SAP FI End User Documents

SAP FI End User Documents explain in step by step manner with screenshots, how to do transaction in SAP FI. These documents can be used for power user training or end user training in the final preparation phase during implementation.

SAP FI End User Documents help you to understand how to run transactions in SAP and complete your business process. These documents are very helpful for all the sap user even if they are new to SAP screens.

In this document set we cover following transactions

Master Data

  • FS00 Maintain GL Account
  • FS15 Copy GL Data from Source CCode
  • FSM1 Create Sample Account
  • FSM2 Change Sample Account
  • FSM4 Display Changes Sample Account
  • FSM5 Delete Sample Account
  • FSP0 Create Account COA Level
  • FSS0 Create Account CCode Level
  • OB_GLACC11 Mass Maintenance


  • F.80 Mass Reversal
  • F-02 GL Account Posting
  • F-06 Incoming Payment
  • F-07 Outgoing Payment
  • FB02 Document Change
  • FB03 Document Display
  • FB08 Reverse Individual Document
  • FB50 Process Document

Reference Documents

  • F.81 Reverse Accrual Deferral
  • F-01 Sample Document
  • FBD3 Display Recurring Entry
  • FBR2 Posting with Reference Doc
  • FBS1 Enter Accrual Deferral Doc
  • FDB2 Change Recurring Entry
  • FKMT Reference Docs

Account Analysis

  • FBL3N Account Line Item Analysis

Account Clearing

  • F.13 Automatic Account Clearing
  • F-03 Manual Account Clearing
  • F-04 Account Clearing
  • FB00 Account Edit Options
  • FBRA Reset Cleared items

Closing Operations

  • F.05 Foreign Currency Valuation
  • F.07 Carry Forward Rec_Payables
  • F.16 Carry Forward GL
  • F.19 GR_IR Regrouping
  • F101 Receivables Payables
  • F-30 Clear JOPA Entries
  • KALC Reconciliation with FI
  • MR11 GR_IR Clearing Account
  • MR21 Change in Material Price
  • MRN8 BS Value Price Variances
  • MRN9 BS Value per Account
  • MRNO Determination Lowest Value
  • S_ALR_87003642 Open and Close Posting Periods
  • S_BCE_68000174 Enter Translation Rates
  • SA38 Accruals Deferrals Report

Inter Company

  • FBU2 Document change
  • FBU8 Document Reversal


  • FS10N Account Analysis
  • FSE5N GL Planning
  • S_ALR_87012277 Account Balances
  • S_ALR_87012279 Structured Account Balances
  • S_ALR_87012282 Account Line items
  • S_ALR_87012284 Trial balance
  • S_ALR_87012289 Compact Document Journal
  • S_ALR_87012301 GL Account Balances Totals
  • S_ALR_87012328 Accounts List
  • S_ALR_87012347 Document Items Extract

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  1. John

    Hey guys, it is really great to see these document together. I found it very useful for me. Thanks a lot and keep it your good work.

  2. Praneeth


    I have posted a clearing in the system using the t code – S_ALR_8701237. While posting this clearing, we have inadvertently taken a future date as “posting date” and “due date of the tax payable”. We are unable to see the clearing entry in the system. Can you advise, as how to fix this problem please ?

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