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Customer Master in SAP

Customer Master in SAP

Customer Master Records are divided primarily into General data, Company code Data and Sales Organization data so that each company code and each sales organization can store its own information for doing business with customers.

Customer Master in SAP > General data

This data is applicable to every Customer in the company. The General data  includes, the Customer name, Customer address with Pin Code, E-mail address, Fax number, Language, Telephone number Etc.

Customer Master in SAP > Company code data

Information such as Reconciliation account (Customer control account), payment terms, House bank, payment methods, Withholding tax information are recorded in company code data.

Customer Master in SAP > Sales area data

This data is relevant to the sales organizations and distribution channels of a company. Data that is stored in this area includes,  data on order processing, shipping address, and billing address.

Customer Account Groups and Number Ranges

The Account group differentiates role of partners during master data creation. Account group determines the number ranges for Customer Master. The account group also determines which screens and fields are allowed for creating master record.

Customer Category will be bifurcated as follows:

Different account groups are created to cater to the reporting requirements of the organization. By assigning a separate number range, the customers belonging to one group can be easily traceable

Creation of Customer Master – Centrally (XD01)

Input document for this process is a Standard Template for  Requisition of a new Customer Code. This Master template will carry the details of the new  Customer Like Account Group, Customer Number, Title, Name of the Customer, City, Country, Pin Code, Telephone number, Reconciliation Account, VAT Registration Number & Date of Registration, CST Number, Pan Number etc.

Customer Master Details can be changed but some specific field such as Reconciliation account should not be changed so that data consistency is ensured.

Customer Master Can be Blocked / unblocked, to prevent transactions being posted, at any time. In case a request for blocking / unblocking a customer for posting transactions is received, the status will be accordingly set using Transaction Code XD05.

Redundant / unused master can be set for deletion and subsequently can be deleted. However permanent deletion can take place only when all the dependent data is deleted.

T Code to be used

XD01 Create Customer
XD02 Change Customer
XD03 Display Customer
XD04 Block/unblock Customer
XD05 Mark for Deletion Customer

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