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Account Receivable Accounts Clearing in SAP

Account Receivable Accounts Clearing in SAP

This process in Accounts clearing for Accounts Receivable is for linking of customer open transactions in customer ledger.

Following are the scenarios in Accounts clearing

•    Manual Clearing
•    Automatic Clearing

Automatic Clearing – F.13

This process clears open items from customer, vendor and G/L accounts (in particular, GR/IR clearing accounts) automatically. Clearing of transactions will be based on certain common field i.e. Sale order number and profit centre (both), in payment request, billing document etc.

Manual Clearing

In order to clear open items, with some common fields e.g. sales order. Respective modules has to enter Sales Order, Project i.e WBS element and Contract number in Payment request (F-37) as well as in Logistics i.e. sales order.

In case of vendor as customer, logistics will have to enter both vendor code in a customer master and customer code in vendor master to create a link in Master, further there is one more setting in customer and vendor master, i.e. in payment transaction Form one has to put (√) in Clearing field with respective vendors and customer Masters.

•    Manual clearing indicates linking of open items in customer account, either in
standard or in Residual Form.
•    Standard clearing, indicates one to one clearing (Full Amount) ie if Advance
and Invoice amount are similar.
•    In case of Residual clearing, partially adjustment will be carried out.

In case of Dealer as customer and vendor i.e. for commission payable, one can clear open vendor invoices against open customer invoices.

Following are the entries in case of clearing with Advance:

Advance to Customer A/c.            Dr.
To Trade Receivables A/c.        Cr.

(Above Invoice and Advance value are similar)

Following are the entries in case of partial clearing with Advance.

Trade Receivables    A/c.                Dr.
Advance to customer A/c (partial Advance)        Dr.
To Trade Receivables                Cr.

(Above Invoice value is more than Advance)

Following are the entries in case of clearing with Vendor Invoice

Account payable – domestic (Vendor A/c Adjustment)        Dr.
Trade Receivables                    Dr.
To Trade Receivables                    Cr.

(Above Vendor invoice is less then customer invoice)

In case of multi profit center clearing, system will pass additional entry in clearing account.

In case of project Advances, reversal of withholding Tax will happen to the proportionate of money received, in that case withholding Tax amount will reflect high in withholding Tax suspense account i.e. deducted at time of Invoice and Advance.

Multiple selection of Invoices is not available in case of F-39.

For Account clearing of Debtors, if we go for automatic session (F.13) it does not run for each profit centre or group of profit centers for knocking off. Knocking of will happen at Global level.

Sap T Code to be used

Clear Customer    F-32
Clear Customer down payment    F-39
Automatic clearing    F.13

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