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Cost Center Master Data in SAP

Cost Center Master Data in SAP

Cost Center represents a defined location of cost incurrence for cost controlling. Cost Center definition can be based on Functional Requirements, Physical Location and Responsibility for Costs. The Cost Center can be grouped according to the reporting requirement of the organization through standard hierarchy.

In order to analyze overhead cost, Cost Center is required to be entered at the time of FI transaction entry in SAP. Each Cost Center will be linked to a Profit Center. Cost Center will facilitate product costing, profitability and overhead analysis for organization.

SAP T Code to be Used

Change Cost center Hierarchy :    OKEON
Display Cost center Hierarchy :    OKENN
Create Cost center    :    KS01
Change Cost center    :    KS02
Display Cost center    :    KS03
Delete Cost center    :    KS04
Display Changes Cost center :    KS05

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