SAP CIN Migration Data Upload LSMW

SAP CIN Migration Data Upload LSMW

SAP CIN Migration Data Upload LSMW is a comple upload solution for your CIN data. This is very useful kit for initial upload to CIN related data. This tool kit contains following file and object

1. LSMW project

You may use this LSMW project for your data upload. You can directly upload this in your sap system and you will be ready with your upload program within no time.

2. User Instruction

This file has all the information about how to use this tool kit.

3. Data Format

This is a MS excel file, this is upload format for CIN Related data, like

  • Chapter ID
  • Material & Chapter ID
  • Material Assessable Value
  • Cenvat Determination
  • Vendor Excise Details
  • Customer Excise Details
  • CESS Rate
  • Excise Tax Rate
  • Exceptional Rates

4. Sample Data file

Few sample data file has been given for you reference purpose. You can test these data for alongwith this upload tool kit.

5.Excise Balance Upload

This a another file for excise balance upload instruction.

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  1. Kamal K

    I Rate this tool excellent, I could save my lots of time on my project… very useful information

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