A script is trying to attached to the GUI

A Script Is Trying To Attached To The GUI

While running the SECATT – Extended CATT transaction or other recording transaction you get the message “A script is trying to attached to the GUI”. This article will explain how to switch off this message in SAP GUI 740.

Disable message : A script is trying to attached to the GUI.

You can do this by going in the SAP GUI > Option > Accessibility & Scripting > Scripting

Remove checkbox from,

  • Notify when a script attaches to SAP GUI
  • Notify when a script opens a connection

Make sure you leave enable scription check box on.


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How to Create Use SAP ABAP Query

How To Create Use SAP ABAP Query

SQ01 SQ02 SQ03 ABAP Query for Functional Consultants

This is step by step guide for how to create and use ABAP query. This is very simple document and it will be useful to the entire sap user.

In this document will help you to

1. How to find table for your query
2. How to link tables and create info sets
3. How to use Authorization group for your query
4. How to Create Query in SAP without help of ABAP
5. How to Use SQ01 (ABAP query) for your day to day purpose
6. How to transport query from one system to another system.

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Procurement to Payment Document Flow

Procurement To Payment Document Flow

Process logic to get PO Amount and PO Number from Payment Document 

Follow logic flow can be used to build cash flow report in SAP. In SAP we do not have any report which provide details from PO to Payment document. You may have to develop it for your client. In such cases following logic may help you to build your report.


Look For
BKPF-BUKRS Company Code
BKPF-GJAHR Fiscal Year
BKPF-BLART Document type (KZ or other payment document type)
BKPF-CPUDT Accounting Document Entry Date
BKPF-CPUTM Time of Entry
This need to be assured that all the documents posted with doc type KZ and CP has been covered by the above parameter.

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