Customer Relationship Management SAP

Customer Relationship Management SAP document provides the basic understanding about SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 4.0.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a comprehensive sales, service and marketing approach to building long-term customer relationships, improving business performance, and by doing so increasing revenues and profitability.

Traditional customer relationship management relied mostly on decentralized units and in some cases only individual employees had knowledge about the customer and the company’s interaction with the customer. History of contacts with a customer and customer issues remained restricted to few people within the company.

Today SAP CRM allows all interactions to be readily available to all persons who need access to information about a customer. Contact channels include the Internet, call centers, and personal contacts.

CRM will base corporate decision making on more reliable information and thus lead to improving service, solving problems faster, retaining customers, and improving relationships.

This document cover the following concepts,

  • What is customer relationship management?
  • CRM marketing
  • CRM marketing planning and campaign management
  • Tpm – trade promotion management
  • Campaign automation
  • CRM lead management
  • External list management
  • Business partner segmentation
  • System landscape for CRM marketing
  • CRM enterprise sales
  • Business transactions
  • Sales order exchange
  • Sales order management in CRM
  • Activity management in CRM
  • System landscape for enterprise sales and service
  • CRM enterprise service
  • Service order management
  • Complaint and return management
  • CRM customer interaction center
  • Inbound telesales
  • Telesales outbound
  • Customer service and support in interaction center
  • Complaint management in interaction center
  • Complaint management in interaction center (automotive)
  • System landscape for customer interaction center
  • CRM e-commerce
  • E-commerce – key capabilities
  • E-selling b2b: sales order management
  • E-selling b2c: sales order management
  • E-selling system landscape
  • Internet sales (r/3 edition)
  • System landscape for e-selling r/3 edition
  • CRM field applications
  • Field sales order management
  • Additional mobile client functions:
  • System landscape for CRM field applications
  • People-centric CRM
  • Enterprise portal
  • People centric user interface (pc-ui)
  • Pc-ui capabilities
  • Customizing the pc-ui
  • System landscape for pc-ui:
  • CRM channel management
  • CRM channel marketing
  • CRM channel sales
  • CRM channel service
  • CRM channel commerce
  • CRM partner management
  • System landscape for CRM channel management
  • Mobile engine scenarios
  • System landscape components overview
  • Performance analysis
  • Marketing
  • Customer interaction center
  • E-commerce
  • Field sales

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