Sap SD Billing Configuration Documents

SAP SD Billing Configuration Documents set explains all about SAP SD Billing. These documents explain what is SAP SD Billing, how to configure in SAP system as a consultant and how to use as end user.

There are three part of this document set,

Part I : Concept presentation
Part II : Configuration Document
Part III : End User Manual

Part I : Concept presentation

SAP SD Billing Configuration DocumentsĀ set of documents is in form on ppt, which help you to understand what is SAP SD Billing Concepts in SAP. This document will explain about all the major concept involved in SAP SD Billing. This document explains the following concepts,


Billing Document Structure
Billing Document Types
Billing Methods
Integration with Accounting
Invoice List

Billing Plan

Functions in Billing Plan
Periodic Billing Plan
Milestone Billing
Controls in Billing Plan

Complaints & Returns

FOC Subsequent Delivery
Credit Memo Request
Debit Memo Request
Blocking / Rejecting Complaints

SAP SD Billing Configuration Documents is in the form of PPT. You may use this document for your self study and client demo. This readymade presentation helps you to make your client understand the potential of SAP SD Billing.

This is a base level of document. If you are new to SAP SD Billing, You will find this document very useful. This will make you understand SAP SD Billing very clearly and very quickly.
Part II : Configuration Document
SAP SD Billing Configuration Documents explain SAP SD Billing Configuration in step by step manner with the help of system screenshots.
This document is very useful for all SAP SD Consultants and or who are having aspiration to be SAP SD Consultants. This document helps you to understand SAP SD Billing Configuration in systematic manner and you need not to waste your time in SPRO for SAP SD Billing Configuration.

You can use this document for learning and implementing projects. This Document cover following subjects in detail manner.

  • Configuring billing documents
  • Billing document types
  • Number ranges for billing documents
  • Maintain copy control for sales documents
  • Blocking reason for billing
  • Configuration for invoice list
  • Assign invoice list type to billing type
  • Rules for determining dates
  • Billing plan types
  • Date descriptions
  • Date categories
  • Maintain date proposals for billing plan types
  • Billing plan types to document types
  • Billing plan types to item categories
  • Configuring sales document header
  • Define sales document types

Part III : End User Manual

This part of document set explain how to use SAP SD Billing configuration as end user. This is a user manual which provide very useful information with the help of example and system screenshots.

These documents will provide the complete explanation for all sap transaction codes related to SAP SD Billing, like

1. Business / Functional use and explanation of SAP T code
2. Prerequisite to run this T code
3. Menu Path for such T Code
4. Step by Step with screenshots how to run this transaction
5. Complete guide explanation for input value to be entered to run these transactions.
6. Expected Results from these transaction

In this set of documents following objects has been covered

SAP SD Billing User documents
SAP SD Billing Plan User documents
SAP SD Complain and Returns user documents

In conclusion, with the combination of all of three (Concept / Configuration / Use) get the hold on SAP SD Billing. You will find this combination very useful for your professional use (for self study or project related work).

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