How to Migrate Former Budget to Budget Control System

How to Migrate Former Budget to Budget Control System document explains about how to migrate former budgeting to budgetary control system. This document explain the concept of

1. Concept of former budgeting
2. Concept of BCS
3. Difference  between former budgeting and BCS
4. Major activity involved in Migration
5. Compare T Code FBS Vs BCS
6. Sample project Plan
7. Details of Execution path for Activities Involved in Migration

Table of Index is given below

  • Migration Overview
  • Concept of Former Budgeting
  • Concept of Budget Control System (BCS) 
  • Features of Former Budgeting vs Budget Control System 
  • Business Benefits of BCS in compare to Former Budgeting 
  • Major Activity for Former Budgeting Migration
  • Checklist of Existing former budgeting 
  • Former Budgeting Analysis
  • Time Frame
  • Master Data 
  • Reporting
  • Year End and Budget Preparation
  • Time Horizons for Budget Data 
  • Result
  • Compare T Code Former Budgeting Vs Budgetary Control System
  • Compare Information System BCS Vs Former Budgeting 
  • BCS Information System
  • Former Budgeting Information System
  • Sample Project Plan / Time line for BCS Migration 
  • Additional Configuration in BCS for Initial Customization 
  • BCS Activation
  • Budgeting 
  • Availability Control 
  • Actual and Commitment Update/Integration
  • Basic Migration Concepts
  • Database Table
  • Fund Budget
  • Mapping Customization
  • Delta Migration Concept
  • Account Assignment objects
  • Total Migration 
  • Document Migration
  • Migrating Budget Data at Fiscal Year End
  • Migrating Budget Data during the Fiscal Year
  • Processing Year-End Closing
  • Migration Tool Available in SAP IMG
  • Display Assignment Rules for Budgeting Process
  • Display Assignment Rules for Value Type 
  • Define Derivation Strategy for Header Data
  • Define Derivation Strategy for Line Items 
  • Activate Full Migration for Carryover Documents
  • Migrate Budget Totals
  • Migrate Cover Pools and Unilateral CE Rules
  • Example for Budget Document Migration
  • Step 1 Create Budget Document in Former Budgeting 
  • Step 2 Run Migration program for this document 
  • Step 3 Display the document in BSC System

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