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SAP T Code for Budgeting in BCS

Budgeting > Budget Control System (BCS)

FMPLSET – Set Planner Profile
FMPLCPD – Change Plan Data
FMPLDPD – Display Plan Data
FMLID – Display Change Document

FMBBC – Create Budget Entry Documents
FMBB – Budgeting Workbench
FMPEP – Multiple Budget Entry
FMEDD – Display  Budget Entry Documents

FMBOSTAT – Assign Status to a Version
FMCYFREEZE – Freeze Budget Data of a Version

Budget Control System (BCS) > Tools

FMBPRRI_BCS – Create Derivation Strategy for Plan Data Transfer from SAP BW
FMBPRRS_BCS – Display Derivation Strategy for Plan Data Transfer from SAP BW
FMBPRRC_BCS – Edit Derivation Rules for Plan Data Transfer from SAP BW

FMCYCOPI_BW – Transfer Plan Data for FMCYCOPI_BW – Transfer Plan Data

FMCYPREP – Generate Planning Data
FMCYRESET – Reset Plan Data
FMPLUP – Upload Plan Data from Excel
FMCYCOPI_CO – Plan Data Transfer from CO

FMCYLOAD – Generate Budget Data
FMMPRELE – Release Budget Data
FMDOCREV – Reverse Entry Documents
FMMPTRAN – Transfer Between Budget Types
FMMPSTAT – Generate Statistical Budget Data

FMAVCCUST01 – Monitor Availability Control
FMAVCREINIT – Reconstruct Availability Control

FMTEXT – Organizer Budget Text 
FMCYTEXT – Copy Budget Text

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