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SAP HR Interview Questions, Answers

SAP HR Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations

This document help you to organize your knowledge and make it in systematic and presentable form. This document can be use as power in your hand during your interview.

This document also useful for those who are going to appear for SAP HCM certification examination.

This document cover general question and answers as related to technical and functional side of HCM. This document will also be useful for if you are working on the project and you need to sound your fundamentals

Some of the related topics are as given below,

Approval adjustments
Automated Tab Control
Best Date for Hiring
Change Management
Compensation Management
Compensation Plan
Compensatory Time
Creating new infotypes
Custom Infotypes
Customizing PAW1
Data Migration
Debugging Rules
Deduction Wage Type
Default Wage Types
Deleting Employees
Employee Overpayment
Employee Subgroups
Employee Wages
Enter New Hire
Fast Entry
Hiring and Terminating
Holiday Calendar
HR Difficulty
HR Integration
HR Year End
Infotype IT0024
Infotype PA61
Infotypes and Users
Leave Credits
Leave Quota
Locking Infotypes
Manual Overtime Approval
MBP Appraisal Transactions
New Hire Action
P60 Form
Payroll Classes
Payroll Results
Payroll Run
Payroll Simulation
Payroll Simulation
Payroll Wage types
PCL Error
PCR Accumulation
Personnel Calculation Rules
Personnel Rules
Planed Overtime
Profile Match
Quota Computation
Quota Problems
Retroactive Accounting
Screen Header
Screen Modification
Single Payroll
Small HR Department
Taxable Wage Types
Time Confirmation
Time Evaluation
Time Types
Transporting Layouts
Upgrading HR
User management
Wage Components
Wage Type Leave Allowance
Wage type values
Wagetype Adjustment
Wagetype Processing
Web Appraisal

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SAP HR Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations

SAP HR Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations
Unique collection of SAP HCM Interview Questions and Answers those are generally asked during the interview. You must know these concepts and answer before going to interview.
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This document is available for download ! Click Here to know More and Buy Now !

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