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9 Steps for Funds Management BCS

Basic Business Process flow of Funds management BCS

In these steps entire business process flow for funds management.
  • Step 1 Create Commitment Item (CI)
  • Step 2 Create Funds Center (FC)
  • Step 3 Prepare budget for FC and CI (FMBB)
  • Step 4 Enter Budget for FC and CI (FMBB)
  • Step 5 Release Budget for FC and CI (FMBB)
  • Step 6 Enter / Derive FC and CI while doing transaction (PR, PO, F-02, FB50, etc)
  • Step 7 System check budget for FC and CI and give warning / error message for budget control
  • Step 8 Generate reports and check budget availability and budget status
  • Step 9 At year end carry forward, available budget, commitment item or associated budget with commitment item.
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This is a set of document and video demos for SAP Funds Management which covers followings,

1. Business benefits document
2. SAP FM Video demos


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