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How to Create Use SAP ABAP Query

SQ01 SQ02 SQ03 ABAP Query for Functional Consultants

This is step by step guide for how to create and use ABAP query. This is very simple document and it will be useful to the entire sap user.

In this document will help you to

1. How to find table for your query
2. How to link tables and create info sets
3. How to use Authorization group for your query
4. How to Create Query in SAP without help of ABAP
5. How to Use SQ01 (ABAP query) for your day to day purpose
6. How to transport query from one system to another system.

This document explains all these option in very details with example and with the help of system screenshot.

This is a perfect guide for SAP T Code SQ01 SQ02 and SQ03. You will learn query creation in systematic manner.

If you are working in SAP domain you must know how to use query to make your life easy.

Note: You need not to know ABAP to create query in SAP system. With the help of this document any sap user can create and use query.

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SQ01 SQ02 SQ03 ABAP Query for Functional Consultants

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