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List of SAP T Codes for report painter

Report painter

GRR1 – Create Report
GRR2 – Change Report
GRR3 – Display Report
GR34 – Delete  Report

GRR4 – Create Model
GRR5 – Change Model
GRR6 – Display Model

GRR7 – Export Models
GRR8 – Import Models
GRR9 – Copy from Client Models
GCTR – Transport Request Models

GS01 – Create Set
GS02 – Change Set
GS03 – Display Set
GS04 – Delete  Set


GS11 – Create Variable
GS12 – Change Variable
GS13 – Display Variable
GS14 – Delete Variable

Key Figures

GS32 – Maintain Key Figures
GS33 – Display Key Figures

Standard Layout

GR11 – Create Standard Layout
GR12 – Change Standard Layout
GR13 – Display Standard Layout
GR14 – Delete Standard Layout


GR21 – Create Library
GR22 – Change Library
GR23 – Display Library
GR24 – Delete Library

Report Writer

GR31 – Create Report
GR32 – Change Report
GR33 – Display Report
GR34 – Delete Report

GR37 – Export Report
GR38 – Import Report
GR39 – Copy from Client Report
GCTR – Transport Request Report

Report Group

GR51 – Create Report Group
GR52 – Change Report Group
GR53 – Display Report Group
GR54 – Delete Report Group
GR55 – Execute Report Group

GR57 – Export Report Group
GR58 – Import Report Group
GR59 – Copy from Client Report Group
GCTR – Transport Request Report Group

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SAP Report Painter Writer Step By Step Guide

SAP Report Painter Writer Step By Step Guide

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