SOP: Distribution Scenario – Display (RMCP0105)
MC8Z : SOP => Key Figure Assignments (SAPLMCP2)
MC90 : Dm.Mgmt.: Mat.from any IS (SAPMMCP6)
MC91 : Initial Graphic: Product Groups (SAPMMCP3)
MC92 : Initial: Product Groups, Hierarchies (SAPMMCP3)
MC93 : Create Flexible LIS Planning (SAPMMCP6)
MC94 : Change Flexible LIS Planning (SAPMMCP6)
MC95 : Display Flexible LIS Planning (SAPMMCP6)
MC96 : Maintain Table 440P ()
MC97 : Number Range Maintenance: MC_SAUF (SAPMSNUM)
MC98 : Maintain Planning Objects (SAPMMCP3)
MC99 : Display Planning Objects (SAPMMCP3)
MC9A : Flexible Planning: Gen. Master Data (RMCP6FLS)
MC9B : Calc. Proportions as in Pl.Hierarchy (RMCP6PAP)
MC9C : Reports for Flexible Planning (SAPMMCP6)
MC9D : Maintain Copy Profiles ()
MC9E : Info Structure: Add to General Char. (RMCP3INS)
MC9F : Info Structure: Delete All Charact. (RMCP3DEL)
MC9K : Maintain Available Capacity (SAPMMCP6)
MC9M : Process IDOC Mapping (RMCP6MAP)
MC9V : Define MRP Elements in Key Figure ()
MC:1 : Create exception: EWS/RIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC:2 : Maintain exception: EWS/RIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC:3 : Display exception: EWS/RIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC:4 : Create exception group: RIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC:5 : Change groups exception: RIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC:6 : Display exception: RIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC:7 : Create job for exception: RIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC:8 : Change jobs exceptions: RIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC:9 : Display jobs exceptions: RIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC:B : Schedule jobs exceptions: RIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=1 : Create exception: EWS/SFIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=2 : Maintain exception: EWS/SFIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=3 : Display exception: EWS/SFIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=4 : Create groups exception: SFIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=5 : Change groups exception: SFIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=6 : Display exception: SFIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=7 : Create job for exception: SFIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=8 : Change jobs exceptions: SFIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=9 : Display jobs exceptions: SFIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=B : Schedule jobs exceptions: SFIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=E : Create exception: EWS/PMIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=F : Maintain exception: EWS/PMIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=G : Display exception: EWS/PMIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=H : Create groups exception: PMIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=I : Change groups exception: PMIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=J : Display exception: PMIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=K : Create job for exception: PMIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=L : Change jobs exceptions: PMIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=M : Display jobs exceptions: PMIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=N : Schedule jobs exceptions: PMIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=Q : Display exception: EWS/QMIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=R : Maintain exception: EWS/QMIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=S : Display exception: EWS/QMIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=T : Display groups exception: QMIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=U : Change groups exception: QMIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=V : Display exception: QMIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=W : Create job for exception: QMIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=X : Change Jobs: Exceptions QMIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=Y : Display Jobs: Exceptions SIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC=Z : Schedule Jobs: Exceptions QMIS (SAPMMCY1)
MC?0 : WFIS: Schedule Jobs – Exceptions (SAPMMCY1)
MC?1 : WFIS: Create Exception (SAPMMCY1)
MC?2 : WFIS: Maintain Exception (SAPMMCY1)
MC?3 : WFIS: Display Exception (SAPMMCY1)
MC?4 : WFIS: Create Exception Group (SAPMMCY1)
MC?5 : WFIS: Change Exception Group (SAPMMCY1)
MC?6 : WFIS: Display Exception Group (SAPMMCY1)
MC?7 : WFIS: Create Jobs – Exceptions (SAPMMCY1)
MC?8 : WFIS: Change Jobs – Exceptions (SAPMMCY1)
MC?9 : WFIS: Display Jobs – Exceptions (SAPMMCY1)
MCA7 : INVCO: Execute Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCAA : WFIS: Maintain Requirements (SAPMMCS1)
MCAB : WFIS: Display Requirements ()
MCAC : WFIS: Maintain Formulas (SAPMMCS1)
MCAD : WFIS: Display Formulas ()
MCAE : WFIS: Activate Updating (SAPMMC0C)
MCAF : WFIS: Standard Analyses (SAPMMCS4)
MCAG : WFIS: Customizing, Standard Analyses (SAPMMCSC)
MCAH : WFIS: Organization View – Selection (RMCAORG0)
MCAI : WFIS: Process View – Selection (RMCAPRO0)
MCAJ : WFIS: Object View – Selection (RMCAOBJ0)
MCAK : WFIS: Group View – Selection (RMCAGRU0)
MCAL : WFIS: Sample Scenario – Selection (RMCAEXP0)
MCAM : WFIS: Append Structure (RMCAKOMM)
MCAN : WFIS: Selection Program (RMCAEXIT)
MCAO : WIS: Application PM/QM/SM Selection (RMCAAPP0)
MCAP : WIS: Delete Data (RMCADELE)
MCAQ : WIS: Correct Data (RMCAADJU)
MCAR : WIS: Transfer Data (RMCADATA)
MCAT : WFIS: Display Evaluation Structure (SAPMMCS7)
MCAU : WFIS: Change Evaluation Structure (SAPMMCS7)
MCAV : WFIS: Create Evaluation Structure (SAPMMCS7)
MCAW : WFIS: Display Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCAX : WFIS: Change Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCAY : WFIS: Create Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCAZ : WFIS: Execute Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCB% : INVCO: Set up stats. for parm. anal. (RMCBPARA)
MCB& : INVCO: Set up statis. for stck/reqt (RMCBDISP)
MCB) : INVCO: Long-Term Stock Selection (RMCB1200)
MCB0 : Maintaining Transactn Key BW Transf. ()
MCB1 : Inventory Controlling (MENUMCB1)
MCB2 : INVCO: Create Evaluation Structure (SAPMMCS7)
MCB3 : INVCO: Change Evaluation Structure (SAPMMCS7)
MCB4 : INVCO: Display Evaluation Structure (SAPMMCS7)
MCB5 : INVCO: Create Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCB6 : INVCO: Change Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCB7 : INVCO: Display Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCBA : INVCO: Plant Analysis Selection (RMCB0100)
MCBC : INVCO: Stor. Loc. Analysis Selection (RMCB0200)
MCBE : INVCO: Material Analysis Selection (RMCB0300)
MCBG : INVCO: MRP Cntrlr Analysis Selection (RMCB0400)
MCBI : INVCO: Business Area Anal. Selection (RMCB0500)
MCBK : INVCO: MatGrp Analysis Selection (RMCB0600)
MCBM : INVCO: Division Analysis Selection (RMCB0700)
MCBO : INVCO: Mat.Type Analysis Selection (RMCB0800)
MCBR : INVCO: Batch Analysis Selection (RMCB0900)
MCBV : INVCO: Parameter Analysis Selection (RMCB1000)
MCBZ : INVCO: Stck/Reqt Analysis Selection (RMCB1100)
MCB_ : Determine Industry Sector ()
MCC1 : Inventory Controlling (MENUMCC1)
MCC2 : Inventory Information System (MENUMCC2)
MCC3 : Set Up INVCO Info Structs. from Docs (RMCBNEUA)
MCC4 : Set Up INVCO Info Structs.from Stock (RMCBNEUB)
MCD : MI:Process Mobile Component (MEREPMI_MSD)
MCD7 : PURCHIS: Create Eval. Structure (SAPMMCS7)
MCD8 : PURCHIS: Change Eval. Structure (SAPMMCS7)
MCD9 : PURCHIS: Display Eval. Structure (SAPMMCS7)
MCDA : PURCHIS: Create Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCDB : PURCHIS: Change Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCDC : PURCHIS: Display Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCDG : PURCHIS: Execute Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCE+ : PURCHIS: Reporting – Subseq. Settlmt (RMCE0900)
MCE0 : Purchasing Information System (MENUMCE0)
MCE1 : PURCHIS: PurchGrp Analysis Selection (RMCE0100)
MCE2 : PURCHIS: Update Diagnosis Purch.Doc. (SAPMMCS3)
MCE3 : PURCHIS: Vendor Analysis Selection (RMCE0200)
MCE5 : PURCHIS: MatGrp Analysis Selection (RMCE0300)
MCE7 : PURCHIS: Material Analysis Selection (RMCE0400)
MCE8 : PURCHIS: Service Analysis Selection (RMCE2000)
MCE9 : Purchasing Information System (MENUMCE9)
MCEA : PURCHIS:Long-Term Plg Vend.Analysis (RMCE0600)
MCEB : PURCHIS:Lng-Term Plg Mat.Gr.Analysis (RMCE0700)
MCEC : PURCHIS:Long-Term Plg Mat. Analysis (RMCE0800)
MCER : PURCHIS: Service Purch.Qty-Selection (RMCE2000)
MCES : PURCHIS: Service Purch.Val-Selection (RMCE2000)
MCF9 : PURCHIS: Quantity Grid – Maintain ()
MCFA : PURCHIS: Grid for Dates – Maintain ()
MCFB : PURCHIS:  Display Pattern, QtyRel ()
MCFC : PURCHIS: Display Pattern On Schedule ()
MCG1 : Rough-Cut Planning Profiles (MENUMCG1)
MCG2 : Var. standard anal. def. sett. IS-R (SAPMMCSC)
MCG3 : Call Self-Defined Analyses: Retail (SAPMMCS4)
MCGC : RIS: Season: Mvmts + Stk – Selection (RMCW1400)
MCGD : RIS: POS: Sales – Selection (RMCW1600)
MCGE : RIS: POS: Matl Aggr. POS – Selection (RMCW1700)
MCGF : RIS: POS: Cashier – Selection (RMCW1800)
MCGG : RIS: Cust./Material Grp – Selection (RMCW1900)
MCGH : RIS: Customer/Material – Selection (RMCW2000)
MCGJ : RIS: POS: POS Balancing – Selection (RMCW2800)
MCGK : RIS: Matls w/ additionals- Selection (RMCW2900)
MCGL : RIS: Sales data: Customers- Sel. (RMCW3000)
MCH+ : RIS: Display Evaluation Structure (SAPMMCS7)
MCH0 : Retail Information System (MENUMCH0)
MCH01 : Mass Maintenance of Maint. Plans (RMCHMPLA)
MCH02 : Log of Mass Changes ()
MCH03 : Delete Variant (RMCHVARDEL)
MCH1 : RIS: Execute Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCH2 : RIS: Create Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCH3 : RIS: Change Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCH4 : RIS: Display Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCH6 : Update Maintenance: RIS (SAPMMC0C)
MCH7 : RIS: Update Diagnosis, SP Change Doc (SAPMMCS3)
MCH8 : RIS: Perishables – Selection (RMCW2300)
MCH9 : RIS: Inventory Controlling – Stores (RMCW2400)
MCH: : RIS: STRPS/Mvmts + Stock – Selection (RMCW0300)
MCHA : RIS: Till Receipt/Matl – Selection (RMCW2500)
MCHB : RIS: Till Receipt – Selection (RMCW2700)
MCHC : Companion sales (RMCWAPRI_START)
MCHD : Maintain Dynamic IS Read Rules ()
MCHG : RIS: Purchasing: Mvmt+Stck-Selection (RMCW0600)
MCHP : RIS: Material: Mvmt+Stck – Selection (RMCW0900)
MCHS : RIS: Promotion – Selection (RMCW1000)
MCHV : RIS: Material/Add-On – Selection (RMCW1100)
MCHY : RIS: Create Evaluation Structure (SAPMMCS7)
MCHZ : RIS: Change Evaluation Structure (SAPMMCS7)
MCH_ : Activate IS-R Enhancement for RIS ()
MCI0 : Plant Maintenance Information System (MENUMCI0)
MCI1 : PMIS: Object Class Analysis (RMCI0300)
MCI2 : PMIS: Manufacturer Analysis (RMCI0700)
MCI3 : PMIS: Location Analysis (RMCI0200)
MCI4 : PMIS: Planner Group Analysis (RMCI0600)
MCI5 : PMIS: Object Damage Analysis (RMCI0800)
MCI6 : PMIS: Obj.Statistic.Analysis (RMCI0500)
MCI7 : PMIS: Breakdown Analysis (RMCI0100)
MCI8 : PMIS: Cost Evaluation (RMCI0900)
MCIA : PMIS: Customer Notification Analysis (RMCI1000)
MCIS : Call Up PM Standard Analyses (SAPMMCS4)
MCIZ : PMIS: Vehicle Consumption Analysis (RMCI1100)
MCJ1 : PMIS: Create Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCJ2 : PMIS: Change Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCJ3 : PMIS: Display Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCJ4 : PMIS: Execute Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCJ5 : PMIS: Create Evaluation Structure (SAPMMCS7)
MCJ6 : PMIS: Change Evaluation Structure (SAPMMCS7)
MCJ7 : PMIS: Display Evaluation Structure (SAPMMCS7)
MCJB : MTTR/MTBR for Equipment (RIEQS070)
MCJC : FunctLoc: Mean Time Between Repair (RITPS070)
MCK0 : Plant Maintenance Information System (MENUMCK0)
MCK1 : Create Hierarchy (SAPMMCSH)
MCK2 : Change hierarchy (SAPMMCSH)
MCK3 : Display hierarchy (SAPMMCSH)
MCK4 : Change SAP OIW Hierarchy (SAPMMCSH)
MCK5 : Display SAP OIW Hierarchy (SAPMMCSH)
MCK6 : Create Customer OIW Hierarchy (SAPMMCSH)
MCK7 : Change Customer OIW Hierarchy (SAPMMCSH)
MCK8 : Display Customer OIW Hierarchy (SAPMMCSH)
MCK9 : Maintain Customer OIW Info Catalog (SAPMMCSH)
MCKA : OIW Metadata (RMCROIW0)
MCKB : TIS selection version tree (RMCSSLVS)
MCKC : User-spec. TIS select. version tree (RMCSSLVS)
MCKH : Selection version tree: Sales (RMCSSLVS)
MCKI : Selection version tree: Purchasing (RMCSSLVS)
MCKJ : Selection version tree: Stock (RMCSSLVS)
MCKK : Selection version tree: Production (RMCSSLVS)
MCKL : Selection version tree: Quality (RMCSSLVS)
MCKM : Selection version tree: Plant Maint. (RMCSSLVS)
MCKN : Selection version tree: Retail (RMCSSLVS)
MCKO : Selection version tree: General (RMCSSLVS)
MCKP : User-spec. selec. vers. tree: Sales (RMCSSLVS)
MCKQ : User-spec. sel. vers. tree: Purchase (RMCSSLVS)
MCKR : User-spec. sel. vers. tree: Stock (RMCSSLVS)
MCKS : User-spec. sel. vers. tree: Product. (RMCSSLVS)
MCKT : User-spec. sel. vers. tree: Quality (RMCSSLVS)
MCKU : User-spec. sel. vers. tree: PM (RMCSSLVS)
MCKV : User-spec. sel. vers. tree: Retail (RMCSSLVS)
MCKW : User-spec. sel. vers. tree: General (RMCSSLVS)
MCKY : WFIS: Selection Versions (User-Spec) (RMCSSLVS)
MCKZ : WFIS: Selection Versions (General) (RMCSSLVS)
MCL1 : WMS: Stck Placemt.+Remov. Selection (RMCB2000)
MCL5 : WMS: Flow of Quantities Selection (RMCB2100)
MCL9 : WM: Material Plcmt/Removal:Selection (RMCB2200)
MCLD : WM: Material Flow – Selection (RMCB2300)
MCLH : WM: Movement Types – Selection (RMCB2400)
MCM% : RIS: Create Selection Version (SAPMMCSV)
MCM+ : WFIS: Create Selection Version (SAPMMCSV)
MCM- : WFIS: Change Selection Version (SAPMMCSV)
MCM/ : WFIS: Display Selection Version (SAPMMCSV)
MCM0 : INVCO: Change selection version (SAPMMCSV)
MCM1 : SIS: Create selection version (SAPMMCSV)
MCM10 : TIS: Create selection version (SAPMMCSV)
MCM11 : TIS: Change selection version (SAPMMCSV)
MCM12 : TIS: Display selection version (SAPMMCSV)
MCM13 : TIS: Selection Version: Schedule Job (SAPMMCSV)
MCM2 : SIS: Change selection version (SAPMMCSV)
MCM3 : SIS: Display selection version (SAPMMCSV)
MCM4 : SIS: Selec. version: Schedule job (SAPMMCSV)
MCM5 : PURCHIS: Create selection version (SAPMMCSV)
MCM6 : PURCHIS: Change selection version (SAPMMCSV)
MCM7 : PURCHIS: Display selection version (SAPMMCSV)
MCM8 : PURCHIS: SelectVers: Schedule job (SAPMMCSV)
MCM9 : INVCO: Create selection version (SAPMMCSV)
MCM? : RIS: Schedule Selection Version (SAPMMCSV)
MCMA : INVCO: Display selection version (SAPMMCSV)
MCMB : INVCO: SelecVers: Schedule job (SAPMMCSV)
MCMC : PPIS: Create selection version (SAPMMCSV)
MCMD : PPIS: Change selection version (SAPMMCSV)
MCME : PPIS: Display selection version (SAPMMCSV)
MCMF : PPIS: SelectVers: Schedule job (SAPMMCSV)
MCMG : QMIS: Create selection version (SAPMMCSV)
MCMH : QMIS: Change selection version (SAPMMCSV)
MCMI : QMIS: Display selection version (SAPMMCSV)
MCMJ : QMIS: Selection Version:Schedule Job (SAPMMCSV)
MCMK : PMIS: Create selection version (SAPMMCSV)
MCML : PMIS: Change selection version (SAPMMCSV)
MCMM : PMIS: Display selection verison (SAPMMCSV)
MCMN : PMIS: SelectVers: Schedule job (SAPMMCSV)
MCMO : Create selection version (SAPMMCSV)
MCMP : Change selection version (SAPMMCSV)
MCMQ : Display selection version (SAPMMCSV)
MCMR : Selection Version: Create Variant (SAPMMCSV)
MCMS : Selection Version: Change Variant (SAPMMCSV)
MCMT : Selection Version: Display Variant (SAPMMCSV)
MCMV : Selection version: Schedule job (SAPMMCSV)
MCMX : RIS: Change Selection Version (SAPMMCSV)
MCMY : RIS: Display Selection Version (SAPMMCSV)
MCMZ : RIS: Selection Version: Schedule Job (SAPMMCSV)
MCNB : BW: Initialize Stock Balances (RMCBINIT_BW)
MCNR : Number Range Maintenance: MCLIS (SAPMSNUM)
MCO1 : RIS: OTB – Selection (CALLSTAOTB)
MCO2 : OTB: Copy Planning Type (RMCACOP8)
MCO4 : Create OTB Planning (CALLOTB)
MCO5 : Change OTB Planning (CALLOTB)
MCO6 : Display OTB Planning (CALLOTB)
MCO7 : Create OTB Planning (CALLOTB)
MCO8 : Change OTB Planning (CALLOTB)
MCO9 : Display OTB Planning (CALLOTB)
MCOA : QMIS: Cust. analysis, Lot overview (RMCQ1100)
MCOB : QMIS: General Results for Customer (RMCQ2400)
MCOC : QMIS: Cust. Analysis Quant. Overview (RMCQ1100)
MCOD : QMIS: Quantitative Results for Cust. (RMCQ2500)
MCOE : QMIS: Customer Analysis Q Score (RMCQ1100)
MCOG : QMIS: Customer Analysis Lot Counter (RMCQ1100)
MCOI : QMIS: Customer Analysis Quantities (RMCQ1100)
MCOK : QMIS: Customer Analysis Expense (RMCQ1100)
MCOM : QMIS: Customer Analysis Level/Disp. (RMCQ1100)
MCOO : QMIS: Customer analysis – insp. lots (RMCQ1100)
MCOP : QMIS: Cust. Analysis Item Q Not. (RMCQ0800)
MCOV : QMIS: Cust. Anal. Overview Q Not. (RMCQ0500)
MCOX : QMIS: Customer Analysis Defects (RMCQ1200)
MCP0 : Shop Floor Information System (MENUMCP0)
MCP1 : SFIS: Operation Analysis Selection (RMCF0200)
MCP3 : SFIS: Material Analysis Selection (RMCF0100)
MCP5 : SFIS: Material Analysis Selection (RMCF0300)
MCP6 : Goods rcpt analysis: repetitive mfg (RMCFSERI)
MCP7 : SFIS: Work Center Analysis Selection (RMCF0400)
MCP8 : Goods rcpt analysis: repetitive mfg (RMCF2500)
MCP9 : SFIS: Select Run Schedule (RMCF0500)
MCPB : Operation analysis: Dates (RMCF0200)
MCPD : Production order analysis: Dates (RMCF0100)
MCPE_CUS : Commodity Pricing Customizing for MM (RCPE_MM_CUS)
MCPE_DOC : Commodity Pricing in MM Documents (RCPE_MM_DOC)
MCPE_FA_ACC_SEQ : Access Sequence for Formula Assembly ()
MCPE_FA_COND_TYPE : Condition Types for Formula Assembly ()
MCPE_FA_CT : Cond. Tables for Formula Assembly ()
MCPE_FA_DET_PROC : Det. Procedure for Formula Assembly ()
MCPE_FA_FC : MM Field Catalog ()
MCPE_FA_GCM : Formula Master Data Maintenance ()
MCPE_MD : Commodity Pricing Master Data for MM (RCPE_MM_MD)
MCPE_WB : CPE Formula Workbench for MM (RCPE_MM_WB)
MCPF : Material analysis: Dates (RMCF0300)
MCPH : Work center analysis: Dates (RMCF0400)
MCPI : Menu: Production Info System (MENUMCPI)
MCPK : Operation analysis: Quantities (RMCF0200)
MCPM : Production order anal.: Quantities (RMCF0100)
MCPO : Material analysis: Quantities (RMCF0300)
MCPQ : Work center analysis: Quantities (RMCF0400)
MCPS : Operation analysis: Lead time (RMCF0200)
MCPU : Production Order Analysis: Lead Time (RMCF0100)
MCPW : Material analysis: Lead time (RMCF0300)
MCPY : Work center analysis: Lead time (RMCF0400)
MCQ. : SFIS: Kanban analysis selection (RMCFPK00)
MCQA : Call Up QM Standard Analyses (SAPMMCS4)
MCR1 : SFIS: Create Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCR2 : SFIS: Change Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCR3 : SFIS: Display Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCR4 : SFIS: Execute Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCR7 : SFIS: Create Evaluation Structure (SAPMMCS7)
MCR8 : SFIS: Change Evaluation Structure (SAPMMCS7)
MCR9 : SFIS: Display Evaluation Structure (SAPMMCS7)
MCR: : Std Analyses: User Settings, CALL (SAPMMCSC)
MCRA : LIS Layout Reports ()
MCRB : LIS: Generate Evaluations (RMCSGENA)
MCRC : Charact. Texts for Eval. Structures (RMCS802T)
MCRE : Material Usage Analysis: Selection (RMCF0600)
MCRG : Change Settings: PPIS (RMCFCUST)
MCRH : Display Settings: PPIS (RMCFCUST)
MCRI : Product Cost Analysis: Selection (RMCF0700)
MCRJ : Prod. Cost Analysis: Repetitive Mfg (RMCF2700)
MCRK : Prod. Cost Analysis: Repetitive Mfg (RMCFSERI)
MCRM : Reporting Point Stats.: Selection (RMCF0800)
MCRO : Matl consumptn anal.: repetitive mfg (RMCF2600)
MCRP : Matl consumptn anal.: repetitive mfg (RMCFSERI)
MCRQ : Call Standard Analyses: PP-IS (SAPMMCS4)
MCRT : LIS Readings for Internal Numbers ()
MCRU : PP-PI: Operation Analysis Selection (RMCF0200)
MCRV : PP-PI: Process Order Analysis (RMCF0100)
MCRW : PP-PI: Resources Selection (RMCF0400)
MCRX : PP-PI: Material Usage Analysis (RMCF0600)
MCRY : PP-PI: Product Cost Analysis (RMCF0700)
MCS$ : Info Structure Data: Process Archive ()
MCS% : Info Structure Data: Manage Archive ()
MCS& : Info Structure Data: Reload Archive ()
MCS/ : Mass Generation: Info Struct./Update (RMCSISGN)
MCS1 : Standard Analyses; General Logistics (SAPMMCS4)
MCS2 : Routine LIS Settings ()
MCS3 : Routine SIS Settings ()
MCS4 : Routine INVCO Settings ()
MCS5 : Routine PURCHIS Settings ()
MCS6 : Routine PPIS Settings ()
MCS7 : SIS: Create Evaluation Structure (SAPMMCS7)
MCS8 : SIS: Change Evaluation Structure (SAPMMCS7)
MCS9 : SIS: Display Evalaution Structure (SAPMMCS7)
MCS= : Info Structure Data: Create Archive ()
MCSA : SIS: Create Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCSB : SIS: Change Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCSC : SIS: Display Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCSCHECK : Check Utility – Logistic Infosystem (RMCSUTIC)
MCSD : Routine PMIS Settings ()
MCSE : Routine QMIS Settings ()
MCSF : Routine RIS Settings ()
MCSG : SIS: Execute Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCSH : Call Std. Analyses of Customer Appl. (SAPMMCS4)
MCSI : Call Standard Analyses of Sales (SAPMMCS4)
MCSJ : Call Standard Analyses of Purchasing (SAPMMCS4)
MCSK : Call Standard Analyses of Stocks (SAPMMCS4)
MCSL : Call Shop Floor Standard Analyses (SAPMMCS4)
MCSM1 : TIS: Create evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCSM2 : TIS: Change evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCSM3 : TIS: Display evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCSM4 : TIS: Execute evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCSM5 : TIS: Create evaluation structure (SAPMMCS7)
MCSM6 : TIS: Change evaluation structure (SAPMMCS7)
MCSM7 : TIS: Display evaluation structure (SAPMMCS7)
MCSO : Current Settings: TIS ()
MCSR : Standard Analyses External Data (SAPMMCS4)
MCSS : Display Log: Gen. Info Structure (SAPMMCS3)
MCST : Display Log: Gen. Updating (SAPMMCS3)
MCSV : Call View V_TMC6P_D ()
MCSW : Archiving of Selection Versions ()
MCSX : Archive Statistical Data (SAPMMCS4)
MCSY : Reset Time Stamp: LIS Generation (RMCSCORS)
MCSZ : Convert LIS Statistical Data (SAPMMCS4)
MCT0 : Initial SIS Screen (MENUMCT0)
MCT1 : Standard SDIS Analyses (MENUMCT1)
MCT2 : Initial SIS Screen (MENUMCT2)
MCTA : SIS: Customer Analysis – Selection (RMCV0100)
MCTC : SIS: Material Analysis – Selection (RMCV0200)
MCTE : SIS: Sales Org. Analysis – Selection (RMCV0300)
MCTG : SIS: Sales Office Analysis Selection (RMCV0600)
MCTI : SIS: Sales Empl. Analysis Selection (RMCV0500)
MCTK : SIS: Shipping Pt. Analysis Selection (RMCV0400)
MCTV01 : SIS: Sales Activity – Selection (RMCV0800)
MCTV02 : SIS: Sales Promotions – Selection (RMCV0900)
MCTV03 : SIS: Address List – Selection (RMCV1000)
MCTV04 : SIS: Address Counter – Selection (RMCV1100)
MCTV05 : SIS: Customer Potential Analysis (RMCV1200)
MCU0 : Transportation Info System (TIS) (MENUMCU0)
MCU1 : Create LIS Unit (RMCSUNIT)
MCU2 : Delete LIS Unit (RMCSUDEL)
MCU3 : Call Standard Analyses: Transportatn (SAPMMCS4)
MCUA : TIS: Shpt analysis (RMCT0100)
MCUB : TIS: Shipment Analysis: Routes (RMCT0200)
MCUC : TIS: ShipmentAnaly: MeansOfTransport (RMCT0300)
MCUD : TIS: Shipment Analysis: Shipping (RMCT0400)
MCUE : TIS: Shipment Analysis: Stages (RMCT0500)
MCUF : TIS: Shipment Analysis: Material (RMCT0600)
MCV0 : Purchasing Information System (MENUMCV0)
MCV1 : QMIS: Vendor analysis – insp. lot (RMCQ0100)
MCV3 : QMIS: Material analysis – insp. lot (RMCQ0200)
MCV5 : Call Up Price List w.Stepped Display (/1SDBF12L/RV14AK05)
MCV6 : Call Up Indiv. Customer Prices List (/1SDBF12L/RV14AK07)
MCV7 : Call Up List of Price Groups (/1SDBF12L/RV14AK11)
MCV8 : Call Up Material/MatPrcGroup List (/1SDBF12L/RV14AK09)
MCV9 : Call Up List of Incomplete Documents (RVAUFERR)
MCVA : QMIS: Vendor Analysis Lot Overview (RMCQ0100)
MCVB : QMIS: General Results for Vendor (RMCQ2200)
MCVC : QMIS: Vendor Analysis – Qty Overview (RMCQ0100)
MCVCHECK01 : SIS: Update Group Check (RMCVCH01)
MCVD : QMIS: Quant. Results for Vendor (RMCQ2300)
MCVE : QMIS: Vendor Analysis Quality Score (RMCQ0100)
MCVG : QMIS: Vendor Analysis – Lot Numbers (RMCQ0100)
MCVI : QMIS: Vendor Analysis – Quantities (RMCQ0100)
MCVK : QMIS: Vendor Analysis – Effort (RMCQ0100)
MCVM : QMIS: Vendor Analyis – Level & Disp. (RMCQ0100)
MCVO : Vendor Analysis – Lots Overview (RMCQ0100)
MCVP : QMIS: vendor analysis items Q notif. (RMCQ0700)
MCVQ : Quality Management Info System QMIS (MENUMCVQ)
MCVR : SIS: update diagnosis – order (SAPMMCS3)
MCVS : TIS: Update Diagnosis: Transportatn (SAPMMCS3)
MCVT : SIS: update diagnosis – delivery (SAPMMCS3)
MCVV : SIS: update diagnosis – billing doc. (SAPMMCS3)
MCVVK : SIS: Updating – Sales Activities (SAPMMCS3)
MCVW : INVCO: Update Diagnosis MatDoc (SAPMMCS3)
MCVX : QMIS: Vendor analysis defects (RMCQ1000)
MCVY : INVCO: Update Diagnosis AcctngDoc (SAPMMCS3)
MCVZ : QMIS: Ven. Analysis- Q Not. Overview (RMCQ0400)
MCW1 : PURCHIS: Evaluate Payment Header (RMCE5000)
MCW2 : PURCHIS: Evaluate Payment Item (RMCE5100)
MCW3 : PURCHIS: Evaluate VBD Header (RMCE5200)
MCW4 : PURCHIS: Evaluate VBD Item (RMCE5300)
MCW5 : Payment: Simulate Updating (SAPLMCW1_WLF)
MCW6 : LIS Setup for Agency Documents (RMCENEUB)
MCWIS : FK Simulation Inventory Document (SAPMMCS3)
MCWRP : FK Simulation Invoice Document (SAPMMCS3)
MCW_AA_APP : Maintain Analytical Applications ()
MCW_AA_METH : Maint. Methods for Analytical Apps ()
MCW_AA_QUERY : Maint. Queries for Analytical Apps ()
MCW_AA_TEST : Test Remote Execution of Queries (MCW_AA_BWACCESS_TEST)
MCX1 : QMIS: Create Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCX2 : QMIS: Change Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCX3 : QMIS: Display Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCX4 : QMIS: Execute Evaluation (SAPMMCS2)
MCX7 : QIS: Create Evaluation Structure (SAPMMCS7)
MCX8 : QIS: Change Evaluation Structure (SAPMMCS7)
MCX9 : QIS: display evaluation structure (SAPMMCS7)
MCXA : QMIS: Material Analysis-Lot Overview (RMCQ0200)
MCXB : QMIS: General Results for Material (RMCQ2000)
MCXC : QMIS: Matl Analysis – Qty Overview (RMCQ0200)
MCXD : QMIS: Quant. Results for Material (RMCQ2100)
MCXE : QMIS: Matl Analysis – Quality Score (RMCQ0200)
MCXG : QMIS: Matl Analysis – Lot Numbers (RMCQ0200)
MCXI : QMIS: Material Analysis – Quantities (RMCQ0200)
MCXK : QMIS: Material Analysis – Effort (RMCQ0200)
MCXM : QMIS: Matl Analysis – Level & Disp. (RMCQ0200)
MCXP : QMIS: Matl. Analysis – Q Notif. Item (RMCQ0600)
MCXV : QMIS: mat. analysis overview Q not. (RMCQ0300)
MCXX : QMIS: Material analysis defects (RMCQ0900)
MCY1 : Create Exception EWS/LIS (SAPMMCY1)
MCY2 : Maintain Exception EWS/LIS (SAPMMCY1)
MCY3 : Display Exception (EWS/LIS) (SAPMMCY1)
MCY4 : Create Group Exception (SAPMMCY1)
MCY5 : Change Group Exception (SAPMMCY1)
MCY6 : Display Exception (SAPMMCY1)
MCY7 : Create Job For Exception (SAPMMCY1)
MCY8 : Change Jobs: Exceptions (SAPMMCY1)
MCY9 : Display Jobs: Exceptions (SAPMMCY1)
MCYA : Delete Jobs: Exceptions (SAPMMCY1)
MCYB : Plan Jobs: Exceptions (SAPMMCY1)
MCYG : Exception Analysis INVCO (SAPMMCY1)
MCYH : Exception Analysis: PURCHIS (SAPMMCY1)
MCYI : Exception Analysis: SIS (SAPMMCY1)
MCYJ : Exception Analysis: PP-IS (SAPMMCY1)
MCYK : Exception Analysis: PM-IS (SAPMMCY1)
MCYL : Exception Analysis: QM-IS (SAPMMCY1)
MCYM : Exception Analysis: Retail IS (SAPMMCY1)
MCYN : Exception Analysis: LIS-General (SAPMMCY1)
MCYO : Exception analysis: TIS (SAPMMCY1)
MCYO0 : Schedule Jobs: Exceptions: TIS (SAPMMCY1)
MCYO1 : Create Exception: EWS/TIS (SAPMMCY1)
MCYO2 : Maintain Exception: EWS/TIS (SAPMMCY1)
MCYO3 : Display Exception: EWS/TIS (SAPMMCY1)
MCYO4 : Create Exception Group: TIS (SAPMMCY1)
MCYO5 : Change Exception Group: TIS (SAPMMCY1)
MCYO6 : Display Exception: TIS (SAPMMCY1)
MCYO7 : Create Job for Exception: TIS (SAPMMCY1)
MCYO8 : Change Jobs: Exceptions: TIS (SAPMMCY1)
MCYO9 : Display jobs: Exceptions SIS (SAPMMCY1)
MCYY : WFIS: Exception Analysis (SAPMMCY1)
MCZ1 : Create LIS Inbound Interface (SAPMMCSE)
MCZ2 : Change LIS Inbound Interface (SAPMMCSE)
MCZ3 : Display LIS Inbound Interface (SAPMMCSE)
MD00 : MRP : external procurement (MENUMD00)
MD01 : MRP Run (SAPMM61X)
MD02 : MRP – Single-item, Multi-level – (SAPMM61X)
MD03 : MRP-Individual Planning-Single Level (SAPMM61X)
MD04 : Display Stock/Requirements Situation (SAPMM61R)
MD05 : Individual Display Of MRP List (SAPMM61R)
MD06 : Collective Display Of MRP List (SAPMM61R)
MD07 : Current Material Overview (SAPMM61R)
MD08 : Reorg. MRP Lists (RMMDKP01)
MD09 : Pegging (SAPMM61O)
MD11 : Create Planned Order (SAPMM61P)
MD12 : Change Planned Order (SAPMM61P)
MD13 : Display Planned Order (SAPMM61P)
MD14 : Individual Conversion of Plnned Ord. (SAPMM61P)
MD15 : Collective Conversion Of Plnd Ordrs. (SAPMM61P)
MD16 : Collective Display of Planned Orders (SAPMM61P)
MD17 : Collective Requirements Display (SAPLM61Q)
MD19 : Firm Planned Orders (SAPMM61P)
MD20 : Create Planning File Entry (SAPMM61R)
MD21 : Display Planning File Entry (RMDPFE00)
MD25 : Create Planning Calendar (SAPMM61I)
MD26 : Change Planning Calendar (SAPMM61I)
MD27 : Display Planning Calendar (SAPMM61I)
MD41 : MPS – Single-item, Multi-level – (SAPMM61X)
MD42 : MPS – Single-item, Single-level – (SAPMM61X)
MD43 : MPS – Single-item, Interactive – (SAPMM61X)
MD44 : MPS Evaluation (SAPMM61M)
MD45 : MRP List Evaluation (SAPMM61M)
MD46 : Eval. MRP lists of MRP controller (SAPMM61M)
MD47 : Product Group Planning Evaluation (SAPMM61M)
MD48 : Cross-Plant Evaluation (SAPMM61M)
MD4C : Multilevel Order Report (SAPMM61O)
MD50 : Sales order planning (SAPMM61X)
MD51 : Individual project planning (SAPMM61X)
MD61 : Create Planned Indep. Requirements (SAPMM60X)
MD62 : Change Planned Indep. Requirements (SAPMM60X)
MD63 : Display Planned Indep. Requirements (SAPMM60X)
MD64 : Create Planned Indep.Requirements (SAPMM60X)
MD65 : Change Standard Indep.Requirements (SAPMM60X)
MD66 : Display Standard Indep.Requirements (SAPMM60X)
MD67 : Staggered Split (RM60ROLL)
MD70 : Copy Total Forecast (RM60FORC)
MD71 : “Copy Reference Changes” (RM60COPY)
MD72 : Evaluation; Charac.Plnng Techniques (RM60COMB)
MD73 : Display Total Indep. Requirements (SAPMM60X)
MD74 : Reorganization: Adapt Indep.Reqmts (RM60RR20)
MD75 : Reorganization: Delete Indep.Reqmts (RM60RR30)
MD76 : Reorg: Delete Indep.Reqmts History (RM60RR40)
MD79 : “PP Demand Mngmt – XXL List Viewer” (SAPMM60M)
MD81 : Create Customer Indep. Requirements (SAPMV45A)
MD82 : Change customer indep. requirement (SAPMV45A)
MD83 : Display Customer Indep. Requirements (SAPMV45A)
MD85 : List Customer Indep. Requirements (SAPMV75A)
MD90 : Maintain Number Range for MRP (SAPMSNUM)
MD91 : Maintain No. Range for Planned Order (SAPMSNUM)
MD92 : Maint.No.Range for Reserv/Dep.Reqmt (SAPMSNUM)
MD93 : Maintain Number Range: MDSM (SAPMSNUM)
MD94 : Number range maint.: Total reqs (SAPMSNUM)
MDAB : Planning File – Set Up BATCH (RMMDBTCH)
MDAC : Execute Action for Planned Order (SAPMM61P)
MDBA : BAPI planned order processing (MDBAPI01)
MDBS : MPS – total planning run (RMMDBTCH)
MDC6 : Start of MD06 via Report (SAPMM61R)
MDC7 : Start MD07 by using report (SAPMM61R)
MDDISPONENT : MRP Controller Workflow ()
MDDO : Evaluation Report RoCs Online (RMDDSUPPLY01)
MDDS : Evaluation Report Ranges of Coverage (RMMDBTCH)
MDEX : MRP Data Extractor (RMMDBTCH)
MDF_ATTRSET : Maintain Set Types and Attributes (SAPLCOM_ATTRIBUTE_NEW)
MDHI : Master Data and Hierarchy (MDHI_MAINTENANCE)
MDL1 : Create Production Lot (SAPLMD07)
MDL2 : Change Production Lot (SAPLMD07)
MDL3 : Display Production Lot (SAPLMD07)
MDLD : Print MRP List (RMDLDR00)
MDM1 : Mail To Vendor (RMDMAIL1)
MDM2 : Mail to Vendor (RMDMAIL2)
MDM3 : Mail to Customer (RMDMAIL3)
MDM4 : Mail to MRP Controller (RMDMAIL4)
MDM5 : Workflow: Mail to MRP Controller (RMDMAIL5)
MDMC : Send Customers (MDM) (RMDMIDCU)
MDMGX : MDM Generic Extraction Framework (MDM_GX_MENU)
MDMGXC0 : Transaction for MDMGXC0 ()
MDMGXC1 : Transaction for MDMGXC1 ()
MDMGXC2 : Transaction for MDMGXC2 ()
MDMGXMOBJ : Maintain Object Types ()
MDML : Calculation of Multilevel Delay (RMMDBTCH)
MDMV : Send Vendors (MDM) (RMDMIDVE)
MDP0 : Independent Requirements (MENUMDP0)
MDP1 : Create combination structure (SAPLCUTU)
MDP2 : Change combination structure (SAPLCUTU)
MDP3 : Display combination structure (SAPLCUTU)
MDP4 : Maintain combinations (SAPLCUD2)
MDP6 : Modeling (SAPLM60K)
MDPH : Planning Profile (SAPMM60X)
MDPP : Demand Management (MENUMDPP)
MDPV : Planning variant: Initial screen (SAPLM60K)
MDRD1 : Determine Delivery Relationship (RMDRD001)
MDRD2 : Change Delivery Relationship (RMDRD002)
MDRD3 : Display Delivery Relationship (RMDRD003)
MDRD4 : Delete Delivery Relationship (RMDRD004)
MDRE : Checking Plnng File In BCKGRND Mode (RMMDBTCH)
MDRP : Distribution Resource Planning (MENUMDRP)
MDSA : Display Serial Numbers (SAPMM61S)
MDSP : Change BOM Explosion Numbers (SAPMM61S)
MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT : Synchronization Cockpit (MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT)
MDUM : Convert Planned Orders into PReqs (RMMDBTCH)
MDUP : Maintain Project New Key Assignment (SAPMM61U)
MDUS : Assign New Key to WBS Elements (SAPMM61U)
MDVP : Collective Availability Check PAUF (RLD05000)
MDW1 : Access MRP control program (SAPMM61K)
ME00 :  (MENUME00)
ME01 : Maintain Source List (SAPLMEOR)
ME03 : Display Source List (SAPLMEOR)
ME04 : Changes to Source List (RM06WCD1)
ME05 : Generate Source List (RM06W003)
ME06 : Analyze Source List (RM06W004)
ME07 : Reorganize Source List (RM06WRE0)
ME08 : Send Source List (RBDSESRC)
ME0M : Source List for Material (RM06W001)
ME11 : Create Purchasing Info Record (SAPMM06I)
ME12 : Change Purchasing Info Record (SAPMM06I)
ME13 : Display Purchasing Info Record (SAPMM06I)
ME14 : Changes to Purchasing Info Record (RM06ICD1)
ME15 : Flag Purch. Info Rec. for Deletion (SAPMM06I)
ME16 : Purchasing Info Recs. for Deletion (RM06ILV0)
ME17 : Archive Info Records ()
ME18 : Send Purchasing Info Record (RBDSEINF)
ME1A : Archived Purchasing Info Records (RM06IR30)
ME1B : Redetermine Info Record Price (RMMEBTCH)
ME1E : Quotation Price History (RM06IAP0)
ME1L : Info Records per Vendor (RM06IL00)
ME1M : Info Records per Material (RM06IM00)
ME1P : Purchase Order Price History (RM06IBP0)
ME1W : Info Records per Material Group (RM06IW00)
ME1X : Buyer’s Negotiation Sheet for Vendor (RM06EVBL)
ME1Y : Buyer’s Negotiat. Sheet for Material (RM06EVBM)
ME21 : Create Purchase Order (SAPMM06E)
ME21N : Create Purchase Order (RM_MEPO_GUI)
ME22 : Change Purchase Order (SAPMM06E)
ME22N : Change Purchase Order (RM_MEPO_GUI)
ME23 : Display Purchase Order (SAPMM06E)
ME23N : Display Purchase Order (RM_MEPO_GUI)
ME24 : Maintain Purchase Order Supplement (SAPMM06E)
ME25 : Create PO with Source Determination (SAPMM06B)
ME26 : Display PO Supplement (IR) (SAPMM06E)
ME27 : Create Stock Transport Order (SAPMM06E)
ME28 : Release Purchase Order (RM06EF00)
ME29N : Release purchase order (RM_MEPO_GUI)
ME2A : Monitor Confirmations (RM06ENBE)
ME2B : POs by Requirement Tracking Number (RM06EB00)
ME2C : Purchase Orders by Material Group (RM06EC00)
ME2J : Purchase Orders for Project (RM06EKPS)
ME2K : Purch. Orders by Account Assignment (RM06EK00)
ME2L : Purchase Orders by Vendor (RM06EL00)
ME2M : Purchase Orders by Material (RM06EM00)
ME2N : Purchase Orders by PO Number (RM06EN00)
ME2O : SC Stock Monitoring (Vendor) (RM06ELLB)
ME2S : Services per Purchase Order (RMSRVPO1)
ME2V : Goods Receipt Forecast (RM06EWE0)
ME2W : Purchase Orders for Supplying Plant (RM06EW00)
ME308 : Send Contracts with Conditions (RBDSECON)
ME31 : Create Outline Agreement (SAPMM06E)
ME31K : Create Contract (SAPMM06E)
ME31L : Create Scheduling Agreement (SAPMM06E)
ME32 : Change Outline Agreement (SAPMM06E)
ME32K : Change Contract (SAPMM06E)
ME32L : Change Scheduling Agreement (SAPMM06E)
ME33 : Display Outline Agreement (SAPMM06E)
ME33K : Display Contract (SAPMM06E)
ME33L : Display Scheduling Agreement (SAPMM06E)
ME34 : Maintain Outl. Agreement Supplement (SAPMM06E)
ME34K : Maintain Contract Supplement (SAPMM06E)
ME34L : Maintain Sched. Agreement Supplement (SAPMM06E)
ME35 : Release Outline Agreement (RM06EF00)
ME35K : Release Contract (RM06EF00)
ME35L : Release Scheduling Agreement (RM06EF00)
ME36 : Display Agreement Supplement (IR) (SAPMM06E)
ME37 : Create Transport Scheduling Agmt. (SAPMM06E)
ME38 : Maintain Sched. Agreement Schedule (SAPMM06E)
ME39 : Display Sched. Agmt. Schedule (TEST) (SAPMM06E)
ME3A : Transm. Release Documentation Record (RBDSERED)
ME3B : Outl. Agreements per Requirement No. (RM06EB00)
ME3C : Outline Agreements by Material Group (RM06EC00)
ME3J : Outline Agreements per Project (RM06EKPS)
ME3K : Outl. Agreements by Acct. Assignment (RM06EK00)
ME3L : Outline Agreements per Vendor (RM06EL00)
ME3M : Outline Agreements by Material (RM06EM00)
ME3N : Outline Agreements by Agreement No. (RM06EN00)
ME3P : Recalculate Contract Price (RMMEBTCH)
ME3R : Recalculate Sched. Agreement Price (RMMEBTCH)
ME3S : Service List for Contract (RMSRVR20)
ME41 : Create Request For Quotation (SAPMM06E)
ME42 : Change Request For Quotation (SAPMM06E)
ME43 : Display Request For Quotation (SAPMM06E)
ME44 : Maintain RFQ Supplement (SAPMM06E)
ME45 : Release RFQ (RM06EF00)
ME47 : Create Quotation (SAPMM06E)
ME48 : Display Quotation (SAPMM06E)
ME49 : Price Comparison List (RM06EPS0)
ME4B : RFQs by Requirement Tracking Number (RM06EB00)
ME4C : RFQs by Material Group (RM06EC00)
ME4L : RFQs by Vendor (RM06EL00)
ME4M : RFQs by Material (RM06EM00)
ME4N : RFQs by RFQ Number (RM06EN00)
ME4S : RFQs by Collective Number (RM06ES00)
ME51 : Create Purchase Requisition (SAPMM06B)
ME51N : Create Purchase Requisition (RM_MEREQ_GUI)
ME52 : Change Purchase Requisition (SAPMM06B)
ME52N : Change Purchase Requisition (RM_MEREQ_GUI)
ME52NB : Buyer Approval: Purchase Requisition (RM_MEREQ_GUI)
ME53 : Display Purchase Requisition (SAPMM06B)
ME53N : Display Purchase Requisition (RM_MEREQ_GUI)
ME54 : Release Purchase Requisition (SAPMM06B)
ME54N : Release Purchase Requisition (RM_MEREQ_GUI)
ME55 : Collective Release of Purchase Reqs. (RM06BF00)
ME56 : Assign Source to Purch. Requisition (RM06BZ00)
ME57 : Assign and Process Requisitions (RM06BZ00)
ME58 : Ordering: Assigned Requisitions (RM06BB00)
ME59 : Automatic Generation of POs (RM06BB10)
ME59N : Automatic generation of POs (RM06BB30)
ME5A : Purchase Requisitions: List Display (RM06BA00)
ME5F : Release Reminder: Purch. Requisition (RM06BF00)
ME5J : Purchase Requisitions for Project (RM06BKPS)
ME5K : Requisitions by Account Assignment (RM06BK00)
ME5R : Archived Purchase Requisitions (RM06BR30)
ME5W : Resubmission of Purch. Requisitions (RM06BW00)
ME60 : Screenpainter Test (MMTEST)
ME61 : Maintain Vendor Evaluation (SAPMM06L)
ME62 : Display Vendor Evaluation (SAPMM06L)
ME63 : Evaluation of Automatic Subcriteria (RM06LAUB)
ME64 : Evaluation Comparison (RM06LSIM)
ME65 : Evaluation Lists (RM06LBEU)
ME69 : List non confirmed WEB releases (ISAUTO_OPENWEB)
ME6A : Changes to Vendor Evaluation (RM06LA00)
ME6B : Display Vendor Evaln. for Material (RM06LB00)
ME6C : Vendors Without Evaluation (RM06LC00)
ME6D : Vendors Not Evaluated Since… (RM06LD00)
ME6E : Evaluation Records Without Weighting (RM06LE00)
ME6F : Print (RM06LF00)
ME6G : Vendor Evaluation in the Background (RMMEBTCH)
ME6H : Standard Analysis: Vendor Evaluation (RMCE0130)
ME6Z : Transport Vendor Evaluation Tables (SAPMSM29)
ME80 : Purchasing Reporting (SAPMM06R)
ME80A : Purchasing Reporting: RFQs (SAPMM06R)
ME80AN : General Analyses (A) (RM06EAAW)
ME80F : Purchasing Reporting: POs (SAPMM06R)
ME80FN : General Analyses (F) (RM06EAAW)
ME80R : Purchasing Reporting: Outline Agmts. (SAPMM06R)
ME80RN : General Analyses (L,K) (RM06EAAW)
ME81 : Analysis of Order Values (RM06ENHI)
ME81N : Analysis of Order Values (RM06EBWA)
ME82 : Archived Purchasing Documents (RM06ER30)
ME84 : Generation of Sched. Agmt. Releases (RM06EFLB)
ME84A : Individual Display of SA Release (SAPLEINL)
ME85 : Renumber Schedule Lines (RM06NEUN)
ME86 : Aggregate Schedule Lines (RM06REOR)
ME87 : Summarize PO History (RM06EKBE)
ME88 : Set Agr. Cum. Qty./Reconcil. Date (RM06CUMF)
ME89 : Release of Stopped SA Releases (MESCR_STP_RELLIST)
ME91 : Purchasing Docs.: Urging/Reminding (RM06ENMA)
ME91A : Urge Submission of Quotations (RM06ENMA)
ME91E : Sch. Agmt. Schedules: Urging/Remind. (RM06ENMA)
ME91F : Purchase Orders: Urging/Reminders (RM06ENMA)
ME92 : Monitor Order Acknowledgment (RM06ENAB)
ME92F : Monitor Order Acknowledgment (RM06ENAB)
ME92K : Monitor Order Acknowledgment (RM06ENAB)
ME92L : Monitor Order Acknowledgment (RM06ENAB)
ME97 : Archive Purchase Requisitions ()
ME98 : Archive Purchasing Documents ()
ME99 : Messages from Purchase Orders (MM70AEFA)
ME9A : Message Output: RFQs (RM06ENDR_ALV)
ME9E : Message Output: Sch. Agmt. Schedules (RM06ENDR_ALV)
ME9F : Message Output: Purchase Orders (RM06ENDR_ALV)
ME9K : Message Output: Contracts (RM06ENDR_ALV)
ME9L : Message Output: Sched. Agreements (RM06ENDR_ALV)
MEAN : Delivery Addresses ()
MEB0 : Reversal of Settlement Runs (RWMBON15)
MEB1 : Create Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.) (SAPMV13A)
MEB2 : Change Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.) (SAPMV13A)
MEB3 : Displ. Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.) (SAPMV13A)
MEB4 : Settlement re Vendor Rebate Arrs. (RWMBON01)
MEB5 : List of Vendor Rebate Arrangements (RWMBON02)
MEB6 : Busn. Vol. Data, Vendor Rebate Arrs. (RWMBON03)
MEB7 : Extend Vendor Rebate Arrangements (RWMBON05)
MEB8 : Det. Statement, Vendor Rebate Arrs. (RWMBON04)
MEB9 : Stat. Statement, Vendor Rebate Arrs. (RWMBON06)
MEBA : Comp. Suppl. BV, Vendor Rebate Arr. (RWMBON08)
MEBABW : Delta Init for BI-Extraction (RWMBON08)
MEBB : Check Open Docs., Vendor Reb. Arrs. (RWMBON10)
MEBC : Check Customizing: Subsequent Sett. (RWMBON20)
MEBE : Workflow Sett. re Vendor Reb. Arrs. (RWMBON11)
MEBF : Updating of External Busn. Volumes (RWMBONF0)
MEBG : Chg. Curr. (Euro), Vend. Reb. Arrs. (RWMBONE1)
MEBH : Generate Work Items (Man. Extension) (RWMBONE2)
MEBI : Message, Subs.Settlem. – Settlem.Run (RWBNAAWN)
MEBJ : Recompile Income, Vendor Reb. Arrs. (RWMBON07)
MEBK : Message., Subs. Settlem.- Arrangment (RWBNAAWS)
MEBM : List of settlement runs for arrngmts (RWMBON14)
MEBOR : Work Center Conversion ()
MEBR : Archive Rebate Arrangements (RV130007)
MEBS : Stmnt. Sett. Docs., Vend. Reb. Arrs. (RWMBON13)
MEBT : Test Data: External Business Volumes (RWMBONF1)
MEBV : Extend Rebate Arrangements (Dialog) (SAPMV13A)
MECCM : Send Purchasing Data to Catalog (RM06CCMEXP)
MECCP_ME2K : For Requisition Account Assignment (MECCP_RM06EK00)
MEDL : Price Change: Contract (RM11KS00)
MEER : Mass Act: Create Electronic Bill (SAPLFKKAKTIV2)
MEI1 : Automatic Purchasing Document Change (RMEBEIN1)
MEI2 : Automatic Document Change (RMEBEIN2)
MEI3 : Recompilation of Document Index (RMEBEIN3)
MEI4 : Compile Worklist for Document Index (RMEBEIN4)
MEI5 : Delete Worklist for Document Index (RMEBEIN5)
MEI6 : Delete purchasing document index (RMEBEIN6)
MEI7 : Change sales prices in purch. orders (RMEBEIN7)
MEI8 : Recomp. doc. index settlement req. (RMEBEIZ3)
MEI9 : Recomp. doc. index vendor bill. doc. (RMEBEIL3)
MEIA : New Structure Doc.Ind. Cust. Sett. (RMEBEIK3)
MEIS : Data Selection: Arrivals (RMIMST00)
MEK1 : Create Conditions (Purchasing) (SAPMV13A)
MEK2 : Change Conditions (Purchasing) (SAPMV13A)
MEK3 : Display Conditions (Purchasing) (SAPMV13A)
MEK31 : Condition Maintenance: Change (SAPMV13A)
MEK32 : Condition Maintenance: Change (SAPMV13A)
MEK33 : Condition Maintenance: Change (SAPMV13A)
MEK4 : Create Conditions (Purchasing) (SAPMV13A)
MEKA : Conditions: General Overview (RM06K000)
MEKB : Conditions by Contract (RM06K020)
MEKC : Conditions by Info Record (RM06K021)
MEKD : Conditions for Material Group (RM06K022)
MEKE : Conditions for Vendor (RM06K023)
MEKF : Conditions for Material Type (RM06K024)
MEKG : Conditions for Condition Group (RM06K025)
MEKH : Market Price (RM06K026)
MEKI : Conditions for Incoterms (RM06K027)
MEKJ : Conditions for Invoicing Party (RM06K028)
MEKK : Conditions for Vendor Sub-Range (RM06K029)
MEKL : Price Change: Scheduling Agreements (RM06K052)
MEKLE : Currency Change: Sched. Agreements (RM06K082)
MEKP : Price Change: Info Records (RM06K050)
MEKPE : Currency Change: Info Records (RM06K080)
MEKR : Price Change: Contracts (RM06K051)
MEKRE : Currency Change: Contracts (RM06K081)
MEKX : Transport Condition Types Purchasing (SAPMSM29)
MEKY : Trnsp. Calc. Schema: Mkt. Pr. (Pur.) (SAPMSM29)
MEKZ : Trnsp. Calculation Schemas (Purch.) (SAPMSM29)
MEL0 : Service Entry Sheet (MENUMEL0)
MELB : Purch. Transactions by Tracking No. (RM06XB00)
MEM1 : Replacement for Purchase Order Item (SAPMM06E)
MEMASSCONTRACT : Mass Changing of Contracts ()
MEMASSIN : Mass-Changing of Purch. Info Records ()
MEMASSPO : Mass Change of Purchase Orders ()
MEMASSRQ : Mass-Changing of Purch. Requisitions ()
MEMASSSA : Mass Changing of Sched. Agreements ()
MEMON_CUST : Activating monitoring for RC-monitor ()
MEMPADELIM : Maintain Delimiters for Message ()
MENU_MIGRATION : Menu Migration into New Hierarchy (SAPLSMNV_MIGRATION)
MEPA : Order Price Simulation/Price Info (RMEEINJ1)
MEPB : Price Info/Vendor Negotiations (RMEEINJ2)
MEPO : Purchase Order (RM_MEPO_GUI)
MEQ1 : Maintain Quota Arrangement (SAPDM06Q)
MEQ3 : Display Quota Arrangement (SAPDM06Q)
MEQ4 : Changes to Quota Arrangement (RM06QCD1)
MEQ6 : Analyze Quota Arrangement (RM06Q004)
MEQ7 : Reorganize Quota Arrangement (RM06QRE0)
MEQ8 : Monitor Quota Arrangements (RM06Q006)
MEQB : Revise Quota Arrangement (RMMEBTCH)
MEQM : Quota Arrangement for Material (RM06Q001)
MER4 : Settlement re Customer Rebate Arrs. (RWMBON31)
MER5 : List of Customer Rebate Arrangements (RWMBON32)
MER6 : Busn. Vols., Cust. Reb. Arrangements (RWMBON33)
MER7 : Extension of Cust. Reb. Arrangements (RWMBON35)
MER8 : Det. Statement: Cust. Rebate Arrs. (RWMBON34)
MER9 : Statement: Customer Reb. Arr. Stats. (RWMBON36)
MERA : Comp. Suppl. BV, Cust. Rebate Arrs. (RWMBON38)
MERB : Check re Open Docs. Cust. Reb. Arr. (RWMBON40)
MERE : Workflow: Sett. Cust. Rebate Arrs. (RWMBON41)
MEREP_DISP_DQ : display  download data (ME_DSD_DISPLAY_DNLOAD_QUEUE)
MEREP_GEN_ALL : Transaction to generate all (ME_DSD_GENERATE_ALL)
MEREP_MBL : deletion of obsolete mobile ids (MEREP_OBS_MBL_ID)
MEREP_REPAIR : Repair critical tables in MI (MEREP_REFERENCE_REPAIR)
MERF : Updating of External Busn. Volumes (RWMBONF2)
MERG : Change Curr. (Euro) Cust. Reb. Arrs. (RWMBONE3)
MERH : Generate Work Items (Man. Extension) (RWMBONE4)
MERJ : Recomp. of Income, Cust. Reb. Arrs. (RWMBON37)
MERS : Stmnt. Sett. Docs. Cust. Reb. Arrs. (RWMBON43)
METAL : Transaction Starter Purchasing (RM_METAL)
MEU0 : Assign User to User Group ()
MEU2 : Perform Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate (SAPLWN50)
MEU3 : Display Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate (SAPLWN50)
MEU4 : Display Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate (SAPMNB01)
MEU5 : Display Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate (SAPMNB01)
MEW0 : Procurement Transaction (SAPMMWE0)
MEW1 : Create Requirement Request (SAPMMWE1)
MEW10 : Service Entry in Web (SAPLMEW5)
MEW2 : Status Display: Requirement Requests (SAPMMWE1)
MEW3 : Collective Release of Purchase Reqs. (SAPMMWE2)
MEW5 : Collective Release of Purchase Order (SAPMMWE3)
MEW6 : Assign Purchase Orders WEB (SAPMMWE6)
MEW7 : Release of Service Entry Sheets (SAPLMEW4)
MEW8 : Release of Service Entry Sheet (SAPLMEW4)
MEWP : Web based PO (SAPMMEWP)
MEWS : Service Entry (Component) (SAPLMEW5)
ME_RTRACE : Client Trace Settings (ME_REMOTE_TRACING)
ME_SWP_CO : Display Purchasing Pricing (Web) (SAPLME_SWP_SICCO)
ME_SWP_IV : Display Settlement Status (Web) (SAPLME_SWP_SICIV)
ME_SWP_PDI : Display Purchase Document Info (Web) (SAPLME_SWP_SICPDI)
ME_SWP_PH : Display Purchasing History (Web) (SAPLME_SWP_SICPH)
ME_SWP_SRI : Display Schedule Releases (Web) (SAPLME_SWP_SICSR)
ME_WIZARD : ME:  Registration and Generation (WAF_WIZARD)
MF00 : Run Schedules (MENUMF00)
MF02 : Change Run Schedule Header (SAPMM61G)
MF03 : Display Run Schedule Header (SAPMM61G)
MF12 : Display Document Log (With ALV) (RMSERI12_ALV)
MF20 : REM Cost Controlling (SAPLBARM)
MF22 : Versions: Overview (RMSERI01)
MF23 : Linking Versions Graphically (RMSERI05)
MF26 : Display Reporting Point Quantity (RMSERI15_ALV)
MF27 : Update Stats for Planned Quantities (RMSERI20)
MF30 : Create PrelimCostEst – ProdCostColl. (RMSERI40)
MF36 : C RM-MAT MD Create Planning IDs ()
MF37 : C RM-MAT MD Linking Versions ()
MF3A : Document Archiving ()
MF3D : Delete Archived Document ()
MF3E : Evaluate Archived Document ()
MF3M : Manage Archived Documents ()
MF3R : Reload Archived Document ()
MF41 : Reverse Backflush (With ALV) (SAPLBARM)
MF42 : Collective Backflush (SAPLBARM)
MF42N : New Collective Entry (SAPLBARM)
MF45 : Reprocessing Components: Rep.Manuf. (SAPLBARM)
MF46 : Collective Reprocessing, Backflush (SAPLBARM)
MF47 : Open Reprocessing Records / Pr.Line (RMSERI11)
MF4R : Resetting Reporting Points (SAPLBARM)
MF50 : Planning Table – Change (SAPMM61R)
MF51 : Print Production Quantities (RMSERIDR)
MF52 : Planning Table – Display (SAPMM61R)
MF53 : Maintaining Variants-Production List (RMSERIMA)
MF57 : Planning Table – By MRP Lists (SAPMM61R)
MF60 : Pull List (RMPU_SEL_SCREEN)
MF63 : Staging Situation (RMPU_SEL_SCREEN)
MF65 : Stock Transfer for Reservation (RMPU_PICK_LIST_FOR_MAT)
MF68 : Log for Pull List (RMPU_DISPLAY_LOG)
MF70 : Aggregate Collective Backflush (RMSERI70)
MFBF : Backflushing In Repetitive Mfg (SAPLBARM)
MFHU : Backflushing In Repetitive Mfg (SAPLVHURM)
MFI2 : Actual Overhead: Run Schedule Header (SAPLKAZB)
MFN1 : Actual Reval.:  PrCstCol.   Ind.Pro. (SAPLKAZB)
MFN2 : Actual Reval.:  PrCstCol.   Col.Pro. (SAPLKAZB)
MFP1 : REM: Plan HUs – General (SAPLVHUDIAL2)
MFP11 : REM: Plan HUs Without Order (SAPLVHUDIAL2)
MFP12 : REM: Plan HUs for Order (SAPLVHUDIAL2)
MFP13 : Rep. Manuf.: Plan HUs for Delivery (SAPLVHUDIAL2)
MFP14 : Rep. Man.: Plan HUs for Purch. Order (SAPLVHUDIAL2)
MFP2 : REM: Pack HUs – General (SAPLVHUDIAL2)
MFP21 : REM: Pack HUs Without Order (SAPLVHUDIAL2)
MFP22 : REM: Pack HUs for Order (SAPLVHUDIAL2)
MFP23 : Rep. Manuf.: Pack HUs for Delivery (SAPLVHUDIAL2)
MFP24 : Rep. Man.: Pack HUs for Purch. Order (SAPLVHUDIAL2)
MFPP1 : PackDemandMgt Repetitive Mfg: Plan ()
MFPP2 : PackDemandMgt Repetitive Mfg: Pack ()
MFPR : Process Inspection Lot for Versions (RMSERIPR)
MFS0 : LFP: Change Master Plan (SAPMM61R)
MGMT_ADMIN : Device Configuration ()
MGMT_AUTHORITY : Edit Authorizations ()
MGMT_CUSTOMIZING : Screen Control for Device Config. ()
MGMT_DEV_IDTXT : Assign Text to Device ID ()
MGMT_PARA : Assign Configuration Parameters ()
MGMT_PARA_COND : Parameter Conditions ()
MGMT_PARA_PATT : Set Device Configuration Parameters ()
MGMT_PARA_PROP : Get Parameter Properties ()
MGMT_SERVICE : Assign Agents to Monitoring Function ()
MGMT_TYPES : Device Configuration – Types ()
MGVEXTOBJ : Maintain Mass Maintenance Objects ()
MGV_CORRECT : Checks + Corrects Quantity Structure (SAPRCKM_CORRECT_MGV_DATA)
MGV_MAPALE : Mapping externa/internal number  ALE ()
MGV_OMSL : Maintain TMCNV for long material no. ()
MGW0 : Create Components for Set Material (SAPLMGW3)
MGW1 : Display Components for Set Material (SAPLMGW3)
MGW2 : Create Components for Display Matl (SAPLMGW3)
MGW3 : Display Components for Display Matl (SAPLMGW3)
MGW4 : Create Components for Prepack Matl (SAPLMGW3)
MGW5 : Display Components for Prepack Matl (SAPLMGW3)
MGW6 : Create Components for Full Product (SAPLMGW3)
MGW7 : Display Components for Full Product (SAPLMGW3)
MGW8 : Change Components for Set Material (SAPLMGW3)
MGW9 : Change Components for Display Matl (SAPLMGW3)
MGWA : Change Components for Prepack (SAPLMGW3)
MGWB : Change Components for Full Product (SAPLMGW3)
MI00 : Physical Inventory (MENUMI00)
MI01 : Create Physical Inventory Document (SAPMM07I)
MI02 : Change Physical Inventory Document (SAPMM07I)
MI03 : Display Physical Inventory Document (SAPMM07I)
MI04 : Enter Inventory Count with Document (SAPMM07I)
MI05 : Change Inventory Count (SAPMM07I)
MI06 : Display Inventory Count (SAPMM07I)
MI07 : Process List of Differences (SAPMM07I)
MI08 : Create List of Differences with Doc. (SAPMM07I)
MI09 : Enter Inventory Count w/o Document (SAPMM07I)
MI10 : Create List of Differences w/o Doc. (SAPMM07I)
MI11 : Recount Physical Inventory Document (SAPMM07I)
MI12 : Display changes (RM07ICDD)
MI20 : Print List of Differences (RM07IDIF)
MI21 : Print physical inventory document (RM07IDRU)
MI22 : Display Phys. Inv. Docs. f. Material (RM07IMAT)
MI23 : Disp. Phys. Inv. Data for Material (RM07IINV)
MI24 : Physical Inventory List (RM07IDIF)
MI31 : Batch Input: Create Phys. Inv. Doc. (RM07II31)
MI32 : Batch Input: Block Material (RM07II32)
MI33 : Batch Input: Freeze Book Inv.Balance (RM07II33)
MI34 : Batch Input: Enter Count (RM07II34)
MI35 : Batch Input: Post Zero Stock Balance (RM07II35)
MI37 : Batch Input: Post Differences (RM07II37)
MI38 : Batch Input: Count and Differences (RM07II38)
MI39 : Batch Input: Document and Count (RM07II39)
MI40 : Batch Input: Doc., Count and Diff. (RM07II40)
MI9A : Analyze archived phy. inv. docs (RM07IAAU)
MIAD : Delete Phys. Inv. Documents ()
MIAL : Inventory Documents: Read Archive ()
MIAR : Archive Phys. Inv. Documents ()
MIAV : Manage Phys. Inv. Doc. Archive ()
MIBC : ABC Analysis for Cycle Counting (RMCBIN00)
MICN : Btch Inpt:Ph.Inv.Docs.for Cycle Ctng (RM07ICN1)
MIDO : Physical Inventory Overview (RM07IDOC)
MIE1 : Batch Input: Phys.Inv.Doc. Sales Ord (RM07IE31)
MIGO : Goods Movement (SAPLMIGO)
MIGO_GI : Goods Movement (SAPLMIGO)
MIGO_GO : Goods Movement (SAPLMIGO)
MIGO_GR : Goods Movement (SAPLMIGO)
MIGO_GS : Subseq. Adjust. of Material Provided (SAPLMIGO)
MIGO_TR : Transfer Posting (SAPLMIGO)
MIGR1 : KW: Conversion of enh./rel. (global) (RSIWB090)
MIGR2 : KW: Conver. of Enh/Rel/Origin (sel.) (RSIWB096)
MIGR_TEST : Test Menu for Migration (MENUMIGR_TEST)
MIK1 : Batch Input: Ph.Inv.Doc.Vendor Cons. (RM07IK31)
MILES : Infrastructure Navigator (RSAL_MONITOR_FRAMEWORK)
MILL_00 : IS Mill Products (MENUMILL_00)
MILL_CUT : Cutting Stck Trans. and Confirmation (SAPLMILL_CUT)
MILL_CUT_CO : Cutting Confirmation (SAPLMILL_CUT)
MILL_CUT_LBA : Confirmation DNP Processing (SAPLMILL_CUT)
MILL_CUT_TR : Cutting Stock Transfer (SAPLMILL_CUT)
MILL_OC : Create Order Combination (SAPLMILL_OC)
MILL_OMI4 : MRP Lot-Sizing Procedures ()
MILL_S000 :  (MENUMILL_S000)
MIM1 : Batch Input: Create Ph.Inv.Docs RTP (RM07IM31)
MIMD : Tansfer PDC Physical Inventory Data (RM07IMDE)
MINING_IBM : Communictn with Data Mining Software (RSDTM_DATAMINING)
MIO1 : Batch Input: Ph.Inv.Doc.:Stck w.Subc (RM07IO31)
MIQ1 : Batch Input: PhInvDoc. Project Stock (RM07IQ31)
MIR4 : Call MIRO – Change Status (SAPLMR1M)
MIR5 : Display List of Invoice Documents (RMMR1MDI)
MIR6 : Invoice Overview (SAPMM08N)
MIR7 : Park Invoice (SAPLMR1M)
MIRA : Fast Invoice Entry (SAPLMR1M)
MIRCMR : Material Reconciliation (VHUMI_RECONCILIATION)
MIRO : Enter Incoming Invoice (SAPLMR1M)
MIRO_WORKFLOW : Customizing for Log. IV: Workflow ()
MIRU_WORKFLOW_FREIG : Customizing for Log. IV: Workflow ()
MIRU_WORKFLOW_VERV : Customizing for Log. IV: Workflow ()
MIS1 : Create Sample-Based Phys. Inv. – ERP (SAPMM07S)
MIS2 : Change Inventory Sampling (SAPMM07S)
MIS3 : Display Inventory Sampling (SAPMM07S)
MIS4 : Create Inventory Sampling – R/2 (SAPMM07S)
MIS5 : Create Inventory Sampling – Other (SAPMM07S)
MISS : Extract: Check Solution Paths (REA_FIND_MISSING_SOLPATH)
MIV1 : Batch I.:PhInDoc Cust. (RM07IV31)
MIW1 : Batch I.;PhInDoc f. Consigt at Cust. (RM07IW31)
MI_ALMON : Alert Monitor for MI Alerts (ME_CCMS_ALERTS_MONITOR)
MI_MCD : MI:Process Mobile Component (MIREP_MCD)
MI_MSD : MI:Process Mobile Component (MEREPMI_MSD)
MK01 : Create vendor (Purchasing) (SAPMF02K)
MK02 : Change vendor (Purchasing) (SAPMF02K)
MK03 : Display vendor (Purchasing) (SAPMF02K)
MK04 : Change Vendor (Purchasing) (SAPMF01A)
MK05 : Block Vendor (Purchasing) (SAPMF02K)
MK06 : Mark vendor for deletion (purch.) (SAPMF02K)
MK12 : Change vendor (Purchasing), planned (SAPMF02K)
MK14 : Planned vendor change (Purchasing) (SAPMF01A)
MK18 : Activate planned vendor changes (Pu) (SAPMF02K)
MK19 : Display vendor (purchasing), future (SAPMF02K)
MKH1 : Maintain vendor hierarchy (RMLFMH00)
MKH1N : Display/Maintain Vendor Hierarchy (RV_VENDOR_HIERARCHY)
MKH2 : Display vendor hierarchy (RMLFMH00)
MKH2N : Display Vendor Hierarchy (RV_VENDOR_HIERARCHY)
MKH3 : Activate vendor master (online) (RMCHACTK)
MKH4 : Activate vendors (batch input) (RMCHACTB)
MKK : Mass Contract Invoicing (MENUMKK)
MKOP : Call Up Material Master-Copier (RMMKOP01)
MKVG : Settlement and Condition Groups (RM06IA00)
MKVZ : List of Vendors: Purchasing (RMKKVZ00)
MKVZE : Currency Change: Vendor Master Rec. (RM06KLFM)
ML01 : Create Standard Service Catalog (SAPLMLST)
ML02 : Maintain Standard Service Catalog (SAPLMLST)
ML03 : Display Standard Service Catalog (SAPLMLST)
ML05 : Purchasing Object for Service (RM11MS00)
ML10 : Create Model Service Specifications (SAPLMLSM)
ML100 : Calculate Taxes at Service Level ()
ML11 : Change Model Service Specifications (SAPLMLSM)
ML12 : Display Model Service Specifications (SAPLMLSM)
ML15 : List of Model Service Specifications (RMSRVR01)
ML20 : Create Conditions (SAPMV13A)
ML30 : Create Vendor Conditions (SAPMV13A)
ML31 : Change Vendor Conditions (SAPMV13A)
ML32 : Display Vendor Conditions (SAPMV13A)
ML33 : Create Vendor Conditions ()
ML34 : Change Vendor Conditions ()
ML35 : Display Vendor Conditions ()
ML36 : Create Vendor Conditions (SAPMV13A)
ML37 : Change Vendor Conditions (SAPMV13A)
ML38 : Display Vendor Conditions (SAPMV13A)
ML39 : Create Vendor Conditions ()
ML40 : Change Vendor Conditions ()
ML41 : Display Vendor Conditions ()
ML42 : Create Service Conditions (SAPMV13A)
ML43 : Change Vendor Conditions (SAPMV13A)
ML44 : Display Vendor Conditions (SAPMV13A)
ML45 : Display Service Conditions ()
ML46 : Change Service Conditions ()
ML47 : Display Service Conditions ()
ML48 : Create Conditions (SAPMV13A)
ML49 : Change Conditions (SAPMV13A)
ML50 : Display Conditions (SAPMV13A)
ML51 : Create Conditions ()
ML52 : Change Conditions ()
ML53 : Create Conditions ()
ML60CK : Release Procedure Checks (RM06BCUS)
ML81 : Maintain Service Entry Sheet (RM11RL00)
ML81N : Service Entry Sheet (SAPLMLSR)
ML82 : Display Service Entry Sheet (RM11RL00)
ML83 : Message Processing: Service Entry (RM11RNDR)
ML84 : List of Service Entry Sheets (RMSRVF11)
ML85 : Collective Release of Entry Sheets (RMSRVF00)
ML86 : Import Service Data (RM11RL01)
ML87 : Export Service Data (RM11RL02)
ML89 : Definition of Formulas ()
ML90 : Field Selection for Services ()
ML91 : Stand. Values f. Ext.Services Mgmt. ()
ML92 : Entry Sheets for Service (RM11MS00)
ML93 : Purchasing Object for Service (RM11MS00)
ML94 : External Services Mgmt.: Direct Call ()
ML95 : List Display: Contracts for Service (RM11MS00)
ML96 : Purchase Requisitions for Service (RM11MS00)
ML97 : Recompile Index ()
ML98 : Std. EKORG Values f. Ext. Srv. Mgmt. ()
ML99 : Formula Variable IDs ()
MLCCSPD : Cost Components for Price (SAPLMLCCS_DISPLAY)
MLRP : Periodic Invoicing Plans (RMFPLA01)
MLS5 : Import Standard Service Type (RMSTLV01)
MLS6 : Report for Standard Service Catalog (RM11STLV)
MLV1 : Conditions: Services (SAPMV13A)
MLV2 : Create Total Price (PRS) (SAPMV13A)
MLV3 : Create Total Price (PRS) ()
MLV4 : Create Total Price (PRS) ()
MLV5 : Change Currency (Contracts) (RM06KSRV)
MLV6 : Create Other (SAPMV13A)
MM00 :  (MENUMM00)
MM01 : Create Material & (SAPMMG01)
MM02 : Change Material & (SAPMMG01)
MM03 : Display Material & (SAPMMG01)
MM04 : Display Material Change Documents (SAPMM03A)
MM06 : Flag Material for Deletion (SAPMM03G)
MM11 : Schedule Creation of Material & (SAPMMG01)
MM12 : Schedule Changing of Material & (SAPMMG01)
MM13 : Activate Planned Changes (MMCHACTV)
MM14 : Display Planned Changes (SAPMM03A)
MM15 : Display Changes (Migration) (SAPMM03A)
MM16 : Schedule Material for Deletion (SAPMM03G)
MM17 : Mass Maintenance: Indus. Matl Master ()
MM18 : Activate Planned Changes (SAPMM03M)
MM19 : Display Material & at Key Date (SAPMMG01)
MM41 : Create Material & (SAPMMG02)
MM42 : Change Material & (SAPMMG02)
MM43 : Display Material & (SAPMMG02)
MM44 : Display Change Documents (RMMMCDOC)
MM46 : Mass Maintenance: Retail Matl Master ()
MM50 : List Extendable Materials (SAPMMGMP)
MM60 : Materials List (RMMVRZ00)
MM70 : Sel. Materials Flagged for Deletion ()
MM71 : Reorganize Materials ()
MM72 : Display Archive of Materials (MMREO111)
MM73 : Special Stocks: Preparation ()
MM74 : Archive Special Stocks ()
MM75 : Display Archive of Special Stocks (MMREO211)
MM90 : Analyze ALE Appl. Log for MatMaster (RMVAPLSH)
MM91 : Delete ALE Appl. Log for Matl Master (RMVAPLDE)
MMAM : Change Material Type (SAPMM03Z)
MMB1 : Create Semifinished Product & (SAPMMG01)
MMBE : Stock Overview (RMMMBESTN)
MMBE_OLD : Stock Overview (RMMMBEST)
MMCL : Stock Overview by Characteristic (MILL_CLMMBE)
MMD1 : Create MRP Profile (SAPMM03D)
MMD2 : Change MRP Profile (SAPMM03D)
MMD3 : Display MRP Profile (SAPMM03D)
MMD6 : Delete MRP Profile (SAPMM03D)
MMD7 : Display MRP Profile Usage (RMMMDP01)
MMDE : Delete All Materials (RMMMDE00)
MMF1 : Create Finished Product & (SAPMMG01)
MMG1 : Create Returnable Packaging & (SAPMMG01)
MMH1 : Create Trading Goods & (SAPMMG01)
MMI1 : Create Operating Supplies & (SAPMMG01)
MMK1 : Create Configurable Material & (SAPMMG01)
MML1 : Create Empties & (SAPMMG01)
MMLS : Logistic Switch (Not Released) (SAPLMMLS)
MMM1 : Create Message: Material Master (SAPMV13B)
MMN1 : Create Non-Stock Material & (SAPMMG01)
MMNR : Define Material Master Number Ranges (SAPMSNUM)
MMP1 : Create Maintenance Assembly & (SAPMMG01)
MMPI : Initialize Period (RMMMINIT)
MMPURPAME21N : Create Purchase Order from Portal (MMPURPA_CALL_ME21N)
MMPURUICALLMD03 : Wrapper for transaction MD03 (MMPURUI_CALL_MD03)
MMPURUICALLME28 : Wrapper for transaction ME28 (MMPURUI_CALL_ME28)
MMPURUICALLME29N : Wrapper for transaction ME29N (MMPURUI_CALL_ME29N)
MMPURUICALLME49 : Wrapper for transaction ME49 (MMPURUI_CALL_ME49)
MMPURUICALLME54N : Wrapper for transaction ME54N (MMPURUI_CALL_ME54N)
MMPURUICALLME55 : Wrapper for transaction ME55 (MMPURUI_CALL_ME55)
MMPURUIME21N : Wrapper transaction for ME21N (MMPURUI_CALL_ME21N)
MMPURUIPRCREQ : Create PO from Requisition (MMPURUI_PRC_REQ)
MMPUR_ME41 : RFQ Transaction (MMPUR_CALL_ME41)
MMPV : Close Periods (RMMMPERI)
MMR1 : Create Raw Material & (SAPMMG01)
MMRV : Allow Posting to Previous Period (SAPMM03Y)
MMS1 : Create Service & (SAPMMG01)
MMSC : Enter Storage Locations Collectively (SAPMM03M)
MMSC_MASS : Maintain Storage Locations Coll. ()
MMSRVAC03 : Display Service Master from Portal (MMSRV_CALL_AC03)
MMSRVENTRY : Call transaction ML81N from Portal (MMSRVPA_CALL_PROCESS_SES)
MMSRVSES : Call SES from Portal (MMSRV_CALL_ML81N)
MMU1 : Create Non-Valuated Material & (SAPMMG01)
MMV1 : Create Packaging & (SAPMMG01)
MMVD : Change Decentr. for Decentr.Shipping (SAPMM03M)
MMVH : Create Centrally: Decentral.Shipping (SAPMM03M)
MMVV : Change Centr. for Decentr. Shipping (SAPMM03M)
MMW1 : Create Competitor Product & (SAPMMG01)
MMZ1 : Create Material, General (Old MM01) (SAPMM03M)
MMZ2 : Change Material (Old MM02) (SAPMM03M)
MMZ3 : Display Material (Old MM03) (SAPMM03M)
MN01 : Create Message: RFQ (SAPMV13B)
MN02 : Change Message: RFQ (SAPMV13B)
MN03 : Display Message: RFQ (SAPMV13B)
MN04 : Create Message: PO (SAPMV13B)
MN05 : Change Message: PO (SAPMV13B)
MN06 : Display Message: PO (SAPMV13B)
MN07 : Create Message: Outline Agreement (SAPMV13B)
MN08 : Change Message: Outline Agreement (SAPMV13B)
MN09 : Display Message: Outline Agreement (SAPMV13B)
MN10 : Create Message: Schd. Agmt. Schedule (SAPMV13B)
MN11 : Change Message: Schd. Agmt. Schedule (SAPMV13B)
MN12 : Displ. Message: Schd. Agmt. Schedule (SAPMV13B)
MN13 : Create Message: Service Entry Sheet (SAPMV13B)
MN14 : Change Message: Service Entry Sheet (SAPMV13B)
MN15 : Display Message: Service Entry Sheet (SAPMV13B)
MN21 : Create Condition: Inventory Mgmt (SAPMV13B)
MN22 : Change Condition: Inventory Mgmt (SAPMV13B)
MN23 : Display Condition: Inventory Mgmt (SAPMV13B)
MN24 : Create Message: Shipping Notif. (SAPMV13B)
MN25 : Change Message: Shipping Notif. (SAPMV13B)
MN26 : Display Message: Shipping Notif. (SAPMV13B)
MN27 : Create message: rough goods receipt (SAPMV13B)
MN28 : Change message: rough goods receipt (SAPMV13B)
MN29 : Display message: rough goods receipt (SAPMV13B)
MNKR : Number range maintenance: W_EREIGNIS (SAPMSNUM)
MNTB : Table Maintenance for PSO48 ()
MNTF : Table Maintenance for PSO49 ()
MOALL : Delete Agent Allocation (REACLEAR_WORKLIST)
MOKA : CAP: Calculation Restitution (RVEXMOKA)
MOKS : CAP: Calculation Simulation (RVEXRCRS)
MP00 : Material Forecast Menu (MENULPRO)
MP01 : Maintain AMPL Records (SAPLMBAM)
MP02 : Display AMPL Records (SAPLMBAM)
MP11 : Create message for direct production (SAPMV13B)
MP12 : Change Message for direct production (SAPMV13B)
MP13 : Display message – direct production (SAPMV13B)
MP30 : Execute Material Forecast (SAPMM61W)
MP31 : Change Material Forecast (SAPMM61W)
MP32 : Display Material Forecast (SAPMM61W)
MP33 : Reprocess material forecast (SAPMM61W)
MP38 : Total Forecast Run (RMPROG01)
MP39 : Print (SAPMM61W)
MP80 : Create Forecast Profile (SAPMMPRP)
MP81 : Change Forecast Profile (SAPMMPRP)
MP82 : Delete Forecast Profile (SAPMMPRP)
MP83 : Display Forecast Profile (SAPMMPRP)
MP90 : Maintain No. Range: Forecast Param. (SAPMSNUM)
MP91 : Maintain No. Range: Forecast Values (SAPMSNUM)
MPAD : Delete archived materials from AMPL ()
MPAR : Archive final issue materials ()
MPAV : Manage archive for maufacturer parts ()
MPBT : Total Forecast In BATCH Mode (RMMDBTCH)
MPD : Maintenance Program Definition (SAPLMPD03)
MPE1 : Create buyer (MMPERS01)
MPE2 : Change buyer (MMPERS01)
MPE3 : Display buyer (MMPERS01)
MPLT : Test Appl. for Interface to iPPE WB (SAPLMPL05)
MPN01 : MPN Conversion Reconcilation (RMPNAFTERUPGRADE)
MPND : Field Synchronization, Interch.Parts (RMPNCOPY)
MPN_V_V2 : MPN and SuS Rescheduling (RMPN_SDV03V02)
MPO_ADMIN : Administration of Rule Maintenance (SAPLMPO_CCMONITOR_ADMIN)
MPO_APPREQ : Services for Request Types ()
MPO_ILV : Rule Maintenance for IAA Monitor ()
MPO_LINE : Rule: Unusual Postings  – Orders ()
MPO_MON : Rule Maintenance for CCtr Monitor ()
MPO_ORD : Rule Maintenance for Order Monitor ()
MPO_PERS_DATA_DELETE : Delete User’s Personalization Data (MPO_PERS_DATA_DELETE)
MPO_PERS_FILL_CC : Fill for Personalization, Cost Ctrs (MPO_FILL_PERSONALIZATION_CC)
MPO_PERS_FILL_PC : Fill for Personalization,Profit Ctrs (MPO_FILL_PERSONALIZATION_PC)
MPO_POS : Rule Maint. for Unusual Postings ()
MPR1 : Forecast Adopted from External Data (RMPR1001)
MPR2 : Deletion of Forecast Data (RMPR2001)
MPSD_CA_CE_001 : Maintain table for grouping reason (H99UGPMP_CE)
MR00 : Invoice Verification (MENUMR00)
MR01 : Process Incoming Invoice (SAPMM08R)
MR02 : Process Blocked Invoices (SAPMM08A)
MR03 : Display Inv. Verification Document (SAPMM08R)
MR08 : Cancel Invoice Document (SAPMM08S)
MR11 : GR/IR account maintenance (SAPRCKM_MR11)
MR11SHOW : Account Maint.Docu.Display-Reversal (SAPRCKM_MR11_SHOW)
MR11_OLD : Old GR/IR account maintenance (SAPMM08K)
MR21 : Price Change (SAPRCKM_MR21)
MR22 : Material Debit/Credit (SAPRCKM_MR22)
MR32 : Change Material Layer (LIFO) (SAPMM08Y)
MR33 : Display Material Layer (LIFO) (SAPMM08Y)
MR34 : Change FIFO Data (SAPMM08Y)
MR35 : Display FIFO Data (SAPMM08Y)
MR39 : Display Documents (LIFO) (RMLIFO39)
MR41 : Park Invoice (SAPMM08R)
MR42 : Change Parked Invoice (SAPMM08R)
MR43 : Display Parked Invoice (SAPMM08R)
MR44 : Post Parked Document (SAPMM08R)
MR51 : Material Line Items (RM08MMAT)
MR8M : Cancel Invoice Document (SAPLMR1M)
MR90 : Messages for Invoice Documents (MM70AMRA)
MR91 : Messages for Invoice Documents (MM70AMRB)
MRA1 : Archive Invoice Documents ()
MRA2 : Delete Archived Invoice Documents ()
MRA3 : Display Archived Invoice Documents (RM08RAAU)
MRA4 : Manage Invoice Document Archive ()
MRBE : Valuation (MENUMRBE)
MRBP : Invoice Verification in Background (RMBABG00)
MRBR : Release Blocked Invoices (RM08RELEASE)
MRBWNEU : Recompilation (RMCENEUR)
MRCHVW : Batch mgmt with reconciliation (VMIRC_MRCHVW)
MRDC : Automatic Delivery Cost Settlement (RMMR1MDC)
MRER : Auto. ERS Automotive (RMMR1MRR)
MRF1 : Execute FIFO Valuation (RMFIFO00)
MRF2 : Diplay Documents (FIFO) (RMFIFO39)
MRF3 : FIFO Valuation: Create Doc. Extract (RMFIFO32)
MRF4 : FIFO: Select Materials (RMFIFO20)
MRF5 : FIFO: Delete Valuation Data (RMFIFO50)
MRHG : Enter Credit Memo (SAPMM08R)
MRHR : Enter Invoice (SAPMM08R)
MRIS : Settle Invoicing Plan (RMMR1MIS)
MRKO : Settle Consignment/Pipeline Liabs. (RMVKON00)
MRL1 : Perform LIFO Valuation: Single Matl (RMLIFO00)
MRL2 : Perform LIFO Valuation: Pools (RMLIFO02)
MRL3 : LIFO Lowest Value Comparison (RMLIFO06)
MRL4 : Display LIFO Valuation: Single Matl (RMLIFO10)
MRL5 : Display LIFO Valuation: Pools (RMLIFO12)
MRL6 : Select Materials (RMLIFO20_M)
MRL7 : Display Pool Formation (RMLIFO22)
MRL8 : Create Base Layer (RMLIFO30)
MRL9 : LIFO Valuation: Create Doc. Extract (RMLIFO32)
MRLA : Check Pool Formation (RMLIFO21)
MRLB : Delete Layer (RMLIFO50)
MRLC : Transfer Third-Party Data (RMLIFO34)
MRLD : Transfer Valuation Prices (RMLIFO36)
MRLE : Change Group Structure (RMLIFO40)
MRLF : Create Version as Copy (RMLIFO38)
MRLG : Aggregate Layer (RMLIFO42)
MRLH : Change LIFO/FIFO Valuation Level (RMLIFO44)
MRLI : Generate Pools (RMLIFO20_P)
MRLJ : LIFO Data Transfer (RMLIFO33)
MRLK : LIFO: Adjust Units of Measure (RMLIFO28)
MRLL : LIFO: Reassign Material Layer (RMLIFO41)
MRM0 : Logistics Invoice Verification (MENUMRM0)
MRM1 : Create Message: Invoice Verification (SAPMV13B)
MRM2 : Change Message: Invoice Verification (SAPMV13B)
MRM3 : Display Message: Inv. Verification (SAPMV13B)
MRM4 : Number Ranges, Invoice Verification ()
MRN0 : Deter. Lowest Value: Market Prices (RMNIWE00)
MRN1 : Deter. Lowest Value: Rge of Coverage (RMNIWE10)
MRN1_TS : Determine Lowest Value: Rge of Cov. (RMNIWE10_TS)
MRN2 : Determ. Lowest Value: Mvmt Rate (RMNIWE20)
MRN3 : Loss-Free Valuation (RMNIWE30)
MRN8 : Lowest Value: Price Variances (RMNIWE80)
MRN9 : Balance Sheet Values by Account (RMNIWE90)
MRNB : Revaluation (RMMR1MRB)
MRO2 : Configuration: IV Lists (SAPMV76A)
MRRL : Evaluated Receipt Settlement (RMMR1MRS)
MRRS : Evaluated Receipt Settlement (RMMR01RS)
MRTRSC01 : RMS-MRTRS : RFC Destination of GR ()
MRTRSC02 : RMS-MRTRS : Master Recipe Generation ()
MRY0 : Coll. Maint. of Phys. Inv. Prices (MRY_PIP_MULTICHANGE)
MRY1 : Calculate Average Receipt Price (MRY_ARP_CALCULATE)
MRY2 : Transfer Physical Inventory Prices (MRY_PIP_REDEFINE)
MRY3 : Display Valuation Alternative (MRY_VALUATION_ALTERNATIVE_SHOW)
MRY_SCMA : Execute via Schedule Manager (SAPLMYMON)
MRY_SCMO : Analyze via Schedule Manager (SAPLMYMON)
MRY_SLG1 : Analyze Application Log (SAPLMYMON)
MR_BEWART : Material Reconciliation ()
MR_FORM : Reconciliation: Formula ()
MR_PARAM : Reconciliation: Formula Parameter ()
MS00 : Long-term planning (MENUMS00)
MS01 : Long-Term Planning: Total Planning (SAPMM61X)
MS02 : Long-term plng: single-itm, mult-lvl (SAPMM61X)
MS03 : Long-term plng: singl-itm, singl-lvl (SAPMM61X)
MS04 : Planning Scenario: Stock/Reqmts List (SAPMM61R)
MS05 : Long-term planning: display MRP list (SAPMM61R)
MS06 : Long-term plnng: collective MRP list (SAPMM61R)
MS07 : Long-Term Plng: Material Overview (SAPMM61R)
MS08 : Reorg.MRP Lists for Long-Term Plnng (RMMDKP02)
MS11 : LTP: Create planned order (SAPMM61P)
MS12 : LTP: Change planned order (SAPMM61P)
MS13 : LTP: Display planned order (SAPMM61P)
MS20 : Planning File Entry: Long-Term Plnng (SAPMM61R)
MS21 : Planning File Entry: Long-Term Plnng (RMDPFE01)
MS22 : Set Up Plg File Entries for Scenario (RMMDVL20)
MS23 : Delete Plng File Entries of Scenario (RMMDVL10)
MS29 : Calculate Sim. Initial Stock (RMMDABLP)
MS31 : Create planning scenario (SAPMM61L)
MS32 : Change planning scenario (SAPMM61L)
MS33 : Display planning scenario (SAPMM61L)
MS44 : Flexible Evaluation Long-Term Plnng (SAPMM61M)
MS47 : Evaluation LTP for Product Group (SAPMM61M)
MS50 : Make-to-order planning (LTP) (SAPMM61X)
MS51 : Project planning (LTP) (SAPMM61X)
MS64 : Create Simulation Version (RM60SIMU)
MS65 : Requirements Situation (SAPMM60X)
MS66 : Copy Simulative Dependent Reqmts (RM60CH00)
MS70 : Evaluation Plng Scenario for PURCHIS (RMMDEKS1)
MS71 : Copy info structure version to LTP (RMMDEKS2)
MSAB : LTP: set up plnng file entries BATCH (RMMDBTCH)
MSAC : LTP: delete plnng file entries BATCH (RMMDBTCH)
MSBT : Long-term plng:plng background job (RMMDBTCH)
MSC1 : Create Batch (SAPMM03S)
MSC1N : Create Batch (SAPLCHRG)
MSC2 : Change Batch (SAPMM03S)
MSC2N : Change Batch (SAPLCHRG)
MSC3 : Display Batch (SAPMM03S)
MSC3N : Display Batch (SAPLCHRG)
MSC4 : Display Batch Changes (SAPMM03S)
MSC4N : Display Change Documents for Batch (SAPLCHRG)
MSC5N : Mass Processing for Batches (RVBBTREE)
MSC6 : Start of MS06 via Report (SAPMM61R)
MSC6N : Batch Worklist ()
MSC7 : Start MS07 from Report (SAPMM61R)
MSCUST : Maintain Due Date Scenarios (RALMFAELLSZ)
MSDO : LTP Evaluation Report RoC Online (RMDDSUPPLY02)
MSDS : LTP Evaluation Report Coverages (RMMDBTCH)
MSE7 : EKS Simulation: Material Selection (RMCE0600)
MSEX : LTP Data Extractor (RMMDBTCH)
MSG_TEST : Test Message (MSG_TEST)
MSINA : Maintain Backlog Entry in Extract (REA_INSTSET_INIT)
MSJ1 : Mass Maintenance in the Background (MASSBACK)
MSK1 : Create Vendor Consignment Goods (SAPMM03S)
MSK2 : Change Vendor Consignment Goods (SAPMM03S)
MSK3 : Display Vendor Consignment Goods (SAPMM03S)
MSK4 : Display Vdr Consignment Change Docs (SAPMM03S)
MSK5 : Vdr Consignment: Activate Fut. Price (RMMMPRZK)
MSL1 : Display Mass Maintenance Logs (MASSSLOG)
MSL2 : Delete Mass Maintenance Logs (MASSDLOG)
MSLD : Print MRP List; Long-Term Planning (RMDLDR01)
MSRV1 : List for Service (RMSRVR10)
MSRV2 : Service List for Requisition ()
MSRV3 : Service List for Purchase Order ()
MSRV4 : Service List for RFQ ()
MSRV5 : Service List for Contract ()
MSRV6 : Service List for Entry Sheet ()
MSR_SELECT : MSR: Maintain Selection Criteria ()
MST0 : Mass changes (MENUMST0)
MSTRVAR : Transport Variants ()
MSTRVAR_S : Transport System Variants ()
MSW1 : Reset Warnings (in the Foreground) (MASSMSBK)
MSW2 : Reset Warnings (in the Background) ()
MTBEC1 : Customizing ()
MUSS : _ (SAPMA999)
MVD_CUST : Cutosmizing: Material Versions LS1A ()
MWB1 : Creating Prop./Prod. Unit Valuation (SAPMVBWB)
MWB2 : Changing Prop./Prod. Unit Valuation (SAPMVBWB)
MWB3 : Displaying Prop/Prod Unit Valuation (SAPMVBWB)
MWBC : Consistency Chck f. Prop./Prod. Unit (RVBWSUOM)
MWBE : Purchase order history corr. PUR (RVBWSCPO)
MWBK : Actv. ingr. management corr. factor (RVBWSCOR)
MWBQ : Purchase order history corr. QM (RVBWSCQM)
MWCH : Change Procurement IAC (SAPMMWCH)
MY01 : C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc. (SDCLMC00)
MY03 : C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc. (SDCLMC00)
MY04 : C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc. (SDCLMC00)
MY05 : C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc. (SDCLMC00)
MY06 : C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc. (SDCLMC00)
MY07 : C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc. (SDCLMC00)
MY08 : C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc. (SDCLMC00)
MY09 : C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc. (SDCLMC00)
MY10 : C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc. (SDCLMC00)
MY11 : C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc. (SDCLMC00)
MY12 : C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc. (SDCLMC00)
MY13 : C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc. (SDCLMC00)
MYB3 : Bus. Volume Comparison Type Purchas. ()
MYB4 : Bus.Vol. Tolerance Group Purchasing ()
MYB5 : User Settings, Subsequent Settlement ()
M_LA : Purchasing: Condition List (SAPMV14A)
M_LB : Change Condition List (SAPMV14A)
M_LC : Display Condition List (SAPMV14A)
M_LD : Execute Condition List (SAPMV14A)

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