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Activity Type Master in SAP

Activity Type Master in SAP

Activity Type describe the activity carried out by production cost center and are measured in units of time or quantity.Activity type is defined to collect activities performed in Cost centre with respect to work center.

Following are the activity type categories example defined in SAP.

1.    Setup
2.    Machine
3.    Labour

Production & Planning

Activity planning related to production will be carried out in respective cost center through secondary cost element like internal activity allocation. Activity Type related to respective cost center will be maintained in the respective work center master data.

SAP T Code to be Used

Create activity Type    : KL01
Change Activity Type    : KL02
Display Activity Type    : KL03
Delete Activity Type    : KL04
Display Changes Document-Activity Type    : KL05
Create Activity Type Group    : KLH1
Change Activity Type Group    : KLH2
Display Activity Type Group    : KLH3

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