SAP IS Utility Plant Maintenance And Customer Service Configuration Document

SAP IS Utility Plant Maintenance and Customer Service configuration document

This document explain SAP IS Utility Plant Maintenance and Customer Service Configuration (ISU) and in step by step manner with the help of system screenshots.

This document is very useful for all SAP IS Utility consultant and or who are having aspiration to be SAP IS Utility consultant. This document helps you to understand SAP IS Utility Plant Maintenance and Customer Service Configuration (ISU) in systematic manner and you need not to waste your time in SPRO for SAP IS Utility Plant Maintenance and Customer Service (CS).

You can use this document for learning and implementing projects. This Document cover following subjects in detail manner.

1:  Organisation Structure 

1.1 Maintain Maintenance Planning Plant
1.2 Assign Maintain Maintenance Planning Plant to Maintenance Plant

2 Part-2: Global Settings 

3 Part-3: Baseline Settings

3.1 Master Data Settings
3.1.1 Define User Status
3.1.2 Create Authorization Keys for User Status Authorizations
3.1.3 Define Currency for Maintenance statistics
3.1.4 Define Permit categories
3.1.5 Define Measuring Point categories
3.1.6 Create Number Range for Measuring Points
3.1.7 Create Number Range for Measuring documents
3.1.8 Define Warranty Types
3.1.9 Define number range for Warranty Types
3.1.10 Maintain Transaction Start Default Values for Sample Warranties
3.1.11 Define Warranty counters
3.1.12 Define object information keys
3.1.13 Define Types of Technical Objects
3.1.14 Define Plant-sections
3.1.15 Define Planner Group
3.1.16 Define ABC Indicators
3.1.17 Define Authorization Group
3.1.18 Set View profile for Technical objects
3.1.19 Create Structure Indicator for Reference Locations / Functional Locations
3.1.20 Define Category of Functional Location
3.1.21 Maintain Equipment Category
3.1.22 Define additional business views for Equipment categories
3.1.23 Define number ranges
3.1.24 Usage history update
3.1.25 Define history related fields
3.1.26 Define installation at Functional Location
3.1.27 Define Media for Object Links
3.1.28 Define Number Ranges for Object Links
3.1.29 Define Serial Number Profile
3.1.30 Define default Equipment categories for Serial Numbers
3.2 Maintenance Plans, Work centres and Task Lists
3.2.1 Set Maintenance Plan Categories
3.2.2 Define Number Ranges for Maintenance Plan
3.2.3 Define Number Ranges for Maintenance Items
3.2.4 Define Sort fields for Maintenance Plan
3.2.5 Define Employees responsible for Work centres
3.2.6 Configure Planner Group
3.2.7 Define Number ranges for General Maintenance Task List
3.2.8 Define Number ranges for Equipment Task List
3.2.9 Define Number ranges for Task list for Functional Location
3.2.10 Define profiles with default Values
3.3 Maintenance Processing
3.3.1 Overview of Notification Type
3.3.2 Define Notification Types
3.3.3 Set Field Selection for Notifications
3.3.4 Define Number ranges
3.3.5 Define Transaction Start Values
3.3.6 Assign Notification Types to Order Types
3.3.7 Maintain Catalog
3.3.8 Define Catalog Profile
3.3.9 Define Partner Determination Procedure and Partner Function
3.3.10 Define Priorities
3.3.11 Define Shop floor Papers, Forms and Output Programs
3.3.12 Define Operational Effects
3.3.13 Configure Order Types
3.3.14 Configure Number Ranges
3.3.15 Assign Order Types to Maintenance Plants
3.3.16 Assign Inspection Types to Maintenance/Service Order Types
3.3.17 Define Default Value for Planning Indicator for Each Order Type
3.3.18 Create Default Value Profiles for External Procurement
3.3.19 Create Default Value Profiles for General Order Data
3.3.20 Default Values for Task List Data and Profile Assignments
3.3.21 Settlement Rule: Define Time and Distribution Rule
3.3.22 Define Proposed Reference Time for Technical Completion
3.3.23 Define Default Order Types for Maintenance Items
3.3.24 Define Notification and order Integration
3.3.25 Maintain Control Keys
3.3.26 Maintain Default Values for Control Keys for Order Types
3.3.27 Define Maintenance Activity Types
3.3.28 Assign Valid Maintenance Activity Types to Maintenance Order Types
3.3.29 Default Values for Maintenance Activity of each order type
3.3.30 Assign Costing Parameters and Results Analysis Keys
3.3.31 Define Change Docs, Collective Purc. Req. Indicator, Operation No. Interval
3.3.32 Define Documentation for Goods Movements for the Order
3.3.33 Define Scope of Check
3.3.34 Define Checking Control
3.3.35 Define Default Values for Component Item Categories
3.3.36 Activate Default Value for Current Date as Basic Date
3.3.37 User Status for Orders
3.3.38 Create Authorization Keys for User Status Authorizations
3.3.39 Define Default Values for Units for Operation
3.3.40 Partner Determination Procedures -> Equipment Category
3.3.41 Partner Determination -> Notification Type
3.3.42 Partner Determination ->Assign to Order Type
3.3.43 Set Scheduling Parameter
3.3.44 Assign Default Values for Settlement Areas to Order Types
3.3.45 Object Information -> Define Object Information
3.3.46 Object Information -> Assign Object Info Keys to Order Type
3.3.47 Completion Confirmation ->Confirmation Parameter
3.3.48 Completion Confirmation -> Define Causes for Variances
3.3.49 Completion Confirmation -> Define Execution Time for Confirmation Processes
3.4 Information Systems for Plant Maintenance
3.4.1 Assign Value Categories to Maintenance Cost Key Figures
3.4.2 Configure Measurement Document Update

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