How to change default client in SAP Logon

How To Change Default Client In SAP Logon

After installation of ides sap solution, we have to log in to the client 800 for practice. Client 800 will be configured with the default data which will be helpful for people to practice on different modules like SD, MM, PP, FICO, HR, PS…etc. By default the system will have default client of 001. We can change this default client to 800, there is no need to input the client 800 each time. Following video will give you an idea of changing default client in an SAP system.

This article will explain, how to change default client in sap logon.

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A script is trying to attached to the GUI

A Script Is Trying To Attached To The GUI

While running the SECATT – Extended CATT transaction or other recording transaction you get the message “A script is trying to attached to the GUI”. This article will explain how to switch off this message in SAP GUI 740.

Disable message : A script is trying to attached to the GUI.

You can do this by going in the SAP GUI > Option > Accessibility & Scripting > Scripting

Remove checkbox from,

  • Notify when a script attaches to SAP GUI
  • Notify when a script opens a connection

Make sure you leave enable scription check box on.


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SAP sound settings on / off

SAP Sound Settings On / Off

Some of you may like to have click sound of sap gui and people like to off this sound. SAP sound settings has been given here. You can control SAP sound without making your computer mute.

You can go to


SAP GUI > Option > Interaction Design > Sound Settings – Make sound “ON” and “OFF”

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How to convert report output to pdf in sap

How To Convert Report Output To Pdf In Sap

Many time you like to convert the report output in PDF format and like to save for your other purpose. You can do it by following the few simple steps

On over all level,

  1. Go to report and generate print for logical printer
  2. System will generate spool no for the same.
  3. Go to SE38 and run the program RSTXPDFT4
  4. Fill the spool no and get your file downloaded in PDF format.

Let’s take an example for this conversion as below. This will show how to convert report output to pdf in sap?

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How to display sap transaction code in menu

How To Display Sap Transaction Code In Menu

A transaction code (or t-code) consists of letters, numbers, or both, and is entered in the command field at the top of the SAP screen. Each function in SAP ERP has an SAP transaction code associated with it.

It is useful to know sap transaction code to work faster in SAP. Here is quick tip on how to display sap transaction code in menu

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