SAP sales and distribution configuration manual document explain about SAP SD configuration in step by step manner with screenshots. This document also cover SAP SD CIN configuration for country India.  This document includes setting for,

  • Organisation Structure
  • Basic Functions
  • Logistics Execution
  • Logistics General
  • CIN Settings in SD

Detail item list of each section has been given as below,

Organisation Structure

  • Definition of Sales Organisation
  • Assigning of Sales Organisation to Company Code
  • Defining Distribution Channels
  • Assigning Distribution Channel to Sales Organisation
  • Defining Division
  • Assigning Division to Sales Organisattions
  • Setup Sales Area
  • Define Sales Office
  • Assign Sales Office to Sales Area
  • Define Sales Group
  • Assign Sales Group to Sales Office
  • Assign Sales Organization – Distribution Channel – Plant
  • Assign Sales Area to Credit Control Area
  • Define Shipping Point
  • Assign Shipping Point to Plants
  • Combine Sales Organisations for Sales Documents
  • Combine Distribution Channels for Sales Documents
  • Combine Divisions for Sales Documents
  • Combine Distribution Channels and Divisions for Master Data

Basic Functions  

  • Pricing: Defining Condition Tables
  • Defining Condition Types
  • Upper and Lower Limits for Manual Cash Discount
  • Define Access Sequence
  • Defining Pricing Procedure
  • Pricing Procedure Determination
  • Define Tax Determination Rule
  • Tax Relevancy of Master Records
  • Account Assignment Groups for Materials & Customers
  • Account Determination Procedure
  • Assigning GL Accounts
  • Maintaining Output Types
  • Maintain Output Determination Procedure
  • Assign Output Determination Procedure
  • Partner Determination
  • Partner Determination in Sales Order
  • Defining Transportation Zones
  • Credit Management
  • Define Credit Groups
  • Assign Sales Documents and delivery Documents
  • Define Automatic Credit Control


  • Defining Sales Document Types
  • Define Number Ranges for Sales document Types
  • Defining Item Categories
  • Assigning Item Categories
  • Define Schedule Line Category
  • Copy Control From Sales Document to Sales Document
  • Copy Control from Billing Document to Sales Documents
  • Allowed Documents for Sales Area
  • Define Billing Types
  • Billing: Copy Controls
  • Copy Control: Sales Document to Billing Document
  • Copy Control: Delivery to Billing Document

Logistics Execution

  • Shipping Conditions
  • Defining Loading Groups
  • Assigning Shipping Points
  • Assigning Picking Locations
  • Defining Delivery Types
  • Defining Item Categories for Deliveries
  • Access the activity using one of the following navigation options
  • Defining Item Category Determination in Deliveries
  • Specifying Copy Control for Deliveries

Logistics General

  • Maintaining Product Hierarchy
  • Define Material Groups

CIN Settings in SD

  • Determination of Excise Duty
  • Account Determination of Excise Accounts
  • Excise Accounts per Excise Transaction
  • G/L Accounts per Excise Transaction
  • Business Transactions
  • Assigning Billing Types to Delivery Types
  • Maintain Default Excise Groups and Series Groups
  • Settings for Exports Under Excise Regulations
  • Number Ranges for Excise Documents
  • VAT Settings for Official Document Number Range
  • Document Class Determination

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