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SAP Grants Management Configuration Guide ECC 6.0

SAP Grants Management Configuration Guide ECC 6.0

This document explain SAP Grants Management (GM) Configuration and in step by step manner with the help of system screenshots.

This is set of 8 pdf files which cover Grants Management (GM) Configuration in detail manner. This document is very useful for all SAP GM consultant and or who are having aspiration to be SAP GM Utility consultant. This document helps you to understand SAP Grants Management (GM) configuration in systematic manner and you need not to waste your time in SPRO for SAP SAP Grants Management (GM).

You can use this document for learning and implementing projects. This Document cover following subjects in detail manner.

Implementation Guide for Grants Management in mySAP ERP2005-ECC 6.0

General Settings

Activate the Grant field as “Account Assignment Element”
Global Setting
Name the NOT RELEVANT Grant
Maintain Update Settings
Maintain GM Value Types

Business Partner Settings

SAP Business Partner
Number Ranges and Grouping
Master Data Synchronization
Synchronization Control
Customer/Vendor Integration
Post Processing Office
Activate Creation of Postprocessing Orders
Preparations for Creating FI Customer Master Data
Sales and Distribution Partner Determination
SAP Important Notes
SAP Note number 928616
SAP Note number 933920

GM Ledger 90 Setup

Define Ledger 90
Assign Company Code
Assign Splitting Method 0000000111
Assign Fields to Splitting Method

GM Master Data

General Settings
Award Types
Sponsored Class
Sponsored Program
GM Internal Order
Maintain Grant Number Ranges
Maintain Grant Types
Field Group Control
GM Derivation Rules
Assignment rule 1:1 Commitment Item to Sponsored Class
Derive IO from Asset Master Data
Derive sponsored program from IO
FM Derivation Rules for GM
FMDT_READ_MD_ORDER Read Order Master Data
FMDT_READ_MD_GRANT Read Grant Master Data
Assignment rule NOT_RELEVANT_FOR_GM
Copy CO Plan to BCS
Notes Sections
Grant and Sponsored Program Number Logic
CCSD GM Master Data Matrix
CCSD GM Master Data Matrix- Fixed Asset Acquisition

GM Integration with other SAP modules

Funds Management
Asset Accounting
Activation of Account Assignment Objects
Specified Use of Account Assignment Objects
Assignment of activated accounting objects to asset master
Overhead Calculation
Allocation and Distribution
HR (HCM – Human Capital Management)
Cost Distribution of Payroll

Budgeting and Availability Control

Number Range for Entry Document
Number Range for Budget Change Documents
GM Budget Document Types
Assign Budget Phase to Version
GM Time Splitting Rules
GM Availability Control

Indirect Cost and Cost Sharing

Indirect Cost Rule
Chart of Account Settings – GM Indirect Cost
Cost Sharing

GM Resource Related Billing

Introduction – Grantee Billing with SD
Define Sales Organization
Define Distribution Channel
Define Division
Link Sales Organization to Company Code
Link Distribution Channel to Company Code
Link Sales Organization to Division
Setup Sales Area
Link Sales Organization to Distribution Channel and Plant
Define Sales Order Type
Sales Order Type GMRR
Sales Order Type GMDR
Sales Order Type GMCR
Assign Sales Area to Sales Document Types
Define Billing Type
Maintain Copy Control for Billing Documents
Define Material Groups
Create “Dummy” Service (DIEN) Material Masters for the DIP Profile
Create Sets for DIP Profile
Define Sales Document Item
Item Category – GMRR
Item Category – GMDR
Item Category – GMCR
Assign Item Categories
Define Item Categories for Deliveries
Define Reasons for Rejection
Define Order Reasons
Define and Assign Status Profile
Allocate Status Profile to Item Categories
Define Incompleteness Procedure
Assign Incompleteness Procedures
Assign procedures to the sales document types
Assign procedures to the item categories
Assign procedures to delivery item types
Resource Related Billing – DIP Profile
Assign Cost Conditions to SD Document Types
Maintain Copy Control for Sales Documents
Copying Control: Sales Document to Sales Document
Copying Control: Billing Document to Sales Document
Determine Master Data Relevant for Account Assignment
Materials: Account Assignment Groups
Customers: Account Assignment Groups
Assign Account Determination Procedure
Assign GL Accounts
Make SD Order item “Optional” for FM Account Assignments
Configure GM Billing Rules

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SAP Grants Management Configuration Guide ECC 6.0


This is set of 8 pdf files which cover Grants Management (GM) Configuration in detail manner. This document is very useful for all SAP GM consultant and or who are having aspiration to be SAP GM Utility consultant. This document helps you to understand SA

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