SAP FM BCS Configuration Document

If you are new to FM BCS and you need to learn or implement BCS, this is perfect document for you. This document explain SAP Funds Management Budgetary control system (FM-BCS) and in step by step manner with the help of system screenshots.

This document is very useful for all SAP BCS consultant and or who are having aspiration to be BCS consultant. This document helps you to understand sap Funds Management Budgetary control system (FM-BCS) configuration in systematic manner and you need not to waste your time in SPRO for Funds Management Budgetary control system (FM-BCS) configuration.

You can use this document for learning and implementing projects.

The Budget Control System (BCS) in Funds Management is an alternative to former budgeting. BCS is designed to allow flexible customer-specific adjustments to all important functions.

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This document explain following concepts in very organize manner,


Organizational Structure
Define FM Area:
Assign FM Area:
Basic Settings
Activate Global Funds Management Functions (PSM-FM)
Activate Global Functions for Budget Control System (BCS)
Define Number range for company Code
Define Number Ranges for Actual Transactions
Define Global Parameters:
Define Account Assignment Derivation
Budget Control System (BCS)

Basic Settings:
Activate Account Assignment Elements in Budget Control System
Deactivate Account Assignment Elements in Controlling
Definition of Budget Data:
Define Budget Types
Define Document Types
Maintain Number Range Interval for Entry Documents
Maintain Number Range Interval for Budget Change Documents
Define Number Range Interval for Document Family
Define Editing Options for Budget Amounts
Control Budgeting Flow
Activate Period Control
Edit Status

Availability Control
Edit Tolerance Profiles
Maintain Customer-Specific Ledger for Availability Check
Assignment of Status
Define Filter Settings for Budget Values
Define Filter Settings for Commitment/Actual Values
Define Derivation Strategy for Control Objects
Define Derivation Strategy for Tolerance Profiles
Assign Tolerance Profiles and Strategy for Control Objects
Select Checking Horizon for Availability Control
Define Activation of Availability Control

Actual and Commitment Update/Integration
Assign Update Profile to FM Area
Override Update Profile
Make Other Settings
Define Number Ranges for Actual Transactions
Assign Number Range to FM Area
Activate/Deactivate Funds Management

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Funds Management BCS Configuration

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