SAP PP MRP Configuration Document

SAP PP MRP Configuration  document explains SAP Production Planing (PP) MRP Configuration in step by step manner with the help of system screenshots.

SAP PP MRP Configuration  document is very useful for all SAP Production Planing (PP) consultant and or who are having aspiration to be PP consultant. SAP PP MRP Configuration  document helps you to understand sap Production Planing (PP) MRP configuration in systematic manner and you need not to waste your time in SPRO for Production Planing (PP) configuration.

You can use SAP PP MRP Configuration  document for learning and implementing projects. If you are going to attend SAP certification examination, SAP PP MRP Configuration Document document may help you to understand the concept of Production Planing (PP) MRP and configuration option available for the same.

SAP PP MRP Configuration  document covers following aspects of configuration in detail manner,

  • Activating MRP and Planning file entries
  • Lot sizing procedure and rounding off profile
  • Maintain MRP Group
  • MRP – Plant Parameter – detailed scheduling
  • MRP Group
  • MRP Plant parameter – Available stock
  • MRP Plant Parameter – Conversion
  • MRP Plant Parameter – Dependant Availability chek rule
  • MRP Plant Parameter – Float
  • MRP Plant Parameter – MRP Controller
  • MRP Plant Parameter – Number Ranges
  • MRP Plant Parameter – Planning horizon
  • MRP Plant Parameter – Rescheduling
  • MRP Plant Parameter – Special Procurement Key
  • MRP Plant Parameters – Backorder processing checking rule
  • MRP type
  • MRP-Plant parameter – BOM/routing selection
  • Planning Strategy
  • Plant parameters
  • Requirement Class (PP)
  • Requirement Class (SD)
  • Requirement Type (PP)
  • Scope of planning
  • Strategy Group

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