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SAP Asset Accounting Depreciation

SAP Asset Accounting Depreciation

The depreciation is collectively executed at the company code level. Each asset master contains the necessary information to calculate the depreciation like:

Capitalization date
Depreciation areas
Useful life
Scrap Value
Asset Value Date

The depreciation run is an important periodic processing activity which takes care of calculating depreciation for the assets. This run posts the corresponding transactions in both AA and FI. The depreciation calculation is done through AFAB session and the AFAB posting session posts the different depreciation areas ‘01’ and ‘15’. Test run can be executed for individual asset or entire fixed asset depending upon the requirement.

System posts following entry.

Depreciation A/c Dr
To Accumulated Depreciation  A/c Cr

The depreciation posting can be done as per following.

1. Planned posting run
2. Repeat
3. Restart
4. Unplanned posting run

Planned posting run: It is used to post depreciation of the asset at the end of planned period. The planned period is going to be every month end.

Repeat: If we want to post additional depreciation for any additional posting after planned posting run, it can be achieved through repeat posting run. If any asset is booked after planned posting run, depreciation of the same can be posted using repeat run in the same period provided period is open.

It is used to complete depreciation run which is aborted or not completed due to technical reasons like server is not working during depreciation run.

It is used to calculate depreciation other than normally defined planned posting cycle. In case of any gap between the planned posting period, the accumulated depreciation for the gap period can be posted together by the unplanned depreciation run.

Manual Value Correction- Unplanned Depreciation: (ABAA)

If we want to post additional depreciation which is not considered while depreciation posting run, it can be done through unplanned depreciation. In this case we have to mention amount of depreciation which is not considered against individual asset. This is called as Unplanned depreciation. Asset value date should be on or after capitalization date. Unplanned amount of depreciation posted is initially recorded in Asset module only. It is posted to FI when depreciation run is executed.

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    Sir, i have some asset txn in 13 period. Should i have to run dep for 13 period during AFAB run or repeat run for 12 period ?

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