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Profit Center Derivation in New General ledger Accounting

Now in mySAP ERP 2005 (ECC 5.0 / 6.0) we have following option to derive profit center,

SAP T Code 3KEH and 3KEI are not to be used.
New SAP T Code FAGL3KEH can be used for default profit center derivation
We can use BADI FAGL_3KEH_DEFPRCTR for default profit center derivation
We can use FI substitution for profit center derivation whenever required
We can use BADI AC_DOCUMENT for profit center derivation for accounting interfaces
For the derivation of partner profit center it is recommended to use new BADI FAGL_DEFPPRCTR
SAP T code 8KER and 8KES is still active in classic profit center accounting only.

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