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SAP Controlling Cost Center Accounting End User Documents

SAP Controlling Cost Center Accounting End  User Documents explain in step by step manner with screenshots, how to do transaction in SAP Controlling and Cost Center Accounting (CO – CCA).

SAP Controlling Cost Center Accounting End  User Documents can be used for power user training or end user training in the final preparation phase during implementation.

SAP Controlling Cost Center Accounting End  User Documents help you to understand how to run transactions in SAP and complete your business process. SAP Controlling Cost Center Accounting End  User Documentsare very helpful for the entire sap user even if they are new to SAP screens.

SAP Controlling Cost Center Accounting End  User Documents set we cover following transactions

Master Data Cost Center

  • KS01 Create Cost Center
  • KS02 Change Cost Center

Master Data Activity Type

  • KL01 Create Activity Type
  • KL02 Change Activity Type
  • KL03 Display Activity Type
  • KL04 Delete Activity Type
  • KL05 Display Changes to Activity Type
  • KLH1 Create Activity Type Group
  • KLH2 Change Activity Type Group
  • KLH3 Display Activity Type Group

Cost Center Planning

  • KP06 Primary Cost Planning on Cost Centers
  • KP26 Plan Activity Output on Cost Center
  • KP97 CCA Copy Plan to Plan
  • KP98 CCA Copy Actual to Plan
  • KPHR Transfer from HR Personnel Cost Planning
  • KPSI Plan Reconciliation of Internal Activities
  • KSBT Activity Type Price on Cost Center
  • KSCB Execute Plan Indirect Activity Allocation
  • KSPI Execute Plan Price Calculation
  • KSPP Planned Activity Requirements from PP
  • KSPU Planning Revaluation
  • KSS4 Execute Plan Cost Splitting
  • KSUB Execute Plan Cost Assessment
  • KSVB Execute Plan Costs Distribution
  • OKP1 Change Period Lock
  • S_ALR_8709918 Primary Cost Planning Depreciation

Actual Postings

  • KB11N Manual Reposting of Cost
  • KB14N Reverse Manual Reposting of Primary Costs
  • KB15N Manual Cost Allocation
  • KB51 Enter Activities
  • KB61 Line Item Reposting
  • KB64 Reverse Reposted Line Items
  • KB65 Enter Reposting of Indirect Activity Allocation
  • KB66 Display Reposting Indirect Activity Allocation
  • KB67 Reverse Reposting Indirect Activity Allocation

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