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Account Clearing in SAP

General Ledger Accounting
The Account Clearing in SAP allows us to process open item in vendor, Customer and General Ledger. The clearing function can be done either “Automatically” or “manually”.

Process : Automatic Clearing session (SAP T Code F.13)

The pre-requisite for Automatic clearing session to work are :-
This clearing process would run at a global level.
The individual debit & credit line item amounts should net off to zero.
This clearing happen on certain pre-defined criteria. The criterion can be Profit center, Assignment (cheque Number), etc.
There is also a important pre-requisite that, all GL that requires clearing, has to be defined as “open item managed” in the GL master.
Before actually clearing the open items, we can perform a “test run” to ascertain as to which items are cleared by the system.
The system marks the items as cleared and a clearing document number is generated.
For GR/IR Accounts: For GR/IR accounts we need to tick the indicator “Special Processing of GR/IR Accounts”. This indicator helps to assign documents in GR/IR accounts by means of the purchase order number and the purchase order item, and also using the material document if a goods receipt-related invoice verification is defined in the purchase order item.

Process: Manual Clearing (SAP T Code F-03)

In manual clearing procedure, we individually select each open items seen on the screen at a global level, that balance to zero from an given GL account.
The said GL account needs to be defined as open item managed account.
The system marks the items as cleared and a clearing document number is generated.

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