SAP PM Order Configuration Document

SAP PM Order Configuration Document explains SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) Order Configuration in step by step manner with the help of system screenshots.

SAP PM Order Configuration Document is very useful for all SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) consultant and or who are having aspiration to be PM consultant This document helps you to understand sap Plant Maintenance (PM) Order configuration in systematic manner and you need not to waste your time in SPRO for Plant Maintenance (PM) Order configuration.

You can use this document for learning and implementing projects If you are going to attend SAP certification examination, this document may help you to understand the concept of Plant Maintenance (PM) Order and configuration option available for the same.

SAP PM Order Configuration Document covers following aspects of configuration in detail manner,

Maintenance Orders

  • Configure order type
  • Credit limit checks for service orders
  • Indicate order type for refurbishing
  • Configure number ranges
  • Order types to maintenance plants
  • Inspection type to order types
  • Default values for planning indicator
  • Value profile for external procurement
  • Access sequence for address data
  • Default values for task list data and profile
  • Time and creation of distribution rule
  • Proposed reference time for teco
  • Default order types for planner group
  • Notification and order integration
  • Priorities for order type
  • Field selection for order header

Order Processing And Completion

  • Maintain control key.
  • Default control key for order type.
  • Maintenance activity type.
  • Maintenance activity type to order type.
  • Default value of activity type for order type.
  • Documentation for goods movements
  • Checking rule
  • Scope of check
  • Inspection control
  • Default values for item category
  • System conditions or operating conditions
  • Status profile.
  • Partner determination and partner function.
  • Maintain scheduling type.
  • Set scheduling parameters
  • Create revision
  • Control parameters for complete confirmation
  • Attributes for system message


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