Accounts Payable Concept Document

The Accounts Payable application component records and administers accounting data for all vendors. It is also an integral part of the purchasing system: Deliveries and invoices are managed according to vendors. The system automatically makes postings in response to the operative transactions. In the same way, the system supplies the Cash Management application component with figures from invoices in order to optimize liquidity planning.

Payables are paid with the payment program. The payment program supports all standard payment methods (such as checks and transfers) in printed form as well as in electronic form (data medium exchange on disk and electronic data interchange). This program also covers country-specific payment methods.

Accounts Payable Concept document explains about what all concepts are involved in SAP Accounts Payable (AP). This presentation helps you to understand

  • SAP Accounts Payable (AP) overview
  • Accounts Payable (AP) Master data
  • Invoice Processing
  • Payment / Disbursements
  • Account Analysis
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Periodic processing
  • Reporting

Accounts Payable Concept document is in the form of PPT. You may use this document for your self study and client demo. This readymade presentation helps you to make your client understand the potential of SAP Accounts Payable (AP) functionality.

This is a base level of document. If you are new to SAP Accounts Payable (AP), or you are working in other sap module (like SD, HR, MM, PP … etc). You will find this document very useful. This will make you understand SAP Accounts Payable (AP) very clearly and very quickly.

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