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KU363 Class for order classification has not been generated

Problem Description

While creating Internal order if following error message appear,

Class for order classification has not been generated

Message no. KU363

To be able to classify orders for order selection or order summarization in the information system for Cost Object Controlling, you must first:
•    select the characteristics that are active in your system
•    generate the characteristics that you selected
•    generate the class in which these characteristics are to be included
You do this in Customizing under Choose and generate characteristics.

Go into Customizing and process the step Choose and generate characteristics.

Proposed Solution

You have two options to resolve the problem depending on your business
requirement in Controlling:

1) If you required classification in controlling, you need to generate
class SAP_KKR_CLASS via OKQ3.

2) If you don’t require classification in controlling, you could
deactivate ‘Classification’ indicator for the order type via OPJH.

More infos on this issue can be found in the mentioned note 356327.

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  1. John

    Thanks for this useful information. This is very perfect post.

  2. fernando

    Dear Admin

    Which transaction could I use to generated my own class.

    I created a different class from standard SAP_KKR_CLASS

    I created this class on CL02


  3. nikhil

    Dear Admin
    Go into order types and deselect ‘Commit. Management’ indicator


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