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Important Features of ECC 5.0 and ECC 6.0

Important Features of ECC 5.0 and ECC 6.0

In addition you can enhance the new general ledger flexibly, that is you can enter user-defined fields  and update the corresponding totals (Profit Center / Segment / Region). Many standard reports can evaluate the information from the user-defined fields.
Due to the new document splitting function  (Online Split) you can create financial statements, if required, at the company code level as well as for entities, such as the Profit centers / Segment.
Using the “Document splitting” function (online document split), you can create balance sheets for company codes as well as for further entities such as the profit center . The balance is then set to 0 for each document for the profit center.
There are no longer any time-consuming reconciliation tasks between FI and CO  for the end of period, since in real-time in Controlling, the system transfers cross entity processes into the new general ledger.
Transactions 3KEH and 3KEI  from the classic Profit Center Accounting for maintaining proposal profit centers for balance sheet and P&L accounts are no longer used to set the profit center.
Display of receivables and payables per profit center real time ( if document splitting is active)

Detailed information for the setting the Profit Center accounting in the New General Ledger:

Define the update of the characteristics “Profit Center” and “Partner Profit Center” in the ledger by selecting the scenario “Profit center update”.
Define the field “Profit center” as a splitting characteristic in the document splitting.
Set the “Zero balance” indicator again for the added field “Profit center” and you therefore have to create balance sheets on the profit center.
Activate the required entry field check to ensure that the profit center is set in all postings.

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