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List of Important Basis T Codes

Client maintenance
SCC1 – Client copy – special selection
SCC4 – Client administration (maintenance) [Queried SAP]
SCC5 – Delete client
SCC7 – Client import – remote
SCC8 – Client export
SCC9 – Remote client copy
SCCL – Client copy – local
SCU0 – Table analyses and comparison
System Maintenance
OBR1 – Reset transaction data (delete transaction data)
SM01 – Lock transactions
SM04 – User List
SM12 – System locks
SM13 – Update terminate
SM13T – Update terminate
SM50 – Work Process Overview (system monitoring)
SM54 – TXCOM maintenance
SM55 – THOST maintenance
SM56 – Reset or Check Number Range Buffers
SM59 – Maintain RFC destinations
SMLT – Language transport utility
SPAD – Spool management
SP01 – Output Controller
SP01 – Spooling: Request Screen
ST01 – System trace
ST05 – SQL trace
CCMS Maintenance
RZ04 – Maintain operation instance
RZ06 – Maintain alert thresholds
RZ10 – Edit system profile
RZ21 – Maintain monitor settings
SM49/69 – External OS commands
SM63 – Maintain operation model settings
SMLG – Maintain logon groups
IMG and Table Maintenance
SE16 – View with full authorization group authority
SM30 – Call view maintenance [Queried SAP]
SM31 – Table view maintenance
SPRO – Edit (02) IMG
SPRO_ADMIN – Edit/display IMG (4.6) [Queried SAP]
User Administration
PFCG – Profile generator activities
SM19 – Security Audit Configuration
SU01 – User maintenance/With profile assignment in all user groups
SU02 – Profile maintenance
SU03 – Authorization maintenance
SU05 – Maintain Internet User (S_Tcode only)
SU10 – Master changes to users in all user groups
SU12 – Delete all users (S_Tcode only)
SU20 – Maintain authorization fields
SU21 – Maintain authorization objects
SU22 – Authorization object usage in transactions
Development Activities
CMOD – System extensions
SA38 – ABAP/4 work bench (execute programs)
SD11 – Data modeler
SE11 – ABAP/4 data dictionary maintenance
SE12 – Data dictionary display
SE13 – ABAP/4 data dictionary: technical settings
SE14 – Utilities for directory tables
SE15 – ABAP/4 repository information systems
SE37 – ABAP/4 function modules
SE38 – ABAP/4 program editor (program maintenance)
SE93 – Maintain transaction codes
Development Utilities
SE41 – User interface
SE43 – Maintain area menu
SE43N – Maintain area menu
SE51 – Screen painter
SE80 – ABAP/4 development workbench
SE81 – SAP R/3 application hierarchy
SE82 – Customer application hierarchy
SE91 – Maintain messages
SE92 – Maintain system log messages
SE92N – Maintain System Log
SNRO – Maintain Number Range Objects
SQ00 – ABAP/4 Query: start queries
SQ00 – DEL_PROT SAP Query Delete
SQ01 – ABAP/4 Query: maintain queries
SQ02 – ABAP/4 Query: maintain functional areas
SQ03 – ABAP/4 Query: maintain user groups
Background/Batch Processing
SM35 – Batch input session
SM35P – Batch input session (4.6)
SM36 – Define background job
SM36 – ADM
SM37 – Overview of job selection
SM39 – Additional jobs
SM62 – Maintain job events
SM64 – Trigger events
Transport Administration
SE01 – Correction and transport system
SE06 – System type table maintenance
SE09 – Workbench organizer
SE10 – Customizing organizer
SPAM – SAP patch manager
STMS – Transport management system

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