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SAP Cash Bank Accounting (cash Journal) FBCJ

SAP Cash Bank Accounting (cash Journal) FBCJ

Cash journal SAP T Code FBCJ

•    This “Cash journal” is a single-screen entry for making all cash receipts and payments.
•    Each cash journal can be assigned to one G/L account.
•    Cash transactions can be saved in the cash journal and can be posted later to the general ledger. (for eg. At the end of the day)
•    Choose the correct “company code” and a “cash journal” code.
•    Depending on what transactions you want to enter, select either the Receipts or Payments tab.
•    Posted entries can also be deleted, the system will pass an reversal entry automatically.
•    We can see the line items / balances day wise, weekly and monthly.
•    We can print Cash receipt vouchers immediately on entry.
•    Day book / cash journal can also be printed.

Cash Receipts

1    Cash receipts from Bank
2    Cash receipt from another cash pool. ( eg. Main cash to petty cash )
3    Cash receipt from an employee.
4    Cash receipt from a Customer
5    Cash receipt from the Supplier
6    Cash receipt against sale of scrap

Cash payments

1    Cash payment to employee towards any expense reimbursement.
2    Cash payment towards travel / employee as advance
3    Cash transfer of one cash A/c to another
4    Cash withdrawal by employees against personal cheques.
5    Payment of wages at factories
6    Cash deposited in bank.
7    Cash payment towards spares & material purchase in some cases
8    Cash payment towards freight & octroi.
9    Cash payment towards establishment expenses.

For Cash receipt (withdrawal from bank for petty cash)

Cash withdrawal from Bank will be through a self cheque

We need to create “Self” as vendor.

Vendor A/c (self)            Dr
To Bank A/c                    Cr
(On withdrawal of cash from bank with a self cheque)

•    On cash receipt in the location entry will be made in cash receipts of Cash Journal – FBCJ
•    A “business transaction” for cash receipt will be selected on receipts tab.
•    Entry will be as follows:
Cash Pool A/c                    Dr
To Vendor A/c (Self)        Cr
(On receipt of cash in cash pool )

For Cash receipt from Sale of Scrap

•    On cash receipt, entry will be made in cash receipts of Cash Journal. – FBCJ
•    The invoice for sale of scrap will also be raised (covered under PDD .xxx.)
•    “Business transaction” for scrap sale will be selected.

Accounting entry will be.
Cash Pool                    Dr.
To Customer A/c       Cr.

For Payments – expenses (other than employees)

•    Depending on “business transaction” selected, enter Cost center, Profit center or WBS (projects) code is asked.
•    WBS element selected identifies all costs related to the Projects.

Example of journal entry generated :
ODE / Project cost A/c       Dr.
TO Cash Pool A/c                Cr.

For Employee related payments & receipts

Employees are to be created as “vendors”
Employee payments covered are of the following nature :

Personal Cheque Encashment.
Any kind of advance paid
Reimbursement of expenses.
Payment of wages (at factories only).
Payment of Perks / allowances

Cash is paid against receipt of employees personal cheques. For these cheques receipt will be accounted through “incoming payments from Vendor”  F-52 .

The entries will be :
Vendor Account (employee) A/c        Dr
To Cash Pool                Cr
(Cash paid against personal Cheque)

Bank A/c                    Dr
To Vendor Account (employee) A/c        Cr
(After banking the cheque and making entry for cheque receipt )

Cash will be paid to employees as advance against travel, Salary or festival. This payment will be booked to employee vendor account in Cash Journal (FBCJ).

Vendor Account (employee) A/c    Dr
To Cash Pool                Cr

The cashier also need to pass a Transfer Posting entry in F-51 with a “special GL Indicator”. The Special GL indicator is used to identify various types of advances made. This posting will transfer the Debit from Employee Vendor account to advances account. Even though it is transferred from employee vendor control account, it can still be tracked with the employee vendor.

Settlement of advances can happen through :

Travel expense voucher.
Partial cash return & remaining through expense voucher.
Payment return through cheque.
Deduction from salary.

The settlement of vouchers will be booked as employee vendor invoices. The travel expense settlement process will result either into “refund from” or “payment to” the employee either by cash or cheque. Cash refund “from or to employee” can be done through cash journal.

Further, Advance account has to be cleared with the expenses booking voucher using session F-44

SAP T Code to be Used

FBCJ : Cash Journal

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