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SAP FI Document Changes Change Control

SAP FI Document Changes Change Control:

  • Doc change rules can be either user defined or predefined by the system
  • Only certain fields are modifiable once a doc is posted
  • Incase of Header: reference no and Doc header text modifiable only if posting period is not closed
  • Incase of Line items, amount, posting keys and account numbers are unmodifiable. The other are fixed in IMG
  • Conditions for doc field changes
  1. Posting pd must be open
  2. Line item is not cleared
  3. Line item either debit in customer or credit in vendor
  4. doc not a credit memo for invoice
  5. doc not a credit memo for down payment
  • Document change rules can be made on following criteria:
  • Account type: A,K,D,M,S
  • Transaction class: eg special G/L (down pymt)
  • Company Code

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