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Install SAP GUI On Mac

Post Series: SAP for Mac Users

If you want to run SAP on your beautiful mac system you need to install SAP GUI on Mac. Install sap GUI on Mac is different that window installation. It will follow the process as below,


1. Download Install Java for Mac

2. Download SAP GUI Software from SAP Market place website. You need to have S-ID to download it.

3. If you have SAP GUI for mac downloaded you can run the installation as shown below.


Step 1 Download Free Java Software

Go to

Download free java for mac and intall it on your mac machine.

Step 2  Extract your SAP GUI for Mac file

Extracted folder for your mac should show you as below. Some time it is difficult to find the intallation software file. You should look for file like “GUIStart.jar”

Step 3 Start SAP Installation

If you get the below mention screen you need change your security setting on you mac. Click OK on this screen and to change the secutiry setting follow the subsequent steps given on this page below.

Step 4 Go System Preferences of your mac to change security setting.

Click on Security & Privacy

Step 5 Allow GuiStartS.Jar

Click on Open Anyway

Step 6 Start GUI Installation wizard on Mac

Click on “Open”

Step 7 SAP GUI for Java: Installation – Introduction

Following screen will appear

Click on “Next”

Step 8 SAP GUI for Java: Installation – Readme

Go through read me document and click on Next for installation

Step 9 SAP GUI for Java: Installation – Start Installation

Leave the default option and click on “Install”

Step 10 It will complete the SAP Installation and SAP Logon Icon will be available on your Mac machine.

You can double click on this icon and start using SAP GUI on Mac

Starting SAP GUI On Mac

It will follow the screen as shown below

SAP GUI on your mac is now ready to be connected with server

You can follow our another post about how to connect sap GUI on mac.

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