SAP Gui On Mac

SAP GUI on Mac Look and Feel

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SAP GUI On Mac – This article will show you some of the screen prints of SAP software on Mac. SAP GUI 7.30 has been used to create this screen prints. You can have a quick look of sap software how it looks like on your beautiful mac.

SAP GUI Icon on Mac

SAP GUI on your task bar of mac

SAP GUI for Java for Mac starting

SAP GUI for Java

Connection details for your Mac

1. Your Connection description

2. Your server details and connection details on Mac

SAP Logon Screen on Mac

SAP Menu on Mac

SAP Menu on Mac : System Menu exploded

SAP T Code : FB50 – Enter GL Enter

Enter Company Code : Ex 1000

SAP T Code FB50 – Enter GL Account on Mac

1. Enter Document Date

2. Posting date

SAP T Code FB03 – Display Document : Search List

SAP T Code : FB03 Display Accounting Document

SAP T Code SE16N – Display Table Entry

Enter table name like : EKPO

SAP T Code SE16N Display table entry

Used table like EKPO PO Header Table. Note PO Number as shown below

SAP T Code ME23N Display Purchase Order Document

SAP T Code VA03 – Dsplay sales order

Enter Sales order number Ex 5014

SAP Waiting Bar on Mac

SAP T Code VA03 Display Sales Order on Mac

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