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SAP Fixed Assets Accounting Process Procurement Cycle

SAP Fixed Assets Accounting Process Procurement Cycle
  • Create Investment program  (IM01 – Create)
  • Create top node (IM11 – Create Top Position)
  • create position id (IM22 – Change)
  • Put appropriate budget on position id (IM32 – Edit Original)
  • Create an internal order with internal order type CAPX- Capital Investment Orders (KO01 – Create)
  • System will ask to create AuC assets at this time. We need to create AuC Assets here. It will be used to post the value from CWIP account at the month end.
  • Assign this order to appropriate investment program node. (IM32 – Edit Original)
  • Change the status of I/O from “INPL- Initial Planning by Locations” to “INPR- In-Principle Sanction” (KO02-Change)
  • Allocate the appropriate budget to this I/O (T-Code IM52)
  • Change the status of I/O from “INPR- In-Principle Sanction” to “30 APPR Board Note Appro” and from “30 APPR Board Note Appro” to “40 EXEC Execution Phase”. (KO02: Change)
  • Create PO with reference of this I/O and give the expense GL account (ME21)
  • Goods receipt (MIGO) with reference to PO and refer the vendor excise invoice created in above step.
  • At this time cost element “CWIP account” will be posted with reference of I/O. (KOB1 Line Item display for Order)
  • At the month end we need to run the settlement for the I/O through KO88. It will post the value to AuC and credit the “CWIP account”. It makes the CWIP account zero at the month end.
  • Create an assets master for final settlement. (AS01)
  • To settle the value from the AuC to Final asset we need to run the order settlement once again and at this time we need to give the final assets in the settlement rule for I/O. It will post the final assets and credit the AuC. (KO88 – Line Item settlement)
  • At the month end depreciation need to be run (AFAB – Execute)
  • Do retirement for transferee asset.

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