SAP FI Document Reversal

First reverse the incorrect doc

> System provides function to reverse G/L, customer & vendor doc either individually or in a mass reversal.

> There are two ways to reverse a doc entered incorrectly:
i. Normal Reversal Posting :Auto, 0 bal, post incorrect debit to credit & vice versa causing an inc in transaction figures
ii. Negative Posting: manual, 0 bal, removes traces, also posts incorrect debit to credit n vice versa but does not add posted amount to transaction figures, it subtracts transaction figures so brings doc in original state before incorrect posting.

> A reversal reason must be entered which explains the reversal & also controls if reversal date is allowed to differentiate from original posting date.

> Docs with cleared items cannot be reversed until it is first reset

> Normally system uses normal reversal posting, but if negative postings are used following prerequisites must be fulfilled:

i. The coy code allows negative postings
ii. The reversal reason must be defined for negative postings.

> Negative postings can also perform transfer postings of incorrect Line Items. The item is removed from wrong account by a negative posting and posted to correct account by a normal posting. But this can only be done if a document allows a negative posting.

> In the Doc header of reversed document, the doc number of reversal is also mentioned, along with reversal reason

> In Doc header of reversal doc the doc number of reversed doc is available without any reversal reason. (reversal reason can be found in reversed doc not reversal doc)

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