SAP Master Data Purchase Requisition End User Documents

SAP Master Data Purchase Requisition End User Documents

SAP Master Data Purchase Requisition documents explain in step by step manner with screenshots, how to do transaction in SAP MM Master Data and Purchase Requisition.

SAP Master Data Purchase Requisition is a complete set of documents explain each transaction code, with example data for sap end users.

These documents will provide the complete explanation for individual sap transaction for  SAP MM Master Data and Purchase Requisition, like

1. Business / Functional use and explanation of SAP T code
2. Prerequisite to run this T code
3. Menu Path for such T Code
4. Step by Step with screenshots how to run this transaction
5. Complete guide explanation for input value to be entered to run these transactions.
6. Expected Results from these transaction
7. One Individual Document for individual transaction

SAP Master Data Purchase Requisition  cover the following transactions
Material master

Create Material Master
Create Material Master – warehouse Mgmt
Create Material Master with splitvaluation
Create Material splitvaluation account type

Purchase request

ME51N-Create Purchase Request
ME52N-Change Purchase Request
ME53N-Display Purchase Request
ME55 -Release – Purchase request
Info Record

ME11-Create Info Record
ME12-Change Info Record
ME13-Display Info Record

Quota arrangement

MEQ1-Maintain Quota arrangement
MEQ3-Display Quota arrangement

ME47-Maintain Quotation


ME41-Create RFQ
ME42-Change RFQ
ME43-Display RFQ
PR Reports

ME5A – Reports Related to Purchase Requisition

RFQ Report

Reports ME80AN – Reports Related to RFQ
Reports Related to RFQ (Like ME4L, ME4M, ME4S, ME4C, ME4N, ME80AN, ME49)
Source list

ME01-Maintain Source List
ME03-Display Source List
Vendor Master

XK01-Create Vendor
XK02-Change Vendor
XK03-Display Vendor

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