SAP FI Accounts Receivable (AR) End User Documents

SAP FI Accounts Receivable (AR) End User Documents explain in step by step manner with screenshots, how to do transaction in SAP FI Accounts Receivable (AR).

SAP FI Accounts Receivable (AR) End User Documents can be used for power user training or end user training in the final preparation phase during implementation.

SAP FI Accounts Receivable (AR) End User Documents help you to understand how to run transactions in SAP and complete your business process. These documents are very helpful for the entire sap user even if they are new to SAP screens.

In this document set we cover following transactions

Invoice Processing

FB70 Enter Customer Invoice
FB75 Post Credit Memo
FBV0 Post Parked Document
FBV2 Change Parked Document
FV70 Park Customer Invoice
FV75 Park Customer Credit Memo

Credit Management

F.31 Credit Management Overview
F.33 Brief Credit Overview
FCV3 Early Warning List
FD32 Credit Limit Maintenance
S_ALR_ 87012218 Credit Limit Maintenance
VF05 View Billing Document
VKM1 Blocked Billing Document

Incoming Payment

F-28 Manual Payment
F-29 Customer Down Payment
F-30 Internal Transfer Posting without Clearing
F-36 Bill of Exchange Receivable
F-37 Customer Down Payment Request
F-52 Post Incoming Payment
FBE1 Incoming Payment Advice
FBL5N Line Item Display

Account Clearing

F.13 Automatic Account Clearing
F-21 Internal Transfer without Clearing
F-22 Enter Customer Invoice
F-32 Manual Clearing
F-39 Clear Customer Down payment

Customer Account Analysis

FD10N Account Balance Display
FD11 Account Analysis

Customer Correspondence

F.61 Print Correspondence
F.63 Delete Requests
F.64 Maintain Request
F150 Dunning
FB12 Customer Correspondence Request


F.29 Create Customer Evaluations
OBAJ Select Customer Evaluations
OBAN Customer Eval. Specify Data Volume
S_ALR_87012167 Customer Evaluations
S_ALR_87012168 Due Date Analysis

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