How to Analysie workflow problems

How To Analysie Workflow Problems

This article contains transactions and techniques that will help you nderstand and analyze your workflow problems.

Transaction SWUD

SWUD is the diagnosis transaction. This will guide you through the fault  finding process. The check-list order is determined dynamically according to:

a) your workflow definition and

b) the statistics of the most common mistakes made when

creating/activating a workflow.

The testbed, provides a launchpad for tests to ensure that your workflow definition is rugged enough for the production environment. It also allows you to access the tasks, subflows, object types, delegated object  types and agent assignments directly, without going through the workflow builder first. (Foreground tasks with no agent assignment are marked in red from release 4.5 onwards). This list is also useful as a catalogue of the components of workflow for documentation or transport purposes.

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