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SAP Internal Order Master Data

SAP Internal Order Master Data

Internal Order is Collector of cost other than cost centre. Cost collected in internal order will be distributed to various cost center at period end or before the IO is closed. Internal Order will be used for budgeting, collection of cost.

Various types of Internal order can be created based on cost Object viz Overhead order, investment order etc. Internal order can be real order or statistical order. Real order captures cost which has to be subsequently settled to cost center or other cost object like another internal order or WBS.

Validity of the IO may be for one time activity or for a period interval.

Statistical orders are used to capture revenue and cost information or for budgeting. Statistical order will be used to control CAPEX budget. Statistical Order does not require settlement rules.

SAP T Code to be Used

Create Internal order    KO01
Change IO    KO02
Display IO    KO03

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