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SAP BCS Concept Presentation

SAP BCS Concept Presentation 

SAP BCS Concept Presentation document explains about what all concepts are involved in SAP Funds Management Budget Control System. This presentation helps you to understand following Concepts

Some of the concept explained in this presentation are given below,

Type of Budget
Why BCS?
Main Ideas of BCS
Features of Former Budgeting vs. Budget Control System
Budget Structure
Budgeting Workbench
Key Figures
Consistency Checks
Status Management
BCS Availability Control
Filters setting
Concept of AVC Control Objects
Tolerance Profiles
Multi Level Availability Control
Revenue Budgeting
Budget Planning Process
Reporting and Monitoring

SAP BCS Concept Presentation document is in the form of PPT. You may use this document for your self study and client demo. This readymade presentation helps you to make your client understand the potential of SAP Funds Management Budget Control System functionality.

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