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How to convert report output to pdf in sap

Many time you like to convert the report output in PDF format and like to save for your other purpose. You can do it by following the few simple steps

On over all level,

  1. Go to report and generate print for logical printer
  2. System will generate spool no for the same.
  3. Go to SE38 and run the program RSTXPDFT4
  4. Fill the spool no and get your file downloaded in PDF format.

Let’s take an example for this conversion as below. This will show how to convert report output to pdf in sap?

Go to any report , for example FBL3N

Fill the required selection and run this report

Display the Report on SAP Screen

Go to on top menu  List > Print

Use virtual printer, Ex LP01

Press OK

A spool file will be generated

Double click on message and note down the spool number

GO to T-Code SE38 and Use Program RSTXPDFT4

Press Execute

Fill the spool number as noted in previous steps

Execute this program

It will open the browser window

Select you preferred location and give a file name ex. report.pdf

You are done with conversion. Open PDF file on your computer.


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